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35- The Unspoken Of


“You preserved your presence quiet well demon. I’m impressed.”

“I’m not here to impress you. I’m here for answers,” I spoke back while taking courageous steps towards God, who turned to face me after watching Taehyung disappear.

“I’m aware of your questions, but for the time being I will only answer one question so choose wisely.”

This is the first time for me to speak with God. Before knowing Taehyung is my God, I was worried that the big guy might eliminate my existence the second he lays his eyes on me. However, thankfully Taehyung is the only one who is capable of doing that.

“You are taking too long. Taehyung is already with the human asking about your whereabouts.” God stated in a warning tone.

“Your Angels kept asking me in every passing second, during the time I was being tortured, about what my sin was, but I was always left blank. I don’t feel guilty so why the torture then? I don’t remember my sin, so what’s the point in asking?” I asked frustration taking over me as I fisted my hand.

He took a few steps towards me with a null expression, “So what is your question?”

“it’s-” I paused for a second a little hesitant to say my real question, one which I was longing to have an answer for “What was my sin?”

“I don’t instruct Angels to erase the memories of the sinners. How do you think your Spirit got defiled if you don’t remember your sin?”

He suddenly fixed his gaze with mine as I unintentionally looked deep into his white empty eyes. However, suddenly I found myself in a different location. My body was rotted, my muscles weren’t even able to flinch as I saw more of what was God showing me.

“Listen demon! You are the creation of the devil from head to toe. Everything you see, feel, hear, understand, and remember are all because of your God.”

His voice was full of rage. I don’t understand anything. What does my sin have to do anything with Taehyung?

“You should’ve asked, ′what was my human’s sin?′ because this thing in front of me is not the same as the human I’ve created. You wasted so much of my time,” he said those words and disappeared in a split of a second.

“Wait! I-”

Damn it! He left.

I sighed and went back to Yoongi’s place with my brain replaying the conversation between God and me all over in circles, hoping to interpret any word, but I was left clueless.

The three of us, Yoongi, Taehyung and me, bickered for few minutes then both Taehyung and I left Yoongi to concentrate on studying which I took this time as an opportunity to speak with Tae about the conversation I had with God earlier.

We walked outside the house, invisibly. Taehyung’s hands were placed in his pocket, giving off a none caring expression while I, on the other hand, was having a hard time deciphering God’s words.

“I spoke with God after you left” I informed him as both our movements came to a sudden halt.

“Hmm, so” his voice sounded calm, but I felt the tiny bit of hesitation.

We both stood face to face before I spoke elaborating more on the situation “Since you are my God, tell me. What was my sin?”

His eyes suddenly grew wide, but quickly changed back to normal size and turned his back on me “don’t speak about this again.”

He started moving away, but I was determined to know the answer so I teleported in front of him, making him stop. “You need to tell me. I need to know,” I was sounding like I was almost begging.

“Jungkook! This is the last time I’m gonna tell you to stop asking about the past. You are a different person now, so live with the new you and forget all about the unnecessary human drama which already happened hundreds of thousands of years ago.”

“Okay fine. Then just allow me to ask you a very simple question, can you?” I sounded desperate, wanting to avoid his wrath by any means.

He nodded, making me sigh in relief “How does a human Spirit turn into a Soul?”

“Oh! That’s a really simple question. Hmmm- the Spirit goes to hell then the angels torture the Spirit by asking about its sin and eventually if the Spirit admits it’s sin, it gets reborn, but if it insists on denying it’s sin, it turns into a demon.”

“Do all Spirits remember their sins?” I asked, praying he would answer.

“Yeah, th-” he didn’t finish his sentence and sighed with a frown, proceeding with another “what are you implying on Jungkook? You’ve been persistent in asking me questions when I have clearly told you to stop speaking about this subject.”

His voice started off calm and clear, but with every word coming out of his mouth rage accompanied it. His voice rose and his eyes’ color changed. My body stiffened from the sudden heaviness in the air.

“I won’t ask again. Calm down, you will cause a disaster. There are too many humans present in this area,” I negotiated with him which thankfully worked somehow.

“This topic is to be strictly prohibited from being spoken of. Do you understand?”

I instantly nodded. He looked pleased and excused himself, leaving me alone with my head hanging low in frustration.

I waited as he finally disappeared and decided on going alone to look for my lost memories. I’m sure Jimin the Angel knows something. It’s his job to be precise.

But guess what! What are my chances pumping into Jimin-


Okay, it appears like I’m being over-optimistic. Therefore, after having no more options, I decided to go to Jin.

This time I knocked on the door politely to avoid freaking him out, but-


He still freaked out.

I sighed and invited myself inside his house by pushing him lightly, saying “I need help.”

“How can a human like me help a demon like you? Are you out of your mind?” He yelled in my ears.

I abruptly placed my hands on my ears, rolling my eyes in the process from the exaggerative attitude he was receiving the subject with.

“The story goes as follows. Taehyung is hiding something from me and whenever I try to open the subject he stops me. This time he forbade me from even trying to speak about it with him, so I’m looking for the answers alone, but I need to find Jimin first.”

I stopped then looked up at his facial expression as he stood in front of me with arms crossed against his chest and a loud sigh escaping his mouth.

“You want to find Jimin?” he asked in a serious tone, making me nod.

“Okay fine. Do you know how to call him?” he proceeded, but I shook my head this time, indicating a no which left him exhaling.

“Shouldn’t it be like ‘Jimin, I the Demon who walks Earth, going by the name Jungkook call upon your presence’ did you try that?” he said in a sarcastic tone, almost making me snap his head, but I laughed at his sarcasm instead.

“I have to admit that was funny. You-”

“What does the all-mighty Jungkook wants from me?”

A sudden voice made both Jin and I jump in our places from the shook since the voice belonged to Jimin.

“Jin, what did you do?” I questioned still not believing that Jimin is right in front of me.

“I don’t know. Was I an ex-Angel?”

I rolled my eyes at Jin’s words and straightened myself to talk properly to Jimin.

“Jimin lets go somewhere for some serious talk. I can’t let Jin know more than he already does,” I said receiving an accepting nod from Jimin, and thankfully Jin didn’t complain.

After getting out of Jin’s place, both Jimin and I walked a little bit in awkward silence, but I eventually broke it saying, “do you happen to know each of the humans in Hell sins?”

“Don’t you remember yours?” He asked with a raised questioning eyebrow.

“For some reason, I don’t,” I answered while lowering my gaze, but Jimin’s next words surprised me.

“You have no records on heaven, Jungkook. Just like Taehyung.”

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