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53- The Old Friend


It’s been a couple of hours since I left Jin’s place and decided to aimlessly walk around, or to be more precise, teleporting aimlessly since I’m not a big fan of walking.

Compared to Heaven, Earth is quite tiny but livelier. Children here stick together, run around, jump, play, laugh and enjoy their time.

How was it gonna feel like living on Earth as a Human if Taehyung hadn’t killed me?

Maybe I would have been the Adam everyone is talking about, and maybe Eve would have been mine. Maybe Taehyung would have been truly my guardian angel. Maybe Jin would have stayed an Angel, everything is a mere maybe.

“What are you doing here in Morocco?”

I instantly looked at the source of the voice which belonged to Taehyung as he was standing there scanning the area.

“Did you follow me?” I asked back in irritation.

He sighed and looked at me, saying “I can’t believe I had to use my powers to locate you.”

“I didn’t ask you to in the first place.”

“Yah! Jungkook. Let’s talk properly,” he demanded, and so I sighed and followed him to an empty part of the city.

I glanced at him as we stood face to face, waiting for the first words to come out of his mouth, but what I didn’t expect to hear was, “Sorry.”

I frowned, hearing that word and asked, “What are you apologizing for?”

“For the pain I caused you. For the things I didn’t allow you to experience as a human, and for being such a disappointment of a friend,” he said every word while looking deep into my Soul.

I know he is sincere, and he knows that I would easily forgive him that’s why he is giving me the answer I want to hear.

“Do you value our friendship that much?” I inquired in a calm tone.

He hummed and approached me while placing his palm on my chest, saying “if there was any way to let you live as a Human once again, I will do whatever it takes to do that.”

His words caught me off guard as I took a few steps backwards, letting his palm hang in the air. So many scenarios came to my mind.

What if I can be human?

What if I can right my wrongs?

Can I erase those thousands of years?

But if I did erase them, I’ll have to erase Taehyung too.

I quickly shook those thoughts from my head and tried to release my mind from that sudden state of need because this is impossible to do as God will never accept a low Demon as me to be one of his creations.

“Don’t start acting like a real Devil all of a sudden,” I warned him after giving an irritated sigh.


“Giving empty promises is devilish. That’s what humans say,” I furiously replied, anger clear in my voice.

“If you think it’s really an empty promise, why are you acting like a human then?”

However, his words caught me by surprise. He is true to some extent. I’ve been constantly changing. Slowly finding comfort with humans, and his words from earlier made me get fueled.

I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

“There is no way for me to be Human, so stop,” I clenched my fists and walked away with my head hanging low in disapointement, but Taehyung didn’t leave me be as he teleported right in front of me.

“All you have to do is admit your sin, and you will be reborn as a human with a new chance,” he stated with determination.

I poked the inside of my cheek with my tongue while holding myself from punching his pretty face. “Listen here Taehyung, You.need.to.stop. You know why? Because I did nothing wrong, I was protecting you SO WHERE IS THE SIN IN THAT?” I hollered at him.

“Your God need to understand the difference between real Evil and fabricated one because from where I stand I only see Namjoon as the Devil, a title which never suited you anyway,” I sternly continued but calmly this time.

“Just become Human Jungkook, please. Cast aside your pride,” he tried to convince me but instead, I chuckled.

I chuckled because he was indeed dumb. He still doesn’t understand why I’m rejecting his offer.

“Idiot!” I whispered.


“You heard me. I called you idiot. If I became Human, all my memories will be erased with no way to restore them. Adding to that, I will become a weak being.”

“It’s fine. I will protect you.”

“But I won’t remember you.”

“That’s fine too because I will be your guardian angel so remembering me won’t be necessary.”

“But you will be lonely.”

“I’ll make sure to stay by your side so I’ll never get lonely.”

“But I won’t be able to live forever so not being lonely is gonna be temporary.”

“It doesn’t matter as long as you are getting back what I stripped away from you.”

“If becoming a human will make me forget my best friend then I don’t want to be one because you are more important to me than a mere 100 years,” I said realizing the guilt and regret Taehyung was drowning in during all those years.

If I became Human, he will be lonely. That’s something I’m sure of it. Taehyung isn’t a Devil, he was just given the title. Even though he was given the title, he never acted accordingly until that day when I heard him order Death to kill Yoongi’s parents, something which saddened me so much.

I want Taehyung to be the Angel Taehyung as much as he wants me to be Human. I want back what Namjoon took from us, but still, I will never think of getting it back by sacrificing my old friend.

“Will it be too harsh of me to ask you to call me by Dowen from time to time?” I bit my lower lip when I saw his sudden discomfort, mentioning Dowen’s name, but he immediately hid it with a smile.

“Sure D.o.w.e.n,” he said the name slowly and teasingly while he walked away, but I followed him and surprised him by a sudden smack on his back.

“Yah!” he yelled at me, but I giggled instead, feeling a little bit relieved.

“Let’s go to Yoongi he must be waiting for an apology,” I said with a smirk.

However, Taehyung gave out a laugh which confused me as he said, “Don’t worry, we’ve already spoken, and we are both fine now.”

Oh, they spoke!

I think I’ve been missing out a lot of things lately, and why does it feel like the world will end soon?

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