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6- The Abuser


What am I gonna do now? Angel! And then his friend, but- They look suspicious. I sighed as I saw them leave my room to go solve some kind of a problem.

I layed in bed and looked up at the ceiling, but not long after until my room’s door opened, revealing my mother, so I sat up quickly, asking “Mom! Is there something you want?”

“Why are you still awake? Should-” She was about to continue talking, but she stopped when her eyes caught something, so I looked at the same direction as her then my eyes widened.

Mom frowned, yelling “You have the time to bring girls over, but yet you took a day off from work.” She quickly came towards me then slapped me harshly across the face. I hissed in pain due to the stinging sensation.

Damn this Angel! I made sure to tell him not to leave his hair on the floor like that, but still, he left it, now mom saw it and won’t leave me alone.


I know that if I denied it, nothing will change; she’ll just still be convinced by her own thoughts and things will only get worse, so I just didn’t reply her and let her think whatever she wanted to.

After a minute of her scolding me, she walked out of the room and slammed the door shut behind her. I shrugged my shoulders at the loud sound and got up to collect the hair in a plastic bag, but when I was about to leave, I think Tae’s voice stopped me.

“Are you planning on playing the victim’s role for long?” He sounded a little angry, but his voice was calm. I have no idea why though.

I turned towards him; he was standing outside the house but too close to the window, also his friend was standing beside him. The Angel looked angry. Why is that!

“Mind your own business, and please don’t interfere with my life till you leave,” I said and ignored them once I finished talking and left the house to throw the plastic bag in the trash bin, then I went back inside.

I gasped the moment I went inside, as I saw a terrifying scene. The Angel and his friend were teasing my mother. Tae made glasses fall on the ground which made my mother groan in anger.

I placed my hands on my mouth when I saw Kookie shushing me.

Can’t my mother see them?

She kept cursing whenever something breaks or goes wrong. I felt the door of the house open behind me, so I turned quickly and saw my father entering. My mother, on the other hand, was still groaning in frustration.

My father pushed my shoulder to pass me by then looked at the mess the kitchen was in, as he rubbed his hair angrily, “What’s going on here?”

Tae paused what he was doing and looked at my father without saying a word. Kookie followed him by pausing but after dropping one last thing which freaked my mother, making her jump as she pointed at the utensils, saying “See! This is what’s happening. I have no idea what’s going on.”

Dad moved towards me then pushed me inside the kitchen almost making me stumble on Tae, but luckily I was able to stop right in front of him. He was taller than me so I couldn’t make eye contact which I thank God for. I really didn’t want to see him pitying me.

“Clean this up,” my father said, eyeing the kitchen then looked at my mom, proceeding “Let’s go to sleep. It’s past 3 am already.” He intertwined his hands with hers then left. I guess to their room.

I sighed and started to clean up the mess both those stupid Angels did. While doing that I would hear Tae trying to say something behind me, but he keeps stopping himself midway. I knew he wanted to apologize, but I really didn’t need his sympathy. Moments later, I felt them leave the kitchen, so I continued cleaning and went back to my room.

Both the Angel and his friend were in my room, so I just ignored them and walked towards my bed, uttering “I need to sleep please don’t make more mess. I have school early in the morning.”

Taehyung kept looking at me weirdly which grabbed my attention then he pointed to the corner of his lips, saying “You have a bruise there.”

I rolled my eyes, ignoring his remark and went under the covers, murmuring, “It’s not the first time. Let me sleep, can you?”

Yeah! It’s nothing new to me. It’s been like that since forever, so why did I ever expect things to change? With or without Angels by my side, things will stay the same, and that’s why I need the Devil himself to help me get rid of this ugly life I’m living.

However, out of nowhere, I felt Taehyung standing beside my bed, so I slightly removed the cover, making eye contact with him and he said, “Wait, I can heal-”

I don’t need your damn sympathy, so I brushed off his hand which was about to land on my bruised lip as I warned him, “Don’t heal it.”

They suddenly disappeared from my sight in a split of a second which caught me by surprise.

That’s better. Now I can finally sleep in peace.

Next morning, I woke up hearing the alarm ringing, so I extended my arm to turn it off. I sat on the bed looking around me. Looks like they still didn’t come back.

I made my daily routine then went to dress up for school. It took me less than 10 minutes to be ready. I left the house without telling my parents. I usually avoid them because if they did see me, they’ll just look for anything to lash at me for.

I walked to school and like usual those weird looks I’m used to. Yeah! I see everyone looking at the bruise. I know that they know about my parents, and I also know what the reason is behind them not trying to approach me.

Their lovely parents warned them from being close to me. Not because they think I am a delinquent but because they are afraid that their children might as well be treated the same way as me. I don’t blame them though.

When it was lunch time, I took my bag, and on my way to go to the rooftop, I met my nosy teacher, “Again? Is it them!” his eyes were focused on the bruise.

I nodded and was about to leave, but decided to ask him something, “Teacher! can I please ask you for a favour?”

His eyes sparkled as he replied to me, “Yes sure anything for you.”

I played with my earlobe a little embarrassed that I’m going to take that spark from him by my harsh words, but I’m really out of options, “Can you not interfere with my life? And can you stop pitying me because it’s useless? It just makes me feel uncomfortable.”

He scratched the back of his neck, looking disappointed, “I’m sorry Yoongi. I’ll try to help you-”

“No need. You’ll just make things worse,” I said and left him as I went to eat.

Time started to pass by faster, one class after another till the day ended. I went to my part-time jobs. Yes, job(s). I have 2 of them, one as a delivery guy, and the second is at a gas station.

After finally finishing my last delivery and left the restaurant, I looked at my watch while sighing, seeing the time, “Its midnight already.”

It didn’t take me long to reach my house, but when I entered the house I wondered where the Angels are. However, I went to my father first like usual to give him the money I had from today’s work. I took out the money then gave them to him, but he looked at me pissed.

He raised his eyebrow at me, questioning which made me shiver in my place. “That’s it?” he said so I nodded hesitantly afraid that he might snap at me. “You think I’m stupid. Where did you put the rest of the money ha?” he continued.

He stood up then started searching me. I want him to stop acting like a son of a bitch and start acting like a real father. He suddenly held my collar, pushing me harshly to the wall.

I can’t feel the floor underneath me, so I held his hand which was holding my collar with both my hands trying to breathe while struggling to say, “I swear this is all I’ve got from today. There weren’t a lot of people coming by the gas station, and there were 3 deliveries cancelled.”

He threw me on the floor and was about to continue hurting me but something out of the ordinary happened.


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