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40- The Damned


“So your name is Taehyung, huh!” Love questioned Taehyung, who was looking at the distance as we invisibly walked back to Yoongi’s house.

He hummed and sighed before placing his hands in his pocket. Something I caught he frequently does.

I smiled, but suddenly felt a stinging pain in my chest. I reached out to place my palms on it and massage it to ease the pain.

I let it slide and took a step forward which felt like sharp knives being pierced into my foot.

I groaned, catching the attention of Health, who was walking beside me, not like both Love and Taehyung, who were ahead of us.

Health placed his palm on my back, uttering “Are you okay?”

I nodded and straightened myself quickly, taking fast strides to catch up with Taehyung.

Why do I have to look weak now of all times?

Damn it Jimin. Now you confirmed to Health that you are a weakling.

I internally sighed and focused on just walking Taehyung back to Yoongi’s home and get back to Namjoon, who is for sure is going to give me an intensive lecture on how to treat the devil.

When we finally reached our destination, Love and Health excused themselves, but when I was about to do the same, Taehyung called my name, saying “Wait I want to talk to you about something.”

“Why do I feel something is wrong with your Grace? It’s getting weaker,” He remarked which made me start to panic.

“What do you mean by it’s getting weaker,” I unconsciously heightened my voice, but quickly apologized the moment I realized my loud tone.

“I didn’t want to say this in front of Love and Health, but I felt your Grace slowly slip away since we left Heaven. Do you feel okay?” He asked worriedly.

I tilted my head and looked at my hands not really grasping what Taehyung said about my Grace. I can’t really see it, does he see it?

“How did you know?” I asked.

“I can feel the presence of Grace from miles,” he stated, making me widen my eyes.

“Feel Grace? You can feel the presence of Grace. Does this mean you can know where all the Angels are present from this distance on Earth?” I asked trying to get more information on his powers.

“Yeah sure, why?” He replied with no care at all as he walked past me.

I abruptly grabbed his arm, pulling him to look at me, saying “Did you know about the curse? Did you feel our presence back then?”

He frowned and slipped my grip away from his arm, replying “I felt everyone’s presence. I knew your schemes. I know what Namjoon is thinking about right now. I know many things that your brain will give an error sign if notified.”

He ended his words with a wave and turned his body to inside the house, leaving me wrecked in my place.

There are many things which I don’t understand-

How can a curse this powerful not affect him?

Why did he let us perform the curse on him?

Why does he want everyone to know the truth now after all those years?

Why is he with this Human Yoongi knowing how powerful Taehyung is?

What is he hiding?

I exhaled sharply as I felt the stinging pain in my chest come back again but more painful than earlier.

I quickly teleported to Heaven and threw my body on my bed in my room which I rarely go to since I technically live in the library’s study room that belongs to me.

I placed my hand on my chest to steady my breathing, but the heaving didn’t stop as it kept getting worse.

My eyes felt blurry, however, I felt the presence of someone in my room as I heard him say, “Jimin, straighten yourself and show me your wings.”

I squinted my eyes multiple times to get a clearer view of the Angel in front of me. Finally, after a minute or so, I could see Namjoon standing with knitted eyebrows.

“Show me your wings,” he repeated.

This time I got up and released my wings without a word, showing them to him. He moved around me to stand behind me to have a more translucent look at it.

“As I suspected, you are getting defiled because of your constant presence around the Devil. Your wings are turning black, and soon they will slowly fall,” He said in a stern voice.

My wings? Are turning black?

Was I don’t this wrong?


Is God telling me to serve Namjoon? Am I no good?

Tears well up in my eyes upon feeling Namjoon’s disappearance from my room. I slammed my body on the bed not believing what Namjoon just told me.

I’m being defiled. I’m being tainted because I’m on the wrong side. I’m gonna end up like those Angels responsible for torturing Souls in Hell yet I didn’t touch any.

(Angels who torture souls sometimes end up being tainted and eventually, Namjoon disposes of them. You’ll know later more of this topic.)

I got up and found myself a mirror to look at my broken self, seeing my wings from the roots turning black. Only a portion of my wings turned black which is from the roots till less than half of it.

I quickly folded my wings unable to look at the white color being accompanied by black.

With my head hanging low, I got out of my room to the library to continue writing the missing records in order to get my mind off of things, but there I found Namjoon standing in front of my desk with his fingers lingering on the inked pages I wrote a while ago.

He didn’t look at me, and I looked back at the floor in shame as I heard his painful words, “Jimin, You need to leave Heaven.”


Short chapter but it served its purpose ^-^

Hope you enjoyed this double update ;)

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