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4- The Angel


“Follow the Demon and make sure not to get caught; he is not merciful. Your job is just watching. Find the Devil and report back his location to me, do not engage under any circumstances.”

The Angel in front of me bowed after hearing my orders, “Yes sir! I’ll do my best.” He disappeared from my sight, and at that same moment, I messaged my temples due to the stress I got from that Demon.

I need to increase the pace of finding the Devil; he has the power to destroy the whole universe, and I can’t allow that to happen.

I sighed loudly then sat on the chair and rested my head back closing my eyes as I tried to recall old memories; however, I remember everything, except one thing which is his name.

I was the firstborn none human creature, and he was the second, yet he was favoured the most. I remember how I ignored him until that day when I was ordered to lock him up for eternity.

Back then I felt happy because I thought that maybe now I will get all the attention, but to tell the truth, he was still getting it all even after sinning, all the Angels in Heaven spoke about him, not to mention that 3 out of 10 of Heaven’s rules are dedicated to him.

I have to admit that he is the strongest being among all beings, Humans, Angels, Demons, to be exact he is God’s second in strength, but I’m the wisest.

I might have fewer powers compared to him, but with my wisdom, he can easily be broken and that’s how we the Angels kept him contained in the first place. I have no regrets and don’t plan on having any-

The Angel whom I asked to go after the Demon came back again, “What is it?” I asked.

“I followed the Demon sir, and as you expected he went after the Devil, but it seemed that he didn’t know his exact location. I tried to-”

“Tried?” I questioned, cutting him off while raising an eyebrow, not satisfied enough.

He bit his lower lip before answering, “I lost him. H-he suddenly vanished, and I couldn’t sense his aura.”

And here I thought I made the right decision to send you after him. I should’ve sent a stronger one.


“I’ll go look for him. I know which country and which city he went to. It might take me some time to find him but I-” the Angel’s words sounded determined, but that was not enough to convince me.

“No need. Go back to your original job.”

“But I can fix-” He still argued with me, more like pleading to offer help which started to get on my nerves.

“Listen! You are weak and with your current strength, you can’t find him. The Demon already found the Devil that’s why you can’t feel neither.”

The Angel lowered his head in defeat, murmuring with a pout, “Sorry for being the youngest.”

I sighed then spoke to stop him from leaving, “Listen Jimin! I’m not blaming you for losing him, and to be honest, you did a good job following him without being noticed.”

He lowered his gaze, saying, “thank you, sir.” Then disappeared into thin air.

I rested my head again on the chair placing my hand on the chair’s arm.

Should I go after him myself? No, no way I can’t leave Heaven. I sighed as I kept thinking then I thought of bringing Hoseok back. “Hoseok,” I called out his name and in no time he was standing in front of me.


“The Demon found the Devil as I expected, and he is also on Earth.”

"That’s a good start.”

"Actually, not good because he already found one of God’s sons.”

Hoseok frowned, showing disappointment mixed with confusion, “What? But how does he even know about something like that!”

I bit my lower lip before answering his question, “He was taught a long time ago anyway just go find him using this information.”

“But it’ll take me a long time to search for him; there are so many sons. It’s not just a couple of hundreds but thousands.” He scratched the back of his neck, maybe feeling a little embarrassed, but I understand that it’s gonna be hard to do that task alone.

I thought for a moment, trying to find a convincing solution, and Jimin popped up in my head, “you can take Jimin with you; he might learn one thing or two from you.”

He smiled proudly, saying, “Yes sir.” Soon after, he left, and I went back to feeling more stressed.

He was taught.

Yes, he was taught well; God showed him many things and taught him a lot more than me. I don’t understand why until now, but I feel better whenever I remember that he was locked because of this excessive knowledge and spoiled treatment.

He was so annoying. Why am I even thinking about him when he is not here? I need to stop bothering myself with his existence. If only I could find a way to kill him, I would’ve-

But I am just an Angel, I can’t kill. To be honest, back then I envied him, why! He’s a healer, he’s a killer, he’s a God, he’s an Angel, he’s the Devil; he has everything that I’m not.

God will really be disappointed in me if he heard my thoughts. Namjoon you need to follow the rules. Don’t overthink.

I stood up and went to have a meeting with the other Angels, those who are in command of important things, regarding the stability on mainly Earth.

Every week we have a meeting in which they report to me things that happened, like disasters such as phenomenal problems, collecting Spirits problems, maybe if some Demons who are interfering with the Humans lives.

Now it was the turn of the Angel of Death to report as he stated, “One of the Reapers informed me that there was an unexpected human death.”

What in the world happened! Did he start already?

I furrowed my eyebrows at him, still not getting what he just said, “What do you mean?”

“It’s a woman. She was found dead in her house with her Spirit lingering on Earth. The Reaper is still looking for it though,” Death explained, giving me more details which left me stressed out.

I rubbed my temples as I continued asking him, “How can such a thing happen? Do you think the Devil did that?”

“The Reaper said there was no evidence of any Devilish aura around the body,” he replied.

“I need you to go check the body yourself and report to me again. I’ll be waiting for the report,” I made sure to make my order clear. Death nodded then the meeting ended by me dismissing everyone and went to my room.

I sat at my desk and looked at the pile of paper in front of me so I sighed and started to focus on finishing my work.

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