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Nicole an 18-year-old, newbie adult. She has a secret, Little Nicole here is what you would call a "Little". She is in the DDLG Community. But what will happen to her when she goes out into the real world in her "little space" to get some food? Will she be made fun of? Will she find someone who will take care of her. Will she find a Dom? Or will she be the big girl she is and not care what other people say about her "little side".? Read more to find out what happens.

Fantasy / Romance
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Meeting New People

Chapter 1

Meeting New People

Nicole’s POV

*Has Tv playing* I was watching Paw Patrol when my belly growled. -I’m hungry- I think to myself. So I get up and go to the kitchen, to see if I have any snacks left. -Whaat? I don’t- I think. So I get my house keys and I head to the store.

As I was walking to the store to get myself food because I don’t have what I want. But as I continue walking, someone bumps into me! Causing me to fall on my bum and I start to cry, feeling myself fall deep into little space.

I pull my knees up to my chest and wrap my arms around my knees and cry. “Hey, hey, Sweety what’s wrong?” I hear someone say to me. I just keep sniffling and whimpering. I feel someone lift my chin up with their finger.

“Baby girl, what’s wrong?” I looked up to see a 6’3” tan-ish man with dark green eyes. -He kinda looks like a biker person.- I sniffle, “y-you made me f-fall m-mister,” I say pouting.

The big man picks me up and places me on his hip and I snuggle into him. “Aw, I’m sorry bambina. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking.

Where were you going, sweetheart?” Mr man says. I just snuggle more into him and whisper “to the s-store, 'cause I need food, ands what's your name m-mister?”

I look up at his face and he smiles down at me, “Aww, are you, hungry sweety? And my name’s Lucas, what’s your’s baby?” Lucas says.

I blush and nuzzle into him some more. He just chuckles at me and says, “Aww, come on baby girl don’t be so shy,” “Yes s-sir and I’m N-nicole” I mumble still blushing.

I feel a kiss on my forehead? -Wait-what? Mister Lucas kissed my forehead!?!- I just snuggle into him some more and more still blushing mess. “That’s a very beautiful name, Nicole. Now see was that so hard?” He chuckles.

I shake my head “no”, and slowly look up at him, admiring his face. I giggle and poke his cheek. Lucas starts to walk me to the store and chuckles when I poked his face.

“You’re so cute bambina~,” Lucas says. I blush and giggle, “No I’m not mista Luca,” I say deep in my headspace. Daddy just chuckles and walks to the store with me on his hip. -Wait-he’s not my daddy. Not yet.-

Once we got to the store, well Lucas I was still on his hip, he put me down and slipped his hand into mine. I blush and look up at him.

He smiles, “Baby, I have to put you down so we won’t get any looks, okay sweetheart?” I pout and start to whine. He just pecks my forehead, “Nicole~ don’t start pouting, now if you’re a good girl then I might buy you a new stuffie. Okay, baby? So be good for me, sweetheart.”

I nod super fast and start to swing our hands back and forth. Lucas just smiles and grabs a buggy and pushes the buggy to an aisle that I point to.

I let go of Lucas’s hand and run to go get the mac’n cheese bowls that I see. I look to Lucas chuckling and smiling pushing the buggy towards me and I throw them in the buggy.

I then turn to get some cereal, milk, chicken nuggets, chicken breast, ground beef, and some other things. When I’m done I grab Lucas’s hand again and lean into him a little tired. Lucas looks down at me and smiles, “Aww, are you tired, sweety?” Lucas says. I nod into him. He rubs his fingers on my hand and pays for the bill. I tried to protest, but I was too tired. When we exit the store I see Lucas smirking.

I tilt my head like a lost puppy and say “What do you gots Mista?”. “Oh, just a little something, for a very well-behaved little girl,” Lucas says and hands me a pink sloth with a lollipop in the hands. I giggle and hug him tightly. “Thank you! Thank you, Da-Luca!” I say super happy. I snuggle into him more and he just smiles and kisses my head again. I yawn and lean into him some more. Lucas bends down to my level, “Hey baby? I’m gonna take you over to my car, so we can take your stuff home, as you are a sleepy baby. Okay, sweetheart?” I just nod, “Otays, Mista,” I say yawning again. Lucas smiles and picks me up and carries me to his car, while I slowly fall asleep on him clinging onto him and my new stuffie Klaus.

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