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39- The Croaked Memories


Let’s play a game.

I tilted my head at the sudden unfamiliar voice lurking in my head.

“What was that?” I asked myself in wonder but brushed it off anyway as I continued walking aimlessly. However, the voice suddenly came back again.

Why aren’t you like Namjoon, always hiding in Heaven’s library?

Well, it’s because that’s boring, and I like spending time with my friend.

Giggles suddenly echoed in my head after the last line which for some reason sounded like Taehyung.

Why am I suddenly hearing a weird conversation between Taehyung and someone I don’t know about?

I clenched my fists in fury, remembering that Taehyung made it clear that he won’t answer any of my questions.

He is being so mean to me, and it hurts.

I suddenly halted when I felt footsteps following me, so I sighed and turned to face the person behind me, saying “What are you doing here Yoongi?”

He took some steps towards me and said, “Taehyung is hiding something from me, and also you seemed down when you left my house. I know there are things which I shouldn’t know. So can I at least accompany you for comfort? and Tae isn’t home anyway.”

I hummed with my body tensing up the moment he said Tae wasn’t home.

Does this mean he can stay away from Yoongi?

Another lie, huh!

I chuckled out loud in disbelief and despair which made Yoongi approach me as he placed his hand on my shoulder, aiming to comfort me, but I brushed him off.

“Leave. You won’t understand,” I stated and turned to walk away, but that didn’t stop him from following me.

I ignored his presence and kept walking until I subconsciously found myself in front of Jin’s house.

I gulped as I knocked on his door and moments later the door opened accompanied with a heavy sigh coming from Jin, who was standing right in front of me while starting at my Soul.

“What do you want now?” He irritatedly said.

“I don’t know. To talk maybe!” I shrugged not knowing the real reason behind coming to this place of all places on Earth.

He gestured me to get in along with Yoongi, who was still following me since the beginning.

“What’s with him?” I heard Jin whisper to Yoongi, who couldn’t give an answer.

He has extraordinary strength. He is favoured by God and on top of that, he is dumb, how ironic!

I held my head in my palm when another voice resonated into my brain.

My breathing started to hitch when suddenly the air around me felt different. Something pure was filling my lungs yet so evil at the same time.

“Jungkook hang in there. Are you okay?” Jin’s autotuned voice made it to my ears.

I felt a hand on my shoulder when out of nowhere that touch felt like it teleported me into another universe. A place filled with grass and flower beds.

I looked ahead of me then beside me, finding Taehyung sitting there. However, he looked different than he looks now.

His eyes were bright and filled with light. They were glowing with purity and excitement.

“One day, you will go down to live on Earth, and I will be your Guardian Angel,” Taehyung spoke with his tenderly deep voice, making me look at him and hum in satisfaction.

Is this a memory?

I can’t see who he is talking to, but I assume he is talking to me since these are my memories.

The two of us got up and walked a little deeper into the green field with our hands in our pockets. Tae halted and pointed at something so I looked at the direction he was pointing at.

However, there was nothing to point at. On the contrary, he was manipulating the air with his fingers, carefully extracting one whole flower bed from the ground.

I watched in awe and heard myself giggle as the flower bed suddenly fall and get destroyed. Tae ruffled his hair in irritation and sighed while whining, ”Why is it hard to manipulate things?”

“Maybe if you were gentler, things would’ve ended otherwise,” a sudden voice accompanied us so both of us turned to look and saw God standing at a distance.

However, before saying anything, I found myself looking down to my feet and not making eye contact with God, whereas Taehyung ran to him to start an interesting conversation.

I kept looking at my feet, and my palms felt sweaty. I raised my head and found myself in a dark place.

I inhaled harshly the toxic air and started coughing none stop. Suddenly, the sound of chains made it to my ears, not only that but I also felt them wrapped around every limp.

“Admit your sin,” a growling voice demanded.

“I would never,” a devastated voice replied.

That voice isn’t familiar, but why do I feel his pain. I felt my limps get pulled apart, attempting to tear me. I gritted my teeth as a loud scream made it out of my mouth.

My brain was too in so much pain as if many needles were placed there, making me unable to think clearly.

I heaved and calmed for a moment when the pulling stopped, but that voice came back again with the same demand, “Admit your sin or else you’ll rot in Hell.”

“I didn’t do anything, to begin with. I don’t deserve this because I didn’t kill him,” the unfamiliar voice possessing me said and before even trying to process what he said, I felt a sharp-edged steal slowly go through my throat.

I was protecting my friend from the evil lurking in Heaven, the voice echoed in my head instead of being said out loud.

Thankfully, I woke up from my unpleasant memories and looked beside me, seeing both Yoongi and Jin, looking at me with worried eyes.

“Are you okay?” Jin asked, continuing “I wanted to bring you to a hospital, but I couldn’t, knowing who you are.”

I sat straight on the bed which looked like it belonged to Jin and gave out a chuckle, “How ironic is for me to suddenly feel pain and the meaning of the word scared?”

I stared at the two confused humans in front of me then directed my gaze to my hands, proceeding “My Soul is in pain, but it shouldn’t be feeling pain because I went numb a long time ago. Something is wrong with me.”

“I think you need to talk to Taehyung, he might know how to make the pain feel less painful,” Yoongi remarked with a sorrowful gaze.

I shook my head and looked at him, saying “he won’t want to talk to me. He thinks he is protecting me from my own memories.”

“I don’t know what you are saying, but I believe that if you left things undone, it will eat you up until you can’t no more,” Yoongi soothingly said, trying his level best to push me to do the right thing.

“Do you think I should talk to him too?” I asked Jin, who seemed quiet for the past minutes.

He nodded, adding “I’m just a watcher. I don’t know what you are hiding or what you’ve shared with Taehyung. I don’t know how things are going in Heaven or even if things are stable on Earth, but there is one thing I’m sure of.”

He paused as I titled my head, and Yoongi looked at him in anticipation.

“There is a big misunderstanding.”


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