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52- The Knights

3rd person POV

“Where did you disappear to altogether?” Namjoon inquired with a clear frown on his face.

The 8 Horsemen turned their attention to him when they noticed his presence, receiving a snort from War and an eye roll from Famine, however, Love approached Namjoon as he rubbed the back of his neck then eyed the rest of the Horsemen, telling him, “God summoned us.”

Love was known for not being a good secret keeper, something God took advantage of because he was aiming to anger Namjoon as much as possible.

“What?” Namjoon uttered in confusion, continuing “he summoned everyone, excluding me? What did he order you to do?”

Fortune marched towards Love and smacked his head, saying in annoyance “that was supposed to be a secret dumbass. Why can’t you keep secrets? Now how are we supposed to tell him about the Devil!”

Health was the smartest among them, but Fortune was always the first to catch up onto situations, taking hints was his speciality.

Why did God summon us? Fortune had that question as his first thought when they were with God, and after hearing God out, he figured what God wanted wasn’t just them to serve the Devil, but to bring chaos in Heaven. That’s why he mentioned the Devil to Namjoon a moment ago.

Maybe that’s the chaos God wanted? He internally smirked as he looked at Namjoon’s expressions which happened to be turning to fiery ones.

“The Devil? What about him!” Namjoon stated still confusion taking all over him.

The Horsemen stood there in silence while exchanging eye contact among themselves, refusing to give him an answer or to even explain their baffling words, but internally Fortune was getting worried. No one was backing his theory up, usually, Health would be the second to catch up, but that silence made him feel totally uncomfortable and unsure about his decision.

Throughout that silence, Namjoon was torn apart between the thoughts of why God did that and what he required from them to do.

Whilst each one was drifting in his own mind, Health spoke, shocking everyone in the room “To be honest with you Namjoon, God ordered us to follow the Devil’s commands from now onwards.”

Does this mean I was right? Fortune thought.

Did he just spill out a supposed secret? Love thought.

What is he doing? War and Famine thought.

Pasteliance and Death stood blankly while the only thought which overtook Birth was if Health has become suddenly dumb.

“Yah! That was supposed to be a secret,” War angrily marched towards Health with a threatening aura.

Fortune quickly jumped in to help the situation before it uprises with War doing a disaster. “God never said it was a secret, he clearly told us to deal with things on our own without mentioning how,” Fortune reminded them.

War rubbed his temples in frustration and before he could say anything Namjoon said, “I need an elaborate explanation of what happened.”

Namjoon was getting restless with all the side talks they were having and leaving him out of a more important conversation.

Health cleared his throat and said, “God forgave him, and he ordered us to follow the Devil’s orders just like how we do with yours. Also, God added that he’ll soon give him his name back.”

“His name?” Namjoon slowly whispered as he started clenching his fists and decided to leave before he could do something he might regret, but in that instant Death exchanged weird looks with the other Horsemen which caught Namjoon’s attention.

“What is it?” Namjoon asked but was struck by reality when Death said, “the Devil just summoned me.”

“Then go, what are you still doing here?” Fortune threw the Scythe to Death, who caught it and immediately disappeared and appeared in front of Taehyung, but Death wasn’t the only one who went because Namjoon wanted to confirm it and went to Earth too as he watched from a large distance, with his white graceful wings spread in the air.

“Your first job from me is to get rid of those 2 humans,” Namjoon heard Taehyung’s words as a wave of shock hit his body.

He quickly looked at God, who was sitting there silently but Namjoon’s gaze went to look back at Death as he heard him say, “I don’t want to break any rules.”

If he killed them ahead of their time, he will surely be punished by God, Namjoon thought while still witnessing what to come.

For a split of a second Namjoon and all the Horsemen, Taehyung included, felt Heaven shake which made Taehyung smirk and say, “Now their fates are altered. Kill them and make sure to personally escort them both to Hell.”

Namjoon’s mind got clouded by the fact that God altered someone’s fate just to satisfy Taehyung’s needs. He was fuming with anger and more hate towards Taehyung than he was already having.

Namjoon went back to Heaven and went to his study while Hoseok followed him inside and saw Namjoon sitting on his chair with his head between his hands.

Why is he doing that to me? Why did he forgive him? He broke too many rules.

Hoseok hesitated when he saw Namjoon like that and decided to leave and ask the Horsemen instead about what happened.

~ A Few minutes later~

“So you are telling me that we need to trigger Namjoon! But why?” Hoseok asked Health who has been explaining the situation for everyone excluding Death since he was still busy with Taehyung’s order.

Health sighed feeling tired from explaining, so Fortune said in his stead, “We aren’t sure why, but I’m sure that what God wants from us. Let’s just do our part and let’s watch what God will do next.”

Jimin and Death came to the hall where everyone was meeting up then Death told them what happened with him and Taehyung which caused them to stay silent.

“Namjoon witnessed what happened on Earth, and he is hella angry right now,” Hoseok stated, catching Death and Jimin off guard since the rest did already know this information.

“I didn’t feel his presence,” Death said.

“And neither did I. Did he suspect anything?” Jimin simultaneously said.

War snorted and uttered in annoyance, “yes I bet he did. Fortune and Health told him everything about meeting God and following the Devil’s orders. Not to mention the lie tilted under ‘God forgave him’ actually where did you get that line from?”

Health rolled his eyes, saying “I was just trying to trigger him and looking at the end result, it worked.”

“Wait wait! How did you guys know that God actually wants to get rid of Namjoon?” Jimin said, gaining all of their attentions.

“God wants what?” They all yelled in unison.

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