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46- The Suicidal


Here I am again standing in my empty room.


I walked to my bed and layed down while looking up at the ceiling, pretending like I’m talking to Taehyung, who I am 100% sure isn’t here, “When are you going to leave for good? I hate having hope.”

A sudden bang on my door, making it wide open, startled me. I quickly sat up and looked at my fiery father as he said, shooking me, “Where is the money? Where did you take away my money?”

He darted towards me and pulled my hair in his iron fist while I tried to free myself from him, but there was no use.

“You came to my room, didn’t you? You even dared to steal my keys to open up the drawer. You ungrateful piece of shit,” He hollered at me as his fist made contact with my face, making me chock droplets of blood.

“W-what are you talking about?” I weakly asked back while still striving to get out of his tight grip.

He pulled my hair back harsher as I let out a cry of pain while he continued to yell, “Are you mocking me? Are you planning on taking my money and run away with it?”

With every word he said, I flinched from his accusation and from the pain he was causing my body to feel.

I can’t take this anymore.

“You are hurting me,” I tried to negotiate with him.

“Tsk, you deserve more than just hurting. Ah! I don’t see your guardian angel protecting you from me. Do you know why he stopped caring about the miserable Yoongi?”

My eyes suddenly grew wide at the said words, and suddenly felt numb when he proceeded, “Because if you die, his curse will be lifted. YOU MAKE HIM MISERABLE. YOU MAKE ME MISERABLE. Everyone you meet hates you. What more proof do you want to just disappear?”

“I-i m-make Tae feel miserable? H-how do you know about that?” My voice was in panic along with my mind as the air around me suddenly felt suffocating.

“I overheard the Devil and the Demon speak about it. You know what also, the Devil is planning on getting rid of you. That’s why he isn’t here,” He smirked at me.

I was about to ask more, but my mother rushed into my room while taking my father away as she whispered to me, “He is sick, bear with it please,” she frantically turned to look at her husband while soothingly saying, “Baby, you took that money and had fun with your friends with it last night. Don’t you remember?”

I titled my head in shook while looking at both my parents then reminisced his words.

“Am I a burden?”

My eyes were focused on a specific spot on the dying carpet as I saw 2 pairs of legs so I looked up, seeing Taehyung and Jungkook.

Taehyung frowned and kneeled to my level while holding up a hand to caress the blood on my mouth.

“Was it your father again?” He tenderly asked, puzzling me.

“Will your curse gets lifted up if I die?” I suddenly asked as I saw his confused expression.

“What are you talking about?” Tae pretended.

At that moment, I slapped his hand away from my face and struggled a little to stand up straight as I stood in front of Jungkook, saying “I know you won’t lie. You have no emotions so tell me Jungkook. Does my death help Taehyung?”

Jungkook instantly hummed, replying me, “Yes, Taehyung can remove his heart which will regenerate, but if he did that, you will die. Therefore, he is merely waiting for you to naturally die so he can remove his cursed human heart after.”

“Why!” I asked coldly.

“Why what?” Taehyung asked back while Jungkook looked at both of us confused.

“Why are you waiting? I’m not a celebrity the world will miss. I’m not a rich kid his parents will sue you for. I’m not a smart student who the teachers will lose. I’m nothing. So why are you waiting?”

“Because you are a human, isn’t that enough reason? I don’t want to kill another human. I don’t want to feel guilty again. I don’t mind feeling little pain once in a while,” He softly said which made me chuckle sarcastically.

“I don’t want to,” I said and marched outside the house with ache burning up my heart.

I don’t want to see him anymore. I don’t want to feel wronged anymore. I don’t want to feel pain anymore.

Am I asking too much?

My heart started beating faster with every step I took towards the busy road. My eyes caught the green traffic sign with the number 10.

10 seconds before the cars stop rushing, 10 seconds is more than enough to be run down by at least one.


I covered my ears.


I closed my eyes.


I ignored my thundering heart.


I took one step onto the road.


Another step.


A loud horn!

Was that a truck?


I don’t feel the ground beneath me.


“YOONGI! YOONGI! Why did you do that?”

“Just fucking take him to his house then heal him. We can’t do that here with all those humans seeing us, Tae.”

“Fuck off! He won’t make it if we got him to his house first.”


Is this what rest in peace supposed to feel like?

A smile crept on my face as I finally blacked out.

-2 hours later-

“Hey! Yoongi, you okay kid?” Jin hyung asked while caressing my head gently.

“W-what is happening here?” I weakly whispered as I tried to look around the place which happened to be Jin Hyung’s room.

“The Devil told me, you got ran down by a truck 2 hours ago,” he explained.

The Devil, huh!

“He healed your body and left along with Jungkook,” he briefed me.

I hummed and asked him to help me sit up so he did. I lifted up my hand and looked at it while moving it as I looked up at Hyung, saying, “I’m not dead, right?”

Tears started to dwell in his eyes, I bet he was holding himself back for me. He shook his head and hugged me, muttering, “Never do that again. You scared everyone especially the Devil. He was about to summon God.”

I giggled and replied while hugging him back, “Enough with your exaggeration.”

Maybe next time I need to make sure I was alone.

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