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38- The Unworthy


Why do I sense the presence of the Devil?

“Hoseok?” I called out his name and as expected he appeared in front of me in a split of a second.

“Are my senses going numb or is the Devil really in Heaven?” I asked with my gaze lingering over the book I’m currently reading.

I felt Hoseok’s hesitant shifting, as he replied “Yes sir, he is present in Heaven. I’ll make sure to repel him to Earth.”

When he was about to leave, I closed the book in my hand and placed it back onto the shelf then gestured Hoseok to step aside.

“I’ll take care of that myself,” I said with a slight frown on my face which for some reason made Hoseok take a fearful step back.

I paused for a second and instructed him to order the Horsemen to come to the location I’ll be in. He followed my command and disappeared from my sight as I teleported along with the 8 Horsemen and Hoseok beside me, making a circle around both the Devil and for some reason Jimin.

“What are you doing with the Devil Jimin?” I asked the trembling Angel who quickly lowered his head in shame the moment he realized what he did.

“I had questions and the only one with answers was Taehyung so I-”

“You brought the Devil to Heaven just to ask him questions. Are you out of your mind?” I took threatening steps towards Jimin as I saw his body shrink in fear, but at that moment the Devil stepped between us.

“You are still as harsh as always. When are you going to change?” He asked, challenge filling his eyes.

I scowled at him in mere anger while taking a glace at Jimin, who was now shielded by the Devil’s body.

“It’s time for you to leave. You aren’t welcomed here,” I uttered as I turned my back at him, but his faint voice made it to my ears.

“And when was I ever welcomed!” He snorted ironically, continuing but with a clear voice for everyone to hear “Jimin made me recall something important. Something I guess you almost forgot.”

“And you didn’t change either. As arrogant as always. You think you can do whatever suits your liking. Look where your carelessness led you to! A Devil. A being God himself resents the most along with every living creature, and-” I directed my following words from the Devil to Jimin who was now looking at me in fear.

“And Jimin, if you team up with him, you’ll end up being defiled. First, your wings will change and eventually, your Grace will be gone. I believe you already are aware of that,” I stated warningly.

I turned my back to face the Devil for the second time ready to leave this time, but again he didn’t let me because the moment he uttered those words, my wings spread in rage and my eyes changed color.

“Namjoon, you are unworthy, and you’ll eventually know that,” those were the words his filthy mouth said which triggered me.

The Devil stood in his place not fazed by neither my wings or aura. Is he challenging me? He is in my territory which is a disadvantage to him.

“Are you trying to show off? Because I assure you my show off is gonna be hella destructive if you tried to provoke me,” the Devil said with a slight smirk on his face, making me growl in plain anger at him.

I folded back my wings and instructed the Horsemen to throw him out of Heaven before I do that myself, but Death had other plans.

Death gripped on his Scythe tightly and walked towards us while his eyes were hocked on the Devil. He approached him and all of a sudden kneeled in front of him which shocked everyone.

“I know this won’t be enough, but at least I’ll try. I need to apologize on behalf of my carelessness. Because of me, you had to be banished to Hell, and for that, I sincerely apologize,” his words resonated through the silence.

However, the Devil replied him with a genuine smile “I have no idea how you know or remember that, but since I have a very big heart unlike someone specific in here, I’ll forgive you.”

The Devil gestured Death to get up on his feet and so he did, looking into the Devil’s eyes while saying, “Jimin is doing everything he can to recreate your records. I’ve seen his room and read a few of your past story. I know this is not appropriate, but I was curious. I hope you don’t mind.”

The Devil chuckled and poked Jimin with his elbow, who was still standing behind him, saying “Did you hear that? He just went through your things. What are you gonna do about that?”

Jimin sighed and ran his fingers through his hair locks then stepped away from the Devil, uttering to Death “It’s fine. If you didn’t read it now, there is always room for the future. Also, those records are bound to be known.”

Jimin turned his gaze from Death to the Devil, continuing “Besides, it’s gonna be better if everyone starts calling you by your name,” he ended his words with a wink directed to the Devil, who rolled his eyes but gave a shy smile.

I stood in my place watching the unbearable view of the Devil. Every word he said, or every action he made, brought disgust to me. His mere presence is making me so uncomfortable.

I gritted my teeth and yelled out, “Wasn’t I clear when I said to throw him out of Heaven? Do you want to face my wrath?”

Love and Health took fast-paced steps toward the Devil, while Love leaned a little to whisper for the Devil to hear, but sure thing my hearing abilities are very sharp.

“Let’s leave before he digs our graves himself which is not a good thing,” Love whispered, receiving a muted chuckle from the Devil.

I fisted my hands and closed my eyes shut then exhaled harshly, trying to compress my raged self. Thankfully, when I opened my eyes, the Devil along with Love, Health and Jimin have already left.

I gave out a relieved sigh and started to walk away but told Hoseok to follow me. The two of us went back to Heaven’s library.

I hit the desk with my fist in pure anger while saying, “How was he able to enter Heaven? Why is God still giving him the luxury to come to the purest place?”

“Why are you really mad Namjoon? I don’t quiet understand you, and it’s becoming even harder lately. You know, you can talk to me,” Hoseok said with the softest voice he can give while his palm found it’s way onto my back, but I immediately pushed it away without saying a word.

“I see. I’ll leave you then, seems like you have a lot on your mind,” I felt the sadness in his tone even though I wasn’t looking at him.

I straightened myself and turned to his direction, but he was nowhere to be found. I massaged my temples with my fingers and decided to go on a stroll on Earth.

I found myself standing inside a Church and as I walked past many people, I went inside one of the confession chambers.

A priest was sitting there, holding onto his cross which was hanging around his neck. The woman, on the opposite side of the chamber, was weeping.

“I-I was drunk and so was he. The Devil didn’t let us be. He forced us into committing this sin. He told me it’s okay to touch another man other than my husband. I-I don’t know what to tell my husband. Help me please!” The woman said, pleading to the priest.

However, a chuckle left my mouth as I got out of the chamber. Humans are pathetic. They are blaming the Devil for something he isn’t even aware of.

I walked the streets again while seeing a woman beating the shit out of her son, spitting, “You are being possed by the Devil. He is making you make my life a living hell. You shamed me in front of my friends.”

I pitted the crying child who didn’t look older than 5 years old. This woman will soon fall to her evilness, and that child she is beating, will be the same one who kills her.

What would the Humans do if the Devil never existed in the first place? Who will they curse? I asked myself as I teleported back to Heaven.

Seems like there is no answer for that since what happened can never be changed. The Devil exists and so does Evil.

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