Fire On Fire

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He chuckled and sat up, leaned in and brushed a strand of hair out of my face. He moved his face closer and whispered in my ear. "Trust me mi Cielo, if we wouldn't be sitting right now" A 23 year old girl named Ava gets dragged into a world full of magical creatures and beasts. She ends up falling for a man-a beast, at times it feels like his flames are too hot to handle but Ava is convinced she can tame his wild heart and He's convinced he can light up a spark in her that she had lost a very long time ago. But with all these things, come challenges they must learn to face together. Learn how love burns, bites and even freezes in this steamy whirlwind adventure.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One- Do I Really need this job?

"Noooo" I grumbled as the menacingly familiar sound blared from the alarm clock on my bedside table. I grumbled even louder and pushed the pillow further down on my ears. Trying to savor what little sleep I had left.

Annoyed I got up eventually deciding that "The bills aren't going to pay themselves," I scoffed as an image of a stack of bills growing arms and legs and paying itself, somehow, played in my mind "You're really not okay, " I noted to myself while I got dressed.

It was 5:30 pm. My shift started at 6 pm at the pizza hut I worked for. Not sparing any time to eat I grabbed my car keys (company car) and headed out.

Fixing the rear view mirror I caught a glimpse of my reflection. Tired brown eyes stared back at me. My cheeks were flushed and my brown shoulder length hair was all tangled up in some weird bun that now looked like a spider. As I drove down the road I wasn't shocked to see just how dark it had gotten.

"Well, it IS winter, " I mumbled.

I cranked up the volume on the radio. I stopped at a traffic light, patiently waiting my turn. Even though there was literally no one on the road. I kept my eyes trained on the road but something tugged at my attention from the corner of my eye. Just for good measure I locked the car doors before turning my head in that direction.

I was met with a pair of steely eyes and my breath hitched. A tall man in armor stood at the side of the road. His face was grim and his hand resting on what seemed to be the hilt of a sword. I was instantly transfixed by his stature, his eyes, everything. He kept his eyes trained on me even when the light turned green. I snapped back into reality.

I started driving but my eyes never left his, as if he had hypnotized me...

As if he had put a spell on me.

I arrived at work and breathed out a sigh of relief I didn't even know I had been holding. When I did the air seemed to grow cold, extremely cold.

"What the-" I grumbled "Didn't even bring a coat" maybe you've noticed but I'm always grumbling about something.

I tolerated work just fine throughout the rest of the night.

I arrived home exhausted and hungry as hell. I flopped onto the bed, tossing my shoes and shirt aside as I fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

I was awoken by the sound of someone calling my name. I sat upright, heart hammering in my chest.

I didn't have any family members.

I lived alone.

Slowly, with shaky hands I reached out for my phone, as I was about to dial the emergency number I heard it again. A lot closer this time. Although it was the voice of a complete stranger I felt at peace when I heard it. The voice called out again softly, sounding melodic.


Fighting against my natural instinct I followed the voice.

It took me downstairs into a room I almost never entered. My hand faltered at the door knob...

The door to my parents room.

After the accident...

I had recreated the room, just like it was.

Slowly I turned the door knob and peaked inside. Everything was as it was before, so I opened the door a little wider. Noting to switch the light on.

I heard the voice again.

Slowly, I walked towards the mirror. At this point I was pretty sure I was going crazy

"Ava, dear" a warm voice spoke from the floor length mirror near the bed. Too shocked to reply, I slowly reached out to touch the mirror.

Just as my fingers brushed over the cool glass...

The lights flickered and I gasped!

Rattled, I turned to look up at the dead light bulb. The room was flooded with darkness. I started backing away slowly.

Cold icy fingers wrapped themselves around my wrist. I screamed twisting and trying to get free as I fell to the ground.

That same voice called out to me but this time it was filled with venom. A darkness I couldn't begin to comprehend. Screaming louder I twisted harder and tried to get my arm free. No matter how hard I tried the hand wouldn't let go.

I was slowly dragged into the mirror, kicking and screaming.

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