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54- The Storm


Why is he doing that to me? Why did he forgive him? He broke so many rules.

He broke more rules than I can even count. Why is it easy for God to forgive his sins? Is he really God’s favorite one?

Everything God asked of me was instantly answered for. I’ve never broken any of his rules. Heaven is looked after by only me. However, why does the Devil always get the privilege to be humanely friendly with God?

Above all that, God altered two of his own creations’ fates for the sake of amusing the Devil. I don’t understand.


Without noticing my surroundings, I felt my wings get spread and fury took over my mind. I cracked my knuckles, but that action still couldn’t calm me down.

I stood up, inhaled and exhaled sharply but even that didn’t make my anger any less. I was furious and for some reason, a lot of deadly thoughts ran through my head but the one which was overtaking the rest was.

Hurt the Devil as much as he is hurting me.

In a moment of rage, I tossed the stack of books piled on my desk to the floor harshly as I roared because of my own thoughts.

I shouldn’t be like him. I shouldn’t break the rules. You are the good one Namjoon. Remember every living creature is cussing out at the Devil so hold it in and suck up your anger.

I tried to exhale again after feeling a little bit satisfied with what just came to my mind. I can’t be like him no matter what because even if he was friendly to God now, he can’t be like that forever. After all, he is and will always be the Devil.

Thankfully, the anger in me subsided, and I decided to go have a talk with the Horsemen, whom I expected to be at the grant hall so I went there, but the moment I went inside, my eyes went wide open, seeing Jimin sitting among them.

“What is he doing here?” I asked while pointing at Jimin, who started to panic when his eyes met mine.

“G-God cured me and told me to go back to Heaven. Isn’t that good news?” He replied in a bit of stutter.


“Why what?” Jimin asked back while tilting his head in confusion.

“Why did he cure you? Did the Devil ask him to do that? Or did you beg him for your life?”

I need to confirm my doubts before losing my mind.

“Yeah, Taehyung asked God to cure me, why? Aren’t you happy to see me?”

Am I happy? AM I HAPPY!?

I clenched my fists and ignored whatever words came after, then I decided to leave. I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone anymore. I’ll speak to them later since they’ll probably anger me more with their answers.

I don’t think I can handle more pressure than that for today, therefore, I went to my room to have some rest and empty a little portion of my mind since Jimin is already back to Heaven.

I don’t need to take over his position anymore.

~2 Days Later~

“Hoseok,” I called out for him, and he instantly showed up in front of my desk which I was sitting on doing some work.

“Brief me on what happened since yesterday until now,” I said while turning some pages as I wait for his words to come.

“Jimin is back to Heaven. Yoongi is staying at Jin mourning, and currently, the Devil is at Nowhere with God.”

“Nowhere?” I raised a questioning eyebrow at him.

“Don’t you know about Nowhere? Ah, no wonder Jimin is recording the place right now. I’ll brief you on that too. There is a place called Nowhere which is actually God’s place but the Devil knows about it ever since he was merely training there. I didn’t go there yet, and I think you need permission to do that unless you are the Devil because he seems like he goes there quiet a lot,” Hoseok said, but with every word he uttered, I felt like I’ve been stabbed.

A place that belongs to God and only the Devil knew about it! He used to train there; does that mean he knew about it before even becoming the Devil?

I quickly dismissed Hoseok since I was getting furious, and I didn’t want to show him that side of me.

However, the word angry wasn’t good enough of a word to express what I was actually feeling. I felt betrayed, pained, left out and mostly looked down upon.

I’m the eldest so why am I not the strongest? I’m the wisest so why doesn’t God treat me like I am? I’m the one responsible for Heaven so why don’t I feel like I am the one in control after God?

Why do I have to keep doubting everything happening around me?

Why do I have to ask first, ‘may I’ before doing something?

I shook my head and squinted my eyes multiple times to get rid of my thoughts, but it was of no avail because I was already at my maximum level of rage.

All the powers the Devil posses are wasted on him.

All the time God spent with him was also a waste of time.

All those people around him are also wasted on him.

I should have been the one with all those powers. I should have been the one who has the most memories with God, and I should be the one that comes first.

But, none of that is actually given to me. I’m just a mere pawn in this damn play, and I can’t take it.

I can’t take it anymore.

I need answers from God.

Feeling my, none exciting, blood boil; I released a shocking wave of power which caused everything to shake and for the door to my study to bust open.

