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43- The Class Pt.2



I was standing behind Namjoon with Death’s Scythe in my hand, ready to slice Namjoon down, but my eyes caught Taehyung standing at a distance with a frightened expression on his face.

His body suddenly emitted a strong shock wave which my body felt, making my organs burst.

Blood started flowing from my nose, and my vision became blurred as I immediately let go of the Scythe and reached out to my eyes, seeing the red colour painting my fingers.

Everything felt like it was in slow motion, my ears couldn’t hear anything, only loud whistling was echoing in my brain. The air couldn’t reach my lungs, making me start chocking and fall to my knees.

Even though my body was failing to function, my eyes never left Taehyung, who was standing in the same place with his eyes in full white as if suddenly falling victim to blindness.

Things quickly evaporated from my sight, and I found myself in a dark place with no one but me in.

I looked around with only my eyes but found nothing so I decided to go explore but at that moment, I was able to feel the chains restricting me from moving.

“So Dowen, huh! You disappointed us. All Angels including God were really excited to name you as the first human,” A voice said out of nowhere, but somehow it was too familiar to my ears.


“Who are you and what do you want from me?” I yelled, feeling uncomfortable in the chains.

“I-” he chuckled and cleared his throat, continuing “I am the one and only torturer. Welcome to Hell.”

Goosebumps ran through my whole body, as I saw the torturer in front of me. Anxiety started to take over me when I saw the face of my torturer clearly.

Piercing eyes, full lips, broad shoulders, huge white wings shining in the darkness.


The world suddenly spun from the unforeseen information, and I found myself laying in front of Taehyung, who was sharply breathing.

“I’m sorry Dowen,” He said while his hands were moving on my unconscious body, but for some reason, I was able to see him but not myself.

“I’m so sorry,” he repeated but now tears started to fall on his cheeks.

I didn’t realize what he was doing until I took a look at my body. My hand was changing, my bones suddenly started to get thicker and taller. The skin changed into a darker tone but not too dark, just as if my body got a tan.

Taehyung’s sniffles made me look back up at him and see the sadness which was overtaking him.

“I’m sorry Dowen. I can’t think of anything else. Please don’t hate me,” he begged to the lifeless body he was holding.

He rested his head onto my forehead while he said, “You won’t remember anything so he’ll have to spare you. I’ll give you a new name and also never forget mine.”

He whispered in my ears his name first and then my name followed which made me understand and suddenly trigger all my memories all at once.

Hi, my name is Dowen.

Hi, my name is Taehyung.

End of Memories.

“Yoongi, you need to leave. I don’t know how Jungkook will react when he gets back his conscious,” Tae voice held a warning manner to it.

I looked up at Taehyung, realizing that I was back to reality so I said with a hint of anger in my voice, “Did you mean Dowen?”

Yoongi quickly slipped out of the room as Taehyung told him a moment ago.

“Jungkook, I’ll explain everything, I-” Taehyung was about to start explaining things, but I stopped him halfway through.

“No need to explain anything. I already remember everything. Can I just ask why did you cry when changing me?” I asked as calmly as possible.

“I-I felt guilty. Your words hurt me a lot back then when you told me that you were disapointed in our friendship,” he said with his head hanging low. Sadness was filling his voice.

He regrets what he did, but why am I still fuming with anger. I bet my eyes are black right now.

I sighed and turned on my heels in order to give myself some space, but Taehyung held onto my arm, asking worriedly “Where are you going?”

I harshly pulled my arm away from his grip and saw the disappointment in his eyes when I did that.

I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like I want to see you anytime soon.

“Do you officially hate me now?” Tae asked in almost a whisper.

I didn’t turn to face him as I replied, “I actually don’t know who I should be more angry at.”

And with that, I marched out of Yoongi’s house. Dowen didn’t tell Taehyung something and acted on his own.

Friendship is such a complicated thing. We laugh, share, pretend and hide things from each other yet we still have the audacity to call each other best friends.

Taehyung hid from me the fact that I was the first-ever sinful Spirit because I’m sure he didn’t want to burden me. He also hid how he changed every inch in me just to make sure I stop hating him.

However, why didn’t I tell him anything? Why didn’t I tell him about Namjoon?

I leaned my head against a random wall of some street I was walking in as I reminisced some events from the past.


One day I walked into Namjoon’s study to tell him something since I couldn’t find him in the library. However, I was met by something which was out of the question.

A pile of papers were stacked on his desk while one paper was placed in the middle of the desk and feather pen was on top of it.

My human curious self-decided to look at the words written on the paper and saw Namjoon’s scary thoughts.

He has extraordinary strength.

He is favoured by God and on top of that, he is dumb.

How ironic!

Taehyung is useless so he needs to be eliminated.

His abstract presence is not needed.

He is merely a burden, a body with no brain.

“Did you enjoy reading my private work?” Namjoon voice made me jump in my place as I quickly turned to look at him.

I gulped and was about to leave his study, but his words stopped me as he said, “You are as stupid as him.”

I ignored his words and marched outside his study with fear running through every inch of my body.

Namjoon wants to get rid of Taehyung, but how will he do that?

Taehyung is way stronger than Namjoon, but again Namjoon is way smarter than Taehyung.

Can Namjoon’s brain overpower Tae?

End of Memories.

“I guess we never had to find out since Taehyung was thrown in Hell, how ridiculous!” I fake chuckled at the mere thought.

I pulled away from the wall and decided to go roam around more to get my mind away from the extensive thinking.

However, the moment I turned to walk away, Hoseok was standing in front of me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“What are YOU doing here, looking all depressed like that?” He asked back with a raised questioning eyebrow.

“Well it has nothing to do with you,” I walked passed him but still felt him follow me so I sighed and spoke again, “Don’t follow me.”

“I’m not following you. I’m just looking for Jimin,” He answered cockily at the beginning but his voice trailed into a sad tone when he mentioned Jimin.

He is still looking for Jimin after all that time?

“Why?” I curiously asked.

“Why what?” He looked at me confused.

I exhaled and elaborated, “Why didn’t you give up on him already? He should be dead somewhere by now.”

“I can’t give up on my only friend. Jimin was the only Angel who truly approached me as a friend. He made my days seem livier,” He explained.

Taehyung, let’s go play.

What’s today game?

I sucked in the pain I suddenly felt in my heart when I remembered those lively moments I had with Taehyung before everything.

“Lucky you,” I uttered under my breath and walked ahead of him.

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