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49- The Bad & Good


“Your first job from me is to get rid of those 2 Humans,” Tae uttered his first order to the Horsemen.

Isn’t he going overboard with his demand!

What if one day I became the cause of Yoongi’s suffering, would he get rid of me too?

I took a step back and left Yoongi’s place to go see him in person at Jin’s place. I didn’t show myself as I kept watching Jin gently rub off the bloodstains covering Yoongi’s face.

He looked sincere and worried sick about Yoongi. It’s surprising to see your torturer being nice to someone. Jin was really careful not to wake Yoongi up nor disturb his sleep. Sometime after he decided to stop rubbing off Yoongi’s skin, Jimin appeared beside me.

“Death was summoned by Taehyung,” Surprisingly Jimin spoke in a calm tone.

I hummed as a response, saying “I know. I was there and came here instead to rethink what’s really bothering me.”

“So you decide to meet your torturer? That’s your solution to whatever is bothering you!”

“Well, before regaining my memory I felt like we had some kind of connection, but now after remembering, I know what that feeling was,” I sighed after muttering those words as I kept my eyes focused on Jin who was still caring for Yoongi.

“Don’t tell him,” He paused for a second before continuing as he looked at me with a warning glare, “I know you are irrational so you might do something like telling him about his Angel life that’s why I’m telling you not to tell him no matter what.”

A confused look was clear on my face as I asked, “What will happen if he knew about him being my torturer in Hell?”

“His adult Human body will die and get reborn as an infant again. It will be like pressing the restart button,” Jimin explained to me.

I looked back at Jin tenderly, hearing him speak with Yoongi who just woke up, “He healed your body and left along with Jungkook.”

“I’m glad that he was born into a good Human. Some of the defiled Angels ended up becoming bad Humans when they were born as one. I pity them,” Jimin said while both of us kept our eyes on the two emotional Humans.

“Good Human, huh!” I said out loud thoughtlessly with a sigh following my words.

Why are words complicated? Humans make dictionaries to get a common definition for the words they use to make it easier for them to communicate. Angels do the same thing by spicing it up with rules.

“Am I a good Demon? Is there even something called Good Demon?” I blurted out my thoughts.

“You are technically the first living Demon, so why don’t you create your own definition of that word?” Jimin replied my random thoughts so I glanced at him, receiving a reassuring smile form him which caught me off guard.

What am I doing with an Angel?

I looked at Jin and Yoongi.

What am I doing with those Humans?

The moment I landed on Earth, I was full of passion to kill humans and to have fun with Taehyung. However, things changed. Taehyung changed and even my memories changed. I’ve been roaming around aimlessly ever since Taehyung found interest in Yoongi, and now he is about to do a mistake.

In an instant, I showed myself to Jin and Yoongi who got startled by my sudden appearance. I didn’t give them much time to say a word as I said, “Taehyung is going to kill your parents.”

“What! Again?” Yoongi abruptly pulled up his covers and tried to get off the bed, but Jin held onto him, preventing him from hurting his own body any further.

“You need to rest. You can’t leave yet.”

Nonetheless, Yoongi pulled his arm from Jin’s grip and slipped the slippers into his feet after jumping off the bed, saying in a hurry, “No, he shouldn’t kill them. God needs to be the one who punishes them. Taehyung isn’t God, he is going to put himself into more trouble if he killed them.”

“LET HIM GET RID OF THEM FOR GOOD,” Jin yelled out of nowhere which shocked everyone as he continued with his rage that has been building up for quiet a time now, “They are only making you suffer. Why do you want to live with them? Huh! Tell me. What is wrong with you? You should’ve run away from them a long time ago.”

The word shocked is not enough explanation to how surprised I was from Jin’s sudden outburst. He had been witnessing a big portion of Yoongi’s life and keeping quiet for all that time, surely made him explode because of today’s incident with Yoongi.

“They were good to me too, you know. Mom told me Dad is sick that’s why he was acting up. I-I can’t lose them, they are my only family,” Yoongi said with his voice feeling like a robot who suddenly zoned out into his own ‘good’ memories.

Good again, huh!

But all your nightmares are bad, and you only have nightmares. What good memories are you thinking about right now Yoongi?

“Jungkook, Jimin, can any of you take me to where Taehyung is? I need to stop him,” He snapped out of his thoughts and stepped towards us asking for help.

He is nervous and his eyes are full of fear. What is he afraid of? Is he afraid to lose his family? Or is he afraid of something else?

“Why? Why do your eyes show fear? Are you perhaps afraid of losing your so-called parents?” I asked curiously. Even though I used to be Human, I’ve never had the luxury to have parents, but ever since I knew Yoongi, I was thankful for not having any because I didn’t want to live miserably like him.

“It’s not that I’m afraid to lose them. It’s just that I want to understand them, and I still didn’t ask them for their reasons behind their change of attitude towards me. Please, Jungkook, take me to Taehyung. I need to stop him,” Yoongi said with pleading eyes.

I sighed and rubbed my temples in frustration then took a glance at the frowning Jin. Jimin suddenly placed his hand on my shoulder, but still kept his presence hidden, saying “Take him and go Jungkook. I believe this is the right thing to do.”

I cursed under my breath and teleported Yoongi to his place in front of Taehyung, but to my surprise for the first time in my long long life, I have to say.

I was late.

I was late because when we arrived, Yoongi’s parents were already lifeless. They were on their bed without a drop of blood, only Death’s Scythe presence was hovering over their bodies and even their spirits were already taken by the Reapers.

My eyes landed next on Yoongi who was hesitantly walking towards his parents while uttering in a low voice, “M-mom. D-dad.”

Tears started to form on his face when he approached them. He ran his quivering fingers on his mother’s face first, muttering “Wake up. Why are you like this? Mom! Wake up and scold me. I ran away a moment ago, won’t you punish me for that?”

He paused for a moment as his eyes moved to his father next and went to his side while not daring to touch him, saying in almost a whisper, “Why! I-I wanted to ask you why you changed. but W-why did you leave without giving me answers? I w-wanted to understand you, b-but you didn’t give me a chance to-”

If this situation of Taehyung killing Yoongi’s parent happened back then, when we first landed on Earth, I would’ve applauded Taehyung for this horrendous act, but for some reason what I see right in front of my eyes now defines the word bad.

A/N: Since chapter 45 ‘The Creator’, it has been the same day but with different POVs. That day is really important, many events happened that’s why I split it into different chapters with different POV.

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