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Belle was just an omega until her dirty Alpha saw her after she reached 16 and made her his sex slave. after a year she is able to run away and find a new pack as the Beta after she accidentally killed the original, Belle thought that her past was behind her but it is nowhere near over Follow the story and see how Belle has to return to her past to go forward with her life and help remove threats to the royal family

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Belle is a young 17-year-old omega in pack world they are the bottom feeders of their kind they get the worst jobs and the least food, but Belle’s life was different to most omegas she was known as the alphas whore,

It all started when belle turned 16 the alpha Christian took a fancy to Belle when he noticed that she had fully come into womanhood and had a full figure, he didn’t care that she was his sons best friend he wanted her.

The night that it started the alpha was invited to her family shack to celebrate Belle coming of age, that night he stayed the night which surprised Belle’s parents but being Omega’s they did not complain, Belle, followed her usual routine she did any homework that needed to be done read for an hour and then went to bed, she heard the door creak open as she was just drifting off to sleep, she quickly turned the light on and was surprised at who was in her doorway.

“Alpha, what may I help you with,” Belle said, confused as to why he was in her room late at night, he walked to the bed with a sinister look on his face, “I have come to notice that you have become more beautiful now that you have come of age, I have a few questions to ask you, and you will answer me honestly” he demanded in a quiet voice, Belle knew that what alpha said goes and when you are omega’s you try to please alpha more so that you don’t starve.

Belle was shaken by that statement, “Of course Alpha, what would you like to know”. They spoke that night Christian asked if Belle had feelings for his son Daniel, “God no, he may be my best friend, but I love him like a brother”, around midnight is when the demands started to come in she was ordered to be his mistress as their Luna has gotten weak with health conditions.

That’s how Belle ended up being known as the alpha’s whore it was meant to be a secret, but word got out when Alpha Christian’s eldest daughter saw them together.

It is now two weeks till Bell’s 18th birthday, and word is out that the Alpha King is on his way to meet with Alpha Christian, Belle wasn’t meant to be there when the Alpha King arrived, but she was spending time with Daniel before Alpha dragged her off to have his way with her

As she walked down the stairs of Alpha’s mansion, she noticed a car pulls up. She didn’t pay much attention to what was happening outside until she smelled that scent she had been dreaming about. People have said that you always know your mates scent form the first sniff.

Belle shook her head and continued to help Daniel get the rooms ready for the Alpha King and his entourage; Belle was getting everything together for the Alpha King’s bedroom as he had precise needs for his stay. Belle had just maid the bed when the door opened the scent was stronger than before so intense and demanding that she fainted when she woke she had a ring of men looking at her.

Thankfully the smell had calmed down that she could breathe, Daniel helped Belle up off the floor there was a bunch of men Belle didn’t know, “are you, ok love,” said one of the men, all Belle could do was look into his beautiful gold eye’s “um... What happened to me” Belle said looking around confused not knowing if he was the man she saw as she fainted, Daniel carried her to his room on the request of his father,

Belle and Daniels’s friendship was getting better after the almost two-year strain that happened when he found out that she had been forced to be Alpha’s Mistress. He brought her some water and grapes to make sure she is ok.

The door to his room opened, and Alpha came in asking if Belle was better, she nodded her head “for this weekend, I am demanding you to stay away from here while we have Alpha King visiting” Alpha stated he then looked me in the eyes “I will be at yours for our nightly truss”. Belle nodded in understanding; Belle was told to rest before heading home.

When Belle left the house that afternoon she hid from the visitors as she walked to her house, she hated being used for sex over the years she started to hate the alpha yes he treated her great her family was moved from the Omega housing section of the community to a better section but when it came to her he would constantly hit her if she didn’t suck his tiny dick how he wanted her to do it.

It got to the point that she became numb to the beating as well as used to covering her bruises so that Daniel didn’t find out before her wolf healed here, but she was a weak wolf thanks to being an omega, she use to be from an alpha family her mother said but he lost his throne to his beta’s son and with that your family loses strength our family took it really hard that our power dropped to Omega which is how Belle ended up where she is now.

Hey, Guys, this is my first publishment on anything so hopefully you guys like the first chapter I will try to upload weekly


Rachel O’Sullivan

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