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8- The Evil


When I finished my conversation with Jungkook, I followed Yoongi to his room. He sat on his bed, stared at the floor for a second before biting his lower lip and look up at me, saying “Why did you lie?”

“I’m the Devil,” should I really make him believe that one of the Devil’s characteristics is lying?

“Why did you show yourself?” he continued asking.

“Because I’m the Devil,” I’ll never tell him the real reason.

“Then why did you get angry at my parents?” his questions didn’t stop yet, damn it!

“Because you did nothing wrong,” it’s the truth, I shrugged internally.

“But you aren’t an Angel” He raised an eyebrow at me, maybe waiting for an explanation which I won’t give.

“What does this have to do with Angels?” I rolled my eyes.

“They protect!” he shrugged his shoulders, showing as if it’s something obvious.

“No, they don’t. Who told you so?” I protested.

“I used to go to a temple when I was young!”

I snorted at him since I remembered how he couldn’t differentiate between an Angel and the Devil just by the color of our wings, so I mocked him, saying “looks like they didn’t teach you well.”

He crossed his arms with a little cute frown on his face, saying “And why is that?”

“Because you couldn’t recognize my wings as your parents did.”

“Why did you show yourself?”

“I said because I’m the Devil.”

“But this isn’t an answer,” He whined.

I know, and I won’t give you the bloody answer. “And I’m not obligated to answer you,” I replied to him.

At that moment, Jungkook came into the room, so I averted my look from Yoongi to Jungkook, but I heard a sarcastic laugh from Yoongi which made me look back at him, as he said, “now I understand why you had that bratty attitude.”

Jungkook gasped, hearing what Yoongi said, “did I just hear him call the Devil a brat!”

I faked a smile and looked at Jungkook, saying “Yeah! He just did, and I think I’ll have to ask you to torture him well in Hell.”

“I’ll do my best don’t worry.”

“Wah! Do you torture people?” Yoongi’s confused voice echoed in the room grabbing our attention.

Jungkook crossed his arms, looking proud as he raised his chin high “Yeah! I do,” he paused then continued, “wanna try?”

Yoongi gave a disgusted look, saying “No thanks,” and looked back at me, asking “Can you now tell me your real reason for being here?”

I rubbed my temples in annoyance but decided to shut him up by giving him some peace of my mind. “I seriously don’t have to explain anything, but I’ll do just to make you stop annoying me. 1st I am the Devil. 2nd kookie is a Demon. 3rd I am hiding from the Angels 4th why!”

I sighed before continuing, “Because I broke out of my eternal prison because of something I did in the past. They just want to put me back in there, and as you can see I don’t wanna go back.”

Confusion took over Yoongi’s facial expressions, he scrunched his nose and furrowed his eyebrows, saying “You were what? Locked! But does this mean that everything evil happening on Earth isn’t your fault? How is that even possible?”

Okay! Now I am the confused one. What does this even mean? Do they know what I did? No. I’m sure that everything was erased even my real name.

I looked at Jungkook, hoping for an explanation to come out of his mouth. “I don’t understand,” I said, waiting for his help.

“The humans keep cursing the Devil for every bad thing that happens to them on a daily basis and pray to ‘God’ for help waiting for some ‘Angels’ to save them from the ‘evil’ which is technically you.”


“Thanks so much for explaining and for reminding me of how ‘evil’ I am,” I turned my gaze towards Yoongi, continuing “and yeah humans are stupid.”

Evil- that’s what he also told me back then. Evil. It sounds like just a word, but it’s a powerful one because it strips someone of his freedom.

As Yoongi was laying his body on his bed, he said, “I have to sleep since I have school and work tomorrow so don’t make any problems until I come back.”

After finally, he went to sleep, both Kookie and I walked outside the human’s room, meeting his mother on our way, who kept eyeing me, saying “Are you really the Devil!”

