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42- The Clash Pt.1


Almost 2 weeks passed since the exam took place, and it was finally time for the results to be handed out.

Yoongi, Jungkook and I, including everyone else in the classroom, were silently waiting as Jin started giving out the result cards. One after the other, and finally Yoongi got his, so I peeked at it, but he was quick to pull it to his chest in an attempt to hide it from me, making me giggle.

“You passed!” I asked him, and he nodded while giving me a What-did-you-expect look.

Jungkook got up and saw Jin smack the card on Jungkook’s head, saying “You failed everything. Come to my office after class.”

“I’d be more than glad to do that,” Jungkook smirked, making Jin roll his eyes and everyone to give out a round of Os.

“That’s it for today,” Jin announced, alerting me that I still didn’t get mine.

Therefore, I got up and said politely but slyly, “Teachernim, I didn’t get mine.”

“Ah! Yours. Meet me after class along with Jungkook. I’d like to give it to you privately,” he replied and immediately turned his back to start his class.

I sat down with a pout and looked over at Yoongi, who was holding in a laugh, “What are you trying not to laugh at?” I questioned in irritation.

“I bet you failed, and he doesn’t want to make you feel embarrassed,” Yoongi teased.

“But Jungkook failed everything and he gave it to him in front of everyone, so!” I debated.

“He hates Jungkook for all the humiliating things he has done to him. My guess is that he wanted to return the favour,” he elaborated with a shrug, but none of what he said made sense to me, so I decided to just wait until after class.

- After class at Jin’s office -

“Wait what! He is the number 1 student! How is that even possible?” Yoongi whined and kept looking at the result card ever second since Jin gave it to me.

“There must be something wrong. He needs a re-evaluation,” he kept going with his whins.

Jin sighed and looked at me, saying, “I know you are the devil and everything, but can you not just go all smart on everyone at school. Like this, you’ll grab unwanted attention and especially from parents and the school’s top students.”

I hummed and snatched the card from Yoongi, telling him “Get ready to be my bitch for today. Just accept reality.”

“I am not gonna accept any kind of bullshit from you,” he quickly ran out of the teacher’s office, thinking he might get away from me.

I sighed and thanked Jin then when I was about to leave the office, I heard two male students pass by me, muttering “He is the top student and the new one too.”

“What’s with his red hair though?” the other exclaimed.

I ignored them both and went to the rooftop, expecting Yoongi to be there, and yes he was there.

“Don’t try anything funny or else I’ll jump off the roof, making sure to tell everyone after that you pushed me that if I survived the fall,” he warned while taking careful steps backwards.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head in disbelief then layed on the floor like I always do and patted the place beside me for him to come and stop his nonsense.

“Come over, you threatening me isn’t supposed to be a joke,” I stated and closed my eyes to avoid the piercing sun.

I heard him sigh and walk towards me. He layed down as I told him and he started off saying, “So you are smart?”

“Not as smart as Namjoon,” I immediately replied back.

“Why are you comparing yourself with him?”

“He was the one who started the comparison. He has an extraordinary brain while I have extraordinary powers, and for some reason, he thinks power is more important,” I answered.

Silence suddenly filled the air so I leaned my body on my side with my head resting on my palm to look at Yoongi, who was facing the sky with closed eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked with sincerity in my voice, but he suddenly started acting weird.

He shifted and pulled up his shirt’s collar then pulled down the sleeves of his shirt.


“Hmm, Yeah! Did Jungkook tell you anything?” He said while not making any kind of eye contact.


Does Jungkook know something about Yoongi which I don’t?

“Yoongi, Are you hiding something from me?” I questioned while trying to meet his eyes, but he kept looking away.

I got a little angry due to his way of trying to hide things from me, so I grabbed his arm and teleported us to his house in his room then pushed him on his bed.

He stumbled all the way there while he yelled, “What is wrong with you?”

I ignored his loud whining and marched towards him, saying “If you don’t tell me what is happening, I’ll make sure to extract the information out of you. Speak up,” I shouted the last 2 words.

