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9- The Pervert


“Should I call you mister Devil or should I call you by your name?”

“I prefer Tae.”

Yoongi made an O shape with his mouth, continuing with his questions “so do you eat?”


“Hmm- do you sleep?”


“Then how did you waste time in Hell?”

I rolled my eyes, replying “Like seriously that’s the only thing which is bothering you!”

“Calm down! I was just trying to be friends with you.”

I sighed, reminding him “Friends with me! Kid, do you even know who you are talking to? I.am.the.Devil. I understand that you wanted to meet me since long time ago but that’s unhealthy. You should ask an angel to help you instead.”

My words were followed by a gasp coming out of Yoongi, who seemed surprised. “How did you know?” he asked.

“I can go into dreams and manipulate them,” I shrugged innocently.

“Oh! Okay. I know you are the Devil and everything but please don’t give me more nightmares; I have enough of them already.”

I throw the onion I was holding at him which made contact with his face, making him hiss and close his eyes from the stinging pain “I’m the one who is trying to stop them dumb ass and for the record WHY ON EARTH AM I PEALING ONION WITH YOU?”

Yoongi grinned cutely, making me roll my eyes. “You were the one who suggested to help me,” He said.

I tried to recall what happened earlier as I remembered him going work and yeah for sure I followed him along with Jungkook, who is whining now by the way-

“I can’t believe that I am sitting here with a Devil and a Human and above all that PEELING ONION. Why did I even accept in the first place?”

I ignored him as I continued to remember. AH! I said earlier that I’ll help him and Jungkook won’t allow himself to watch me help Yoongi without helping too even though it was against his will.


That’s my cute Kookie. I looked at him, saying “I said earlier that we’ll help him.”

“Still this doesn’t justify the fact that I’m peeling onions with the two of you.”

He sounds annoyed but looks actually pleased with the fact that he is being around me. I know Kookie quiet well, so I hit his head, saying “don’t complain my loyal dog.” I playfully stuck out my tongue at him.

His eyes rolled. I saw that you dumb ass.

“Can you stop with this dog talk? I’m already struggling to hold myself from hurting that man for calling me by it.”

Suddenly, Yoongi stopped what he was doing and looked at Jungkook with a weird expression, saying, “why are you holding yourself back? Just hurt him.”

Both Jungkook and I halted almost dropping both the onion and the knife in our hands, confused from Yoongi’s words.

He noticed that, continuing “if you want to kill him, then do it.” He directed the next words at me, saying “if you already looked inside my nightmares that means that you know how I feel.”

After a moment of silence and a staring contest, he broke it “I won’t stop you.”

I won’t allow you to fall victim to your darkness. You are a good kind and what you are saying now, will slowly turn you to an evil human. Something I don’t want.

I put down what was in my hands and got up, brushed off the dust from my clothes and said, “I don’t want you to have any regrets so neither Jungkook nor I will hurt him.”

“I won’t have any regrets so don’t feel guilty and just do it-”

“Guilty!” My eyes glowed in anger. His family only showed him how to be evil, but not how to be good. Like that he’ll surrender to his dark half. I looked down on him since I was standing, and he was still sitting on the floor, continuing “Just keep on waiting for his death.”

Yoongi sighed and went back to peeling onions, saying “looks like I’ll wait for a long time then.”

Not long. Just keep waiting.

Jungkook stood up, and we were about to leave, but Yoongi’s voice stopped us, “where are you two going?”

“We have things to do.”

He lowered his voice, mumbling but enough for me to hear, “yeah yeah running away.” He faked a smile and continued speaking normally, “okay see you later.”

I don’t want to make him befriend the Devil. I need to promise myself that.

Both Jungkook and I left the kitchen of the place the human was working at and yeah we were both invisible to all humans.

I have no idea why the hell did I cut my hair for if I was just gonna keep going around being invisible. Sorry, my poor hair.

“What was that about back there?” Jungkook asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, replying “Nothing! I just didn’t want to give him hope.”

“What kind of hope are you talking about!? Tae you are confusing me.”

Believe me kookie, I am confused myself.

“If I kill his father, Yoongi will be free.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“I don’t want that.”

“But why! Is it because you are the Devil and that’s how you want souls to be tortured?”

I slapped his arm then hit his head since I didn’t feel much satisfaction from the mere slap, saying “Aish! You only think about torturing and nothing else. Listen! I want him to grow stronger by struggling. Maybe and it’s just a maybe that I’ll help him.” I ruffled my hair, annoyed of my own words.

“Ooohh! The Devil will help a human. That’s new!” He wiggled his eyebrows at me, mockingly which made me laugh.

“If a Human passing by heard this conversation, sure thing he’ll be confused,” He stated, so I playfully glared at him to stop.

The myth will change. The almighty Devil saved a Human, but if I killed his father, the Devil killed the poor kid’s father. I don’t want people to pity that man. He deserves to die. Not only him but also that woman.

“Hey, kook! Do you wanna do something fun?” I asked.

He grinned and while licking his lips in anticipation, he said “what kind of fun?”

I rolled my eyes as I saw his eyeballs change color to black, giving signals of lust. That Demon really is on another level of pure evil. “The one you are surely thinking of right now,” I said and walked ahead of him.

Both of us went to Yoongi’s house and as expected his mother was there-


“So, so let me try something new like maybe let’s exchange her hands with her legs,” Jungkook started off and laughed at his own words.

I looked at him in utter disgust. “No that’s not it. I’ll try something better,” I paused and looked at the woman, who was standing in the balcony, maybe watching the view “I’ll seduce her.” I smirked and turned to look at Jungkook.

He jerked his head certainly confused, saying, “You are gonna what? Seduce her?” he pointed at Yoongi’s mother, continuing “Tae that’s not how you do-”

I pushed down Jungkook’s finger with my hand and placed mine on his lips, shushing him “shush don’t say anything. I want to make her into a sinner. That new name will sound good on her, and I want to make that man’s life a living hell, so why not start it off by taking away his woman!”

Jungkook’s eyes kept flickering with excitement, “oh man I’m getting excited by the mere thought of seeing her husband lashing out at her.” He aggressively turned me around but pushed me lightly from behind towards her direction, “go go I’ll be watching.”

I rolled my eyes, saying “pervert.”

“Says the guy who is on his way to seduce a woman,” he stuck out his tongue at me the moment I turned to look at him, making me ball my fist and say “I’ll make sure to cut that tongue of yours” I grinned, continuing “DOG.”

I giggled as I heard him curse behind me. What an adorable Demon!

I removed the invisible cloak, cleared my throat and raised my hand, saying “Hi.”

She turned shocked, placing her hand on her racing heart “Oh God! You scared me.”

“I assure you that I’m not God”

I changed my eye’s color to match my hair, red, then walked towards her. I heard her heartbeat fastening with every step I take in her direction. When I reached her, I leaned to her ear level, whispering, “how about trying something with me?”

Her breathing hitched as she said, “What are you exactly talking about?”

I widened my eyes and suddenly excitement rushed through my body and in a split of a second, I teleported us in her room, and we both landed on her bed.

She was underneath me. I slowly leaned towards her, but-

But the excitement faded away when a hand met my face- She slapped me. She-

Kookie gasped behind me, quickly removed his invisible shell and came to me.

“I didn’t know the Devil is a pervert too. I’ll add that to his never-ending list of evil deeds.”


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