I bet my eyes are as blue as the sky now.

I flew to Earth because for some reason God was not conserving his presence but was clearly calling out for me to go to him.

Surprisingly enough, he was waiting for me by Yoongi’s house. I landed behind him as he was standing by the window watching Yoongi packing his things in a huge bag.

“You are finally here. I’ve been waiting,” God said but still kept his gaze at Yoongi.

I clenched my fists as I watched his back and his arms which were holding each other behind him. Words that I desperately wanted to say earlier, couldn’t leave my mouth as suddenly stiffness took all over me.

Suddenly, Yoongi raised his head to look out of the window, and to my surprise, his gaze met where we stood.

“That’s weird, I’m sure Taehyung went to sweet talk Jungkook,” Yoongi said with a smile.

“I heard you forgave the Devil,” I said.

“Yoongi seems to notice our presence,” God replied back which confused me.

Is he avoiding the topic?

“What does that have to do with what I said?”

“Because you already know the answer to that question Namjoon, so why do you want an answer to an answered question?”

I didn’t say much as I watched Yoongi with God, but suddenly God broke the silence, saying “Until when are you going to show off your eyes? Your grace is so strong too, and it’s making Yoongi uncomfortable.”

“Why do I have to confine my grace for his sake?”

God instantly turned to look at me, but I averted my gaze as it became hooked on the busy Yoongi.

“You seem surprised. However, if those words I uttered earlier were actually said by the Devil, you’d probably laugh,” I said.

“Because it’s unlike you, that’s why.”

“What if I started to question you and say no to some of your orders? How will you react to that! I’m curious.”

“What are you trying to accomplish, Namjoon?”

“Answers. That’s all I want from you,” I stated, but he seemed unfazed by my words.

“Ask your questions then.”

“I already asked.”

“You are incapable of disobeying me Namjoon so don’t push yourself,” He stated after releasing a sigh and looked back at Yoongi, who hesitantly started walking towards the window.

Yoongi looked on both sides out of the window which from his side of view is empty. He extended his hand, reaching out of the window, but his hand touched my clothes.

“Got yah, Taehyung show up. You’ve been standing there for a long time. Did things go wrong with Jungkook, that’s why you are hiding from me?” He said as he realized his own words and suddenly ran out of his house.

“Show up please, did Jungkook really say something that hurt you?”

He took a few steps towards me until there was no more space between the two of us. He looked really worried. He can feel the presence of grace, but he can’t know us apart. That human is really special, but he wasn’t as special as the first Human.

Will God forgive me?

I showed up in front of Yoongi, who took a few steps backwards after noticing his mistake.

“Sorry, I thought you were another Angel,” he apologized while looking at the ground.

“Another Angel? But the Devil isn’t considered one. How dare you compare me to him?” I sternly said which scared him.

He accidentally looked up, making eye contact with me which caused him to scream in pain, and fall to his knees.

“I warned you Namjoon about your eyes, but you didn’t listen,” God said still standing in his place.

“What about my eyes?”

“I already told you once that blue is as deadly as my eyes, but it seems like you forgot.”

“Blue! Was that a reference to my blue eyes?”

“And here I thought you were the smartest, such a shame,” He chuckled sarcastically.

I directed my gaze back to Yoongi, who was still squirming on the floor while holding his eyes, sucking in the pain.

I lowered my body to his level and said, “Aren’t you tired of the constant pain you are causing your body and another to go through? Will you allow me to lift your pain?”

After listening to my words, Yoongi slowly removed his hand, showing me his tears of blood.

“Can you?” He asked without looking into my eyes.

Isn’t he gonna ask how?

“Yes,” I answered.

“Are you sure Taehyung won’t be in pain anymore?” He almost whispered the words, maybe he was afraid the Devil is nearby, but why is he more worried about the Devil than himself, is he stupid?

“I assure you he won’t,” I said as I placed my hand under his chin, making him slowly make eye contact with me.

He will just feel tremendous grief. His Human heart will bring pain to every cell in his body, and the mark on his chest will burn him like how Hell’s blaze feels on the Human’s skin.

Yoongi tried to hold in his scream of pain as I saw his eyes burn. His hand which was tightly holding onto my fabric started to loosen until it eventually hit the ground. His body felt heavier by the second as I noticed his heartbeat rapidly slowing down.


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