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7- The Final Scene


Since that time Taehyung saw the human’s parents abusing him, he started acting weird. What happened? What have I missed? I don’t really understand what’s wrong with Taehyung which pisses me off.

Tae told me to stay invisible for the time being, so I did. I have no other choice, do I?


When the human finally went to sleep after carefully scanning his room, maybe looking for us. I wonder why I feel like I can relate to him. If one day I was unable to see Taehyung, I will really feel down. I think that’s worse than my eternity of torture.

Oh shit! I need to get rid of those stupid thoughts. Sho sho. Kookie positive mood on. Taehyung is not going anywhere, and he will never leave you no matter what.

My thoughts were distracted by the soft short laugh Taehyung gave out. I directed my gaze to him, who was sitting on the floor in front of the human’s bed.

Tae! He seems genuinely happy, but what happened to the-


I watched him as I noticed that he was just manipulating the human’s dream which for some reason made the Devil be replaced by another being whom I’m not familiar with.

I kept watching him then decided to take a sneak peek inside the boy’s dream and see what Taehyung was exactly doing there.

However, I widened my eyes when I saw the scene in front of me. The human’s father was holding something- A belt- I guess! As he said, “You brat.” The man swung the belt and was about to hit the human, but Tae transformed the belt into a snake which moved and squeezed the man’s arm.

He kept screaming in pain, but the snake didn’t stop by just crashing his arm as it also bit the man. And here I thought the Devil disappeared, how stupid of me! To be honest, I laughed at the scene, but I stopped the moment I looked back at the Human.

He looks a little bit younger. Did this happen before? Is this just a dream or is it based on reality?

I pulled myself out of the human’s nightmare and just kept watching Tae, who was still smiling like a fool as if he was having fun playing with a marionette.

Come to think about it, I’ve never seen Taehyung interact with humans before, but again for some reason, I feel jealous that he is giving that human so much attention.

Taehyung kept giving the human different types of dream all night long, but mostly they were really happy dreams. He sometimes even exposed some parts of heaven. That made me feel bitter towards the human. Taehyung never ever showed me anything, yet here he is showing that creature the unknown.

After a few hours, the human woke up to go to school, but like he did yesterday, his eyes kept scanning the place, waiting for Taehyung to show up. Yeah, Taehyung. I’m sure he isn’t waiting for ME to show up, as if.


For some odd reason, both Taehyung and I followed the human to his school which made me wonder as I asked Tae, “Taehyung, what are you doing?”

“Following the human,” he lazily replied, his eyes were fixated on the human. Oh! Seriously, I want to snap that human’s head and keep Tae’s devil mood always on.

I tried to cool myself, saying “Yeah, I can see that, but what’s that for?” Give me a good reason, please. You are slowly torturing me.

“I need to make sure of something,” he smirked, as he fastened his pace, passing me by.

What is it? Agrh. I’m annoyed and if he doesn’t give me a damn reason right now, I’ll probably end up pulling off something stupid.

“Speak up!” I said as I pulled his hand to look at me, of course after I almost ran to catch up to him.

“You want to honestly know why I’m doing this!” he raised an eyebrow at me, as I nodded vigorously, showing how keen I am on understanding, so he continued, “There is something that I don’t grasp. If he is one of God’s sons then that means that God is protecting him, but- why are his parents like that then?”

Huh! More mystery! “What are God’s sons?” I asked confused as hell.

“Hmm! I’ll tell you when we reach Yoongi’s class first.”

I accepted then followed Tae and Yoongi for a while- Oh that’s his name! Yoongi.

“Now tell me,” I said the moment Yoongi set a foot inside his classroom.

Taehyung sighed. I know I’m being nosy and annoying and probably so many other things, but I’m seriously frustrated because I can’t understand a thing you do since you came to Earth.

“Those who are really close to God are called God’s sons, and the only reason why there isn’t an Angel on our back is because of Yoongi’s strong pure aura except that it’s not really pure. Something I can’t really figure out,” he replied as he huffed some air and kicking an imaginary thing with his foot.

“I still don’t quite understand.”

“Our evil aura is cancelled because of his pure aura, is this better?” Taehyung slightly yelled at me.

“YAH! Don’t yell at me, and Yeah I understood, but still why are you concerned for his wellbeing if we already succeeded in hiding?” I frowned at him as I crossed my arms, trying to look a little angry.