At first, I thought that I’ll just ignore her presence and pass her by, but her words made me stop to reply her, saying “Why! You know I can give you a ride to hell right now to let you make sure,” I smirked at her.

“No thanks. I just got surprised because you look hot AF.”

I made an O sound out of surprise. To be honest, her words caught me off guard “Why! Do you want something?” I said in a low tone voice.

Kookie leaned towards my ears, placed his hand on his mouth and whispered, “I think she needs a good fuck that’s all.”

“Oh! Do you think so?” I whispered back.

“Maybe! It’s just a guess,” He shrugged his shoulder and back to stand properly beside me.

“Is there something wrong?” The woman asked, giving us a confused and worried look.

I forced a smile at her and said, trying to brush the topic off “nothing it’s just Devil’s talk. You can leave now.”

She walked away and both kookie and I walked to the living room. I sighed as I saw the father sitting there- hmm he doesn’t even deserve the word father.


That cursed human who is entitled as Yoongi’s father put down a cup he was holding on the table which was in front of the couch he was sitting on and said, “Oh! Hello there, mister Devil and his dog.”

Taehyung, just ignore him. Don’t bother yourself. He is just a typical annoying human whom I will have to deal with for time being since I’m staying for who knows how long.

“Can I kill him?” Jungkook directed his question at me in an attempt to get rid of that THING sitting on the DAMN-


I need to calm down before I snap his head and eat it even though I don’t eat humans.

“You can’t kill him, but you are allowed to torture him,” I replied Jungkook, thinking that it might scare the human a little, but guess what he didn’t even flinch when I glanced at his reaction.

“Good thing you know you can’t kill me because only two people can’t help hide you.”

“Huh! Hide? What are you talking about?” That guy is really full of himself, thinking that I’m hiding here because of his strong ‘pure’ aura which in fact I’m not, it’s all his ancestors’ doings, not his.

He cockily held his cup and took a sip while saying, “I heard you talking with Yoongi.”

I rolled my eyes seeing the back of my head. He is on another level of annoyance, Yoongi is seriously so innocent compared to him.

Out of frustration, I took kookie and left the house before an atomic bomb burst that guy’s head. We walked, but not far away since we wanted to stay inside the strong aura perimeter

“Taehyung! You know you have a lot to explain right?” Kookie spoke.

I know I owe you a lot of explanation. I hummed, saying “Yeah I do, but you know what, I don’t care because now I remembered something important.”

“What is it?” he asked in anticipation.

I stopped walking as I looked at him, making him stop too. “I am the Devil,” my eyes glowed, continuing, “I am the strongest,” I licked my lips not stopping yet, “Humans are a lot. I’ll feed off of their evilness.”

He taught me a lot. Now I will use what he taught me-

Angels are pure, Demons are sinful, but Devils are evil; they feed off of evilness.

Creating a Devil wasn’t something God wanted, so I am the only Devil. He gave a name to something he didn’t even create, but after thinking, it looks like the Devil was the second creature to be created.

He made a mistake, and I’ll make sure to prove to him that calling me the Devil for eternity is the worst choice he has ever made.

“Do you want to go see some evil?” Kookie said while licking his lips out of excitement.

“You know a place?” I questioned

“I know a lot of places. This isn’t my first time on Earth.”

“I’m honestly confused, but I trust you so lead the way.”

Both of us teleported somewhere which held an enormous evil aura that I think overshadowed my own.

Kookie came closer to me, whispering in my ears, “this is called a club. People come here to sin which is sort of evil.”

I inhaled loudly, as I closed my eyes, taking in the atmosphere, “this smells so good.”

I think if I feed on all of this, it will probably give me strength that can make me suppress my evil power for a week or two.

It took me to take all the evilness about 5 minutes or less, but something strange happened-

People started to panic and rush out of the so-called club, making me look at Kookie in confusion and waited for an answer, but I was met by his loud sarcastic laugh.


“I think you just purified their souls from all the evil, so they became a little bit pure.”


Isn’t that supposed to be a bad thing!


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