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48- The Angry


I can’t take this anymore.

A light whisper of words transcended through my brain and a sudden cardiac feeling was seizing my heart, a pain I was unfamiliar with, so I rubbed my chest with my palm and ignored it, continuing to hear God’s words.

“You have to figure out how not to get caught by him yourselves.”

“Am I a burden?”

Now a sudden wave of clearer words got carried by the wind and made it to my ears. A voice I recognize so well which belonged to Yoongi.

I turned my head to look at Yoongi’s house which was at a fair distance from where we were standing, but my vision suddenly got blurry because of the abrupt sharp ache I felt in my heart.

“What the hell?” I cursed as I unwillingly knelt while holding onto my chest in agony.

Everyone present directed his gaze at me, but I neglected all of them and immediately teleported to where Yoongi was with Jungkook standing beside me.

Yoongi was sitting on his bed with an emotionless expression, something which is contradicting with the pain I was feeling in my chest.

He lifted his head up, and I saw it. I saw the new ones. A trail of red was covering one end of his mouth.

I knelt down to his level and reached out to rub off the blood of his mouth as I asked while avoiding eye contact, “Was it your father again?”

“Will your curse gets lifted up if I die?”

I gulped and felt my body freeze at his sudden question.

How does he know such a thing?

“What are you talking about?” I manoeuvred, trying my best not to hurt his feelings because I know Humans are fragile.

However, he slapped my hands away from his face and stood up while wincing then went to confront Jungkook, who gave him the answer he wanted.

“Why?” He asked me coldly.

At that moment, I felt like time stopped as I saw everything Yoongi went through. His expression showed me how wretched he was. His cold tone made goosebumps run down my spine. He looked like a body without a Spirit.

“Why what?” I asked back not fully comprehending his question.

“Why are you waiting? I’m not a celebrity the world will miss. I’m not a rich kid his parents will sue you for. I’m not a smart student who the teachers will lose. I’m nothing. So why are you waiting?”

I fisted my hands and lowered my head, trying to think of the perfect answer to give him, but-

I looked up at him with a soft smile and said, “Because you are a Human, isn’t that enough reason? I don’t want to kill another Human. I don’t want to feel guilty again. I don’t mind feeling little pain once in a while.”

“I don’t want to,” he said after chuckling in sarcasm and marched out of the room.

-the problem is that there is nothing called perfect answer because the word Perfect differs from one person to the another.

When I was about to follow him, I felt the presence of God beside me so I retracted the step I took and faced him.

“So you left me to go meet with the Human, isn’t that a bit rude of you Taehyung?” God said steadily.

An unexpected frown was drawn on my face as I replied to him, “He is suffering because of you. So don’t mind me when I try to undo your mess.”

“Look at you acting all mighty,” He said then sighed, proceeding after, “Get back to the meeting. The Horsemen don’t like waiting.”

“And do I look like I care about any of them?” I stated, rolling my eyes and was about to go follow God, when Jungkook came to me breathlessly.

“It’s Yoongi. He is going to kill himself,” He alarmed me.

In no time, I found myself following Kookie to where he last saw Yoongi, and before Kookie could point at Yoongi’s direction, I felt like my heart got torn apart, as my eyes witnessed Yoongi’s body get jerked by a truck a little bit high off the ground.

Without thinking I manipulated time to slow down as I sprinted towards him and caught Yoongi before his bones could meet the harsh ground and get smashed.

My eyes roamed all over his face frantically, making me feel helpless seeing blood oozing from the back of his head. Flashes of familiar memories to this made it across my mind as I reminisced the moment I saw Dowen sinking in his own pool of blood.

In a span of a second, I raised my right palm and placed it on the opened wound in an attempt to heal it.

Why! Why did he do that?

“Yoongi! YOONGI! YOONGI! Why did you do that?” I yelled in rage as I felt my body get tense and mind gets clouded.

However, the instant I started to heal Yoongi’s cracked skull, Jungkook quickly pushed my hands away from Yoongi, saying in panic “Just fucking take him to his house then heal him. We can’t do that here with all those Humans seeing us, Tae.”

And just like a time bomb, my powers suddenly snapped on its own as I felt every inch of my body get overwhelmed with pain because of the curse. Yoongi was dying, and I was slowly experiencing the pain his body was going through.

“Fuck off! He won’t make it if we got him to his house first,” I pushed Jungkook away with a pulse of my powers, making him stumble backwards.

Time was ticking and I wasn’t ready to let another Human down after promising to protect him. His family disappointed him, Angels disappointed him, God disappointed him; therefore, I can’t be a disappointment to him no matter what.

A surge of energy ran through my right hand as I placed it under his head and took a minute to heal. I checked his heart, and his essential Human organs, healing what was severely damaged in the process then I lifted him up.

“I think Jin will know what to do with him,” Jungkook spoke monotonously with hesitance showing in his voice, but I wasn’t in the right mind to ask him about his wellbeing.

I impulsively took Yoongi to Jin’s place, startling him the moment he saw the blood covering both Yoongi and me.

“What’s with him?” He panicked, but I didn’t answer as I increased my pace to where the couch was; however, Jin gestured me to put Yoongi in his room so I hurriedly did.

“You are overusing your powers.”

I ignored God, who has been following me since the beginning and only focused on healing Yoongi something I didn’t afford to do with Dowen.

“Is he going to be okay?” Jin spoke unaware of God’s presence.

“He will be more than okay,” I replied while running my palm on his spine which had multiple severe fractures then focused on restoring his right lung sack which exploded.

It took me some time to restore his damaged lung and more time to heal his right side of his rib cage which was totally crushed. Thankfully, his heart wasn’t in severe conditions, only few vessels got torn, but they were easy to heal.

After finally finishing healing him, I got up and was about to leave but Jin held onto my arm, saying “You have been sitting there saying nothing for 30 minutes, and I didn’t interrupt you. Now you have to tell me what happened to him.”

I took a glimpse at him then at Yoongi who was peacefully sleeping on the bed and said, “He attempted suicide. Take care of him while I’m gone. I need to take care of something.”

Jin’s eyes widened when he saw the change of my aura as well as my eyes, “Your eyes!” He pointed at my eyes which were reflecting black with a hint of red in his eyes.

Black like fire bordered my body as I disappeared into thin air and appeared at Yoongi’s house in front of his parents who were laying awake on their bed.

“The Devil is here. Welcome,” His father said with a smirk.

“What did you do?” I asked with my eyes still holding the same color from earlier.

“Are you planning on killing him?” God asked who took a seat on the chair in the room about to watch the show.

“I told Yoongi the truth about your curse. Why! Did he run away from you or splashed salt at you?” Min replied, ending his words with a sarcastic laugh which made my blood boil.

However, I turned to look at God and said, “You created those beings, and you made Yoongi’s life a living hell so how about I let you fix what you did.”

“Who is he talking to!” The woman whispered.

“And how do you plan on doing that?” God asked with a raised questioning eyebrow.

“Well, you are about to know. Death!” I called out for him, and he immediately graced me with his presence.

“Show yourself in front of the Humans,” I said and Death did as I said which startled the two Humans.

“What is happening here?” Yoongi’s mother asked in a panic, but I ignored her and continued speaking with Death.

“Your first job from me is to get rid of those 2 humans.”

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