He flinched, and I felt a little bit guilty, but now is not the time to feel guilty. Something is happening behind my back, and I don’t feel good about it.

“Nothing, it-it’s just I don’t feel comfortable around you since you won the bet,” He said while stuttering with every word.

Why lie?

“Yoongi, I can see through you. Don’t lie,” as I said those words, he quickly placed his palm on his chest which pissed me off, so I continued, “You are angering me to an extent I’ve never imagined I will be reaching.”

I grabbed his arm without him processing the fast speed I moved to him at. The collar of his shirt moved a little and I saw it.

I abruptly let go of his arm and took a step back with my mind becoming blank.

“Didn’t your father stop what he is doing?” I stated while blankly staring at him.

He looked down and shook his head as a No to my question which for once I wanted to be a yes.

I snapped myself out of my trance and questioned more, “How often?”

He didn’t reply to me, so I yelled which made him flinch, “HOW OFTEN!”

However, his words never found a way out of his mouth. I clenched my fists and when I turned to leave the room, I saw Jungkook leaning against the door.

“Why are you mad Taehyung? Be honest,” Jungkook inquired which baffled me.

“Huh! Isn’t that obvious? That man in the next room is making Yoongi’s life a living hell, do you expect me to sit back and watch?” I spoke back with rage filling my voice.

However, Jungkook snorted, making me feel totally lost because of his weird attitude.

He pulled his body away from the door and walked towards me and said, “Are you trying to right your wrongdoings by being Yoongi’s ‘Guardian Angel’ instead of mine?”

His words caught me off guard as I stood in my place frozen, unable to reply back.

“I’m sure you are going through all the things you’ve slipped into my brain right now. Because from where I stand, I see that you are worried sick if I’ve figured something out which I shouldn’t,” he clicked his tongue and looked around the room in wonder.

“Seriously Taehyung, did you think that what you’ve done to me will be kept a secret forever? I am not sure yet since my memories are still in your hands, but I have a feeling that my human self is extremely sad and furious. Care to explain?” He continued but with a challenging voice.

I went to the door in an attempt to leave, but Jungkook was fast to stand in front of me, preventing me from escaping this conversation.

“You aren’t gonna run away today. I need answers. It’s been a month already since you gave me a glimpse of my memories,” he tried to say sternly, but all I could hear in his voice was sorrow.

You healing me won’t stop the pain. You trying to be the best friend who actually killed me is not going to work on me again. I am in so much pain Taehyung, and I will make sure to make you feel every painful second which passes by me in this Hell you threw me into. I was a fool because I thought we were real friends. Guardian Angel my ass.

(Taehyung told Dowen he’ll be his Guardian Angel when he goes to Earth. It’s mentioned in ‘The croaked memories’ chapter as JK’s memory.)

Dowen’s words rang in my head from that day when the angels brought him to me in order to talk him out of his stupidity.

I never thought that disappointing your friend can make you feel such guilt. I don’t want to disappoint him again.

I don’t want to make him remember because he’ll resent me, and I’m not ready yet to become lonely once again.

“You’ll hate me,” I unconsciously whispered with my head hanging low and without noticing, something for the second time left my eyes.

“I’m already hating you, so come on tell me and end this tension we’ve been living in for the past month. I don’t like how I look at you and feel that you are hiding something from me. I ne-” before he could finish his words, I placed my fingers on the side of his head and closed my eyes.

His Memories.

His Emotions.

Everything which was kept away from him flew through both of us since I was transferring them to him so I allowed myself to have a look at some of them.

His emotions in hell were the worst of them all, therefore, I pulled back and looked at him.

His face held a blank expression and was stuck at a certain point to the floor. He didn’t move or say a word for a minute or so.

Yoongi got up from his bed and moved towards me, saying in a low voice “What’s with him?”

“Yoongi, you need to leave. I don’t know how Jungkook will react when he gets back his conscious,” I warned, and Yoongi did as I asked.

Jungkook at that moment raised his face with a scary expression painting it, as he said, “Did you mean Dowen?”

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