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47- The Hesitant


You need to go to Heaven and make sure Namjoon stays there. I need to have a discussion with those three.

A minute or so after I left Yoongi’s house, I couldn’t sense anyone’s presence.

Where did they go?

“Did you go to look for him again?”

I quickly turned to the voice’s source as it belonged to Health. He placed his palm on my back, gesturing me to go with him somewhere; therefore, I walked without asking much.

After 3 minutes of walking, he removed his palm and walked ahead of me then with his back facing me he halted as he lifted up his face to look at Heaven’s flawless sky, saying “Jimin is going to be fine, but what about you? You don’t seem fine Hoseok.”

I smiled and moved to his side as I stood there and copied his posture as I looked up as well, replying, “Have you ever questioned yourself if what you are doing is actually the right thing?”

Health chuckled and looked at me, stating, “I do that all the time. However, there is always no answer. I have this belief that if what I’m doing is wrong then God will put me on the right track, but when Jimin got defiled, to be honest, I got taken aback.”

He sighed as I looked back at him and saw him walk away. I bit my lip and ran to him, pulling his arm to turn his body and look at me.

This sudden gesture surprised him, but my words showed more impact as I said, “I saw God a moment ago. He told me to keep Namjoon busy. I don’t know what is happening, and I don’t know which side I should be on, can you help?”

“Did you just tell me something you weren’t supposed to?” Health said with a raised questioning eyebrow at me.

I paused for a moment, trying to comprehend his words then said in a panic, “Listen! You are the second wisest person I know after Namjoon who can help me understand my situation-”

Before continuing my words, Health teleported both of us among the rest of the Horsemen who were chilling in the big hall in Heaven.

“Guys, we have an emergency,” Health spoke, making me gulp at the sudden announcement.

Damn it! I didn’t expect him to summon all of the Horsemen.

“Oh Hoseokie is having an emergency,” Love laughed, making some other giggles fill the air, but I just stood in my place rolling my eyes at his sarcasm.

“I don’t have time for serious talks, what is it?” War complained while sipping from his glass of beer.

“God told me to come to Heaven and distract Namjoon.”

The moment I uttered those words, all the doors to the hall slammed shut with a sound of locks accompanying them one door after the other until all 10 of them were thoroughly locked.

A sudden rush of fear ran all over my body as I saw 7 Angels stand to their feet and gave me their full attention.

“What’s wrong?” I asked almost stuttering with those two simple words, feeling a bit taken aback seeing how serious their looks are getting with every passing second.

Pestilence sighed and walked towards me as he patted my stiff shoulder and said, “Calm down, we won’t hurt you. It’s just been a long time since God made a move. Can you tell us what happened, and why he ordered you to do that?”

I thought for a moment before replying, “God came to Earth and wanted to talk to the Devil, Jungkook and Jimin about something. Later on, he dismissed me to go make sure Namjoon stays in Heaven, but the instant I left Earth, I felt none of their presences.”

“Call me nuts, I don’t care, but doesn’t that sound like God is planning something against Namjoon? Oh shit! Or maybe us. Did we do something to provoke him?” Love said frenziedly while dramatically slamming his body on a nearby chair.

For a moment there, I ignored Love’s words, but when my mind rewound his words, I felt like they might be true to some extent.

What’s going on? Am I on the right side?

I looked around me, eyeing all 8 Angels present in the big hall while thinking thoroughly about all the events that happened until now.

“I’ll go find God because it seems like he is doing things without considering any of our positions,” War marched towards the door as Famine followed him.

However, Health said, stopping both of them, “Considering? Your positions? War what are you talking about? This is God you are referring to. Plus, Hoseok already said that he can’t sense their presence.”

A loud arrogant chuckle left War’s mouth as he replied Health slyly, “Are you comparing my powers with that low Angel? I am War. My name brings countries to their knees. You better show me some respect.” War ended his words while gesturing Famine to follow him as both of them exited the hall.

“We need to go follow War as well. We are responsible to keep balance on both Heaven and Earth, and right now, something is happening behind our backs which might be a threat to that balance,” Death spoke wisely as he left the hall as well but politely, followed by Pastilance and Birth.

I fisted my hands and bit my lips in frustration. The Horsemen were known for their bad temper, but War was always the one who triggered me with his harsh words.

Love approached me while whispering in my ears, “Go to Namjoon. Let us, the Horsemen, deal with your fears.”

I nodded to his calm voice and went to find Namjoon while Health and Love joined the rest of the Horsemen.

Namjoon was in his study as I felt his presence there, but the moment I passed by his study, he called out for me.

“Where did the Horsemen go? I can’t feel their presence in Heaven,” Namjoon said while turning some pages of the book he was holding.

Of course, he can sense 8 Angels suddenly disappearing. Are they stupid?

“They said they have something to do on Earth, but they didn’t go into details with me. You know them, they never share,” I acted as if I felt bothered, in order to distract him from asking any serious questions.

Thankfully, he bought what I said and dismissed me because he was busy ever since Jimin left. Namjoon has been trying to replace Jimin, but on the few times I visited him, he looked stressed out because his mind wasn’t as Jimin’s.

Jimin is irreplaceable.

I left his study and closed the door behind me then landed on Earth at Yoongi’s in search for the Horsemen, thinking that I might catch up to them.

8 Angels were kneeling in front of God in a circle. The Devil, Jungkook and Jimin were standing beside God as War started off saying, “It’s been long since we last saw you.”

I lowered my head the moment I saw God and stood at a distance, but surely he noticed my presence.

“I told you to keep Namjoon uptight not to bring me, my 8 knights,” God joked which made me give a genuine smile.

“Excuse me for being incapable of stopping them,” I apologized while bowing in respect.

“Angels and their formalities always leaves me gagging in disgust,” Jungkook spoke, catching all our attentions.

God sighed and directed his words to the Devil, saying, “I hope on my next visit you teach your Demon to show some respect.”

However, the Devil laughed and replied, “My Demon knows no respect. You better deal with my creation just like how I dealt with yours for internity.”

I heard a loud smack followed by a loud yell from the Devil which baffled me.

Did God just smack him? Are they that close?

“Do you want to give me brain damage? It hurts,” The Devil whined.

“And do you want me to break it for real?” God joked.

Suddenly War got up to his feet, I glanced at him and saw the rage in his facial features. He surely didn’t like how close God was acting around the Devil. The one who has sinned and was thrown in Hell for a pretty long time.

“What is happening here? Shouldn’t you be more angry with him!” War asked God but kept his head low.

“If I told you to join forces with the Devil, would you do it?” God sternly spoke as all 8 heads instantly looked at the Devil, seeing his confused look.

Seems like the Devil himself doesn’t understand.

“What are you talking about? Join me in what?” The Devil questioned with a worried expression.

“Will you?” God inquired War again as he ignored the Devil’s words.

“If that what you desire then there is no way for me to disobey,” War replied back.

“When Taehyung calls for any of you, answer to him and don’t ever question his commands,” God ordered.

“What about Namjoon?” Pestilence took a step forward to ask.

“You have to figure out how not to get caught by him yourselves.”

What will happen if we get caught by Namjoon? And what are we going to hide from him exactly?

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