However, he flicked the space between both my eyebrows, making my frown get exchanged by a hiss. He smiled and said, “You know how curious I am, and to be honest it’s fun.” He ended his words with a wink.

That damn Devil really scared the shit out of me. I seriously thought that the Devil changed, but guess what! Just as devilish as always.

But that fun he was speaking about, lead us to follow Yoongi-


I sighed loudly, grabbing Tae’s attention, as I said, “When is he planning on going to his house?”

The moment I said those words, I received a hit on the head from Tae, “Stop whining” He said.

And FINALLY, Yoongi went to his house at-

The MID-damn-NIGHT


He went to his so-called father and gave him some money, but the man looked upset, not satisfied with the amount. What is wrong with that guy?

I looked at Taehyung, as I felt an immense amount of evil aura, emitting from beside me. “Hey! Calm down the Angels will find us-” I whispered, but my eyes widened, seeing the change. “Your eyes! Taehyung this isn’t good, stop.”

“STOP HURTING HIM,” A loud growl was heard, making everyone in the room turn their attention towards the sudden appearance of an unknown creature.

Damn it! Now they see you. Sigh. I did the same as Tae which is removing the invisible line between me and them.

The three of them, Yoongi, his father and mother, looked at both Tae and I. It took both his mother and father a moment before their mind grasped the situation in front of them.

“What are you?” Said Yoongi’s father with a shaky voice and moving few and slow steps backwards, trying to keep as much distance as possible between him and Taehyung.

Yes, Tae just released his wings for show. His long now black wings are filling the little space inside this small house.

Yoongi stood up but lowered his gaze. What’s with him! He should be happy because the ‘Angel’ showed up. However, I am not because this is so out of character. Taehyung what are you doing?

Tae’s voice was loud and full of anger when he said, “Don’t you dare talk, or I will take away your voice, sight and all your senses. Heaven is shaking in anger because of your inappropriate acts.”

Yoongi’s father sat on his knees as he begged Taehyung, saying, “Please, please! Don’t I’m sorry- what should I do to-”

He suddenly sighed then stood up with a smug face. What’s with him? I have way too many questions damn it.

“White” the father spoke, making a ‘huh!’ sound leave both Taehyung’s mouth and me which made him continue, probably to explain "Angel’s wings are white, but yours are black which means you are the devil” he turned his gaze towards me, saying “and let me guess you are his dog”

I crossed my arms pissed as I said, correcting him, “I don’t mean to disappoint you, but I am a Demon, not a dog.”

However, his annoying facial expression didn’t change, “Demons are dogs in Human words because they are loyal to their master.” He ended his words with an intentional smirk directed to me.

That bastard seriously. I looked at Tae, reminding him, “sorry Tae, but looks like this is the last scene in this play.”

Tae ignored me and just kept his frowning face directed at the human’s father, “how did you know?”

A disgustingly sarcastic laugh echoed in my ears, coming from the father, replying Tae “I’m God’s son, so sure thing I-” but-

He was cut off by Tae who suddenly appeared a few inches away from him with anger clouding his mind, allowing his eyes to glow in front of the none worthy human, saying “don’t you dare say that you are God’s son because they are pure good, but you, on the other hand, are pure evil.”

Why is this man so fearless? This doesn’t make any sense.

“So do you want me to really stop hurting him?” the man asked receiving a yes from Taehyung, continuing, “make me rich, and I’ll stop.”

Taehyung narrowed his eyes at the human, saying “you want to make a deal with the Devil?”

“Yeah! So want the deal or not!”

Tae scoffed, put away his wings and turned around, muttering “Nah! I’m not interested to deal with a Human, like you.”

“Fine then I don’t know why you are here, but if you don’t want to give me what I want, I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing for long.”

Tae looked around the room, seeing a couch and slammed his body on it, looked at Yoongi’s dad while faking a smile, “Okay! And I’ll keep staying here.”

Yoongi’s father blew hot air and went to his room along with his wife, leaving the 3 of us in the living room.

The human walked towards Taehyung and crossed his arms, saying “Are you really the Devil?” Taehyung replied him with a smirk, making Yoongi leave to his room as well.

“Taehyung!” I called out his name, making him look at me as I asked, “Why did you not accept the deal? It’s the easiest thing to do.”

“Because if I accepted, they won’t be God’s sons anymore. Remember Kookie I am the Devil.”

I widened my eyes in shock, not because his words didn’t just make sense, but because he was being extra careful.

He is smart too.

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