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36- The Missing Records


“You have no records on heaven, Jungkook. Just like Taehyung.”

“What do you mean by I have no records? There must be something,” Jungkook complained, showing disappointment in his eyes.

Another mystery on Heaven was that Demon, Jungkook. His human self had zero presence. As if he didn’t exist as a human and was born a demon.

A full Demon! How creepy!

“How many creatures don’t have a record? Because for me it seems like there are more of us,” he implied while running his fingers through his black hair.

I sighed and decided to answer his question “Listen! I shouldn’t be telling you this, but there are 3 beings. One is Taehyung, the devil. Two is you, the demon. Three is Dowen, the human whom Taehyung notified me through Hoseok that he is the first human.”

“Wait what? Only us 3 but why?” He suddenly growled in anger, continuing while mumbling “this is really annoying to some extent.”

You aren’t the only one having this feeling of annoyance, it’s mutual. However, I have been given enough time to think things over and conclude things on my own.

I currently don’t have hard evidence, but my previous predictions were never proven wrong.

“What’s on your mind?” His voice suddenly snapped me out of my trance.

“It’s nothing. I just need to talk to Taehyung. Is he at Yoongi’s place?” I asked, receiving a yes from him.

The two of us went to Yoongi’s house, meeting Taehyung outside, who was standing in front of the flower bed in the backyard of the house with his back facing us.

“I’ve been waiting for you Jimin.”

I know, but it was a hard decision to finally come and to him. He is after all the all-mighty Devil every living thing fears. However, for some weird reason, I don’t feel afraid when I’m around him.

“I apologize for making you wait this long. I’ve been wanting to speak with you ever since Hoseok told me about your tale,” I said in a steady voice, trying to show zero hesitation whereas on the inside I felt shaken to the core.

He turned his body, finally facing the two of us as his gaze landed on Jungkook and uttered, “don’t tell me you tried digging up something I made clear not to.”

Jungkook suddenly felt puzzled and uncomfortable, he shook his hands in front of him, “No no, I don’t dare. Also, you said it’s not important. Pftt! The past is in the past. I’ll leave you guys so take your time.”

“Stay Jungkook,” Taehyung sounded commanding.

Something in him is different. I don’t quiet understand you Taehyung.

“If I asked you any question, will you answer them?” I spoke, trying my level best to sound nice to his ears so he doesn’t feel offended by any means.

Thankfully he accepted and so I started my questions, “In heaven, there are missing records so I’m trying to fill in the gaps since it’s my job. Therefore, first, I’d like to ask about your powers. Can you tell me what kind of powers you possess?”

An unexpected chuckle left Taehyung’s mouth, making both Jungkook and I look at each other in confusion.

None of us spoke a word as we saw Taehyung move his hands above the flower bed. With his left hand, he made a flower wither while with his right hand, he made another flower blossom form right beside it.

“I can be Death and Birth,” his deep voice echoed in both Jungkook’s and my head. His mouth didn’t seem to move, though.

Is he manipulating our minds?

His eyes started scanning the place we were at as his focus landed on a stray cat. He moved towards it, but the cat looked like she couldn’t move. Its body was shaking in fear, but its eyes never left Taehyung’s gaze.

At that moment, Taehyung spread his left arm and flicked the cat’s forehead, making it lay on the ground to whimper in pain. However, his right hand moved atop the cat releasing it from its pain.

“I can be Pesteliance and Health.”

Taehyung didn’t stop at that, but got up and moved towards us. He looked at me, smiling “It won’t be working on you so I’ll do it on Jungkook.”

“Huh! What exactly-” Jungkook was about to protest, but Taehyung swap his palm in front of Jungkook and asked him after “What’s your name?”

Jungkook frowned, giving out a chuckle “Do you really think I’ll forget my name? I’m- I’m- Wait a second! Taehyung did you just-”

“Yeah, I can erase memories too,” Taehyung giggled and gave Jungkook back his memory.

“That’s a really powerful thing, what more can you do?” I asked in anticipation.

“There are some basics the same as the other angels. Like teleportation, controlling objects, and making barriers,” he shrugged.

“Are you sure you aren’t hiding anything else?” I raised a questioning eyebrow at him while crossing my arms.

Taehyung sighed, uttering after “Well there are numerous things, but I guess what I said will do enough for now.”

“While I’m rewriting your record, do you want me to add your name?” I asked not expecting Taehyung’s reaction to it.

He suddenly showed me a soft smile and shook his head in a no, implying “God won’t want that to happen now. If you write it now, it’s gonna be soon, and things aren’t prepared yet.”

His eyes transformed from it’s deep dark brown to a lighter one and shinned as he lifted his head up to look at the sun which was descending.

Silence filled the air as I felt that Taehyung wanted to say something. He kept his gaze at the sun and finally said, “I have the power to reshape things.”

His gaze lowered as he looked at both his hands then proceeded “I used it once though.”

“Why once?” I asked calmly.

He looked up and made eye contact with me, replying “Because it takes way to much power. I wanted to take away his pain, but it did cost me a lot,” He ended his words with a smile and walked inside Yoongi’s house.

“I don’t understand him. Jungkook, tell me something. How in the world could you deal with him, he is-” before continuing my words, I turned my body to look at the rooted Jungkook who looked like he was in another dimension.

“Jungkook,” I called his name while placing my hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, Jungkook are you okay?” I called again, feeling worried when I saw his wide eyes.

“What did Taehyung do?” I continued throwing my questions, but suddenly Jungkook said something, stopping my tantrum.

“He gave me back some of my lost memories.”

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