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50- The Reason Why


Yoongi~yah, your dad loves you so much, huh.


Why are you crying? Did you hurt yourself while playing?

“I-I wanted to ask you why you changed.”

Oh! Did you have a nightmare? Come and sleep between your mother and me.

“W-why did you leave without giving me answers?”

Your father is sick. Please understand.

“I w-wanted to understand you, b-but you didn’t give me a chance to,” I fell to my knees, crying my heart out.

However, I suddenly stood up and went to Taehyung while rubbing away my tears, saying “You can get them back, right? You did this before to dad. Huh, can you?”

Taehyung fisted his hand and looked into my eyes, replying “I can’t because Death himself was the one who took them, also their fate was altered to die today.”

“Altered? What does that mean?”

“God altered their fate upon my request because I wanted to end them for good this time and with God’s consent. Just think of it as a late Christmas gift from me to you,” He sternly said.

I glanced at them with regret and pity filling me up.

Why did it have to end like this? Why am I suffering so much? Shouldn’t I be glad that they died? But suddenly, here I am only remembering the good times.

“I-I still wanted to ask them, why!” I lowered my head, trying my best to hold in the overflowing feeling of wanting to cry.

“I can answer that question for you Yoongi since I know everything about each Human.”

I instantly looked at Jimin, replying “Please tell me.”

Jimin approached me and started saying, “That man laying on that bed over there was actually the son of a paedophile who took everything away from him ever since he was a child.”

My dad has been sexually abused??

I quickly placed my hands on my mouth in shock as I continued to hear Jimin’s words, “When Min grew up, around the age of 19, he killed his father in cold blood and was sentenced to live in a mental institution.”

My dad is a murderer! How can I blame him though, he has been going through something a normal child won’t be able to survive.

Why am I suddenly siding with him?

“Nonetheless, your mother was the only woman who felt his pain and decided to help him, by escaping from that mental institution. After a couple of days of struggling to survive they both found shelter in a temple for a couple of months until the authorities gave up on finding any of them. Over time Min grew up a little healthier with the help of your mother and took you in then left the temple-”

I abruptly cut Jimin off because his last few words were hard to comprehend; therefore, I asked in a panic, “What did you say? took me in! What does that even mean?”

“What I’m trying to say is, you aren’t their son. You were a child of 2 holy humans who died tragically. Your mother died giving birth to you, and your biological father died protecting your country. A priestess who became a friend of your birth mother when she was praying in the temple for your father’s safety, took care of you in your early days of birth. Min and his wife, later on, took you in because Mrs.Min thought having a child would help Min change into a decent man, but over time it backlashed because there was no way for Min to live normally after what he went through all his life, not to mention that he has been suffering from first stage Alzheimer for a week now.”

All this time I was busy trying to cope with the hell I was going through when in reality it wasn’t worth it.

“And suddenly my whole life becomes a lie,” I muttered as a whisper with pain showing in my voice.

“Yoongi,” Taehyung’s voice alerted me as I looked up at him. “I’m sorry,” he continued with regret filling his eyes.

“I didn’t want to see you in pain anymore that’s why I did it,” He said as he reached out to place his hand on my shoulder, but I took a step back away from him, leaving his hand hanging in the air.

“Can I ask you to leave? I would like to give them a proper burial,” I said with my eyes stuck to the floor not daring to make eye contact with him because I know the moment I do that, I will be filled with rage and certainly beg him to resurrect them, something I know, is not gonna happen since the one who actually took them is Death himself as Taehyung informed me.

Thankfully, everyone disappeared simultaneously the moment Taehyung left even though I’m not sure if they really left or not since I can still feel someone’s presence in the room however it didn’t belong to Taehyung.

I looked at the empty chair by the end of the room, but in that instant the heavy aura which was emitted from the chair suddenly disappeared, leaving me to sigh as I looked back at the bodies of my ‘parents’ whom I’ll have to bury.

I called Jin-hyung over and he came, taking care of everything for me since I wasn’t familiar with things like this, and surely I told him everything which happened since I felt like the weight was too heavy to carry alone.

It took us the whole day and another day to do the memorial, but nobody came. Not a single human being came which made me feel sorrow for both my parents.

They lived a lonely life, hiding from authorities that’s why we were living in this shady place. My father didn’t have work to go to because mom was afraid of getting caught.

For some reason, now I remember that Mom had multiple jobs that’s why she wasn’t always at home, and when she was present, she didn’t have the time to care for me because dad was her top priority. Now I understand why.

I glanced at Jin-hyung with tears threatening to leave my eyes. He immediately pulled me into a warm embrace, saying soothingly, “It’s okay to cry, and I’m sorry for being thoughtless earlier. I was really worried about you.”

I nodded in his chest which is now soaked with my tears and stayed there for almost 5 minutes until I guess I fell asleep from exhaustion.

The past 2 days were definitely tiring. I need some rest.

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