Misha the Beast Tamer.

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A Micah's beach spinoff, Misha the beast tamer follows the life of King Luca's daughter, Misha. Misha believes that she is destined to be more than just a Princess. She yearns for her freedom and her independance. She gets the chance when a man named Bourdon offers her a place at the beast tamer academy. Her father is apprehensive, but with a little convincing she was given permission to become a student at the academy. Before she leaves she learns the story of Micah's beach and that she is not the biological daughter of Luca, but of his guard, Sir Tristan Conri. She also learns of the relationship shared between King Luca and her Uncle Stefan. They are lover's and Stefan is not her uncle. She learns that she was named after her father's first true love, Micah. She soon discovers that Sir Tristan Conri, belonged to an ancient bloodline of werewolves and their blood runs through her veins. With the help of a familiar trio of vampires, she gets the chance to meet her other family.

Fantasy / Romance
Emery A Oswilde
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Chapter 1

My name is Princess Misha, daughter to King Luca and Lady Annika, and the twin sister of Prince David. I live in a kingdom near the rolling blue waves of a vast ocean and the darkened edges of blackened cliffs. Surrounded by a dangerous reef. Many ships have fallen victim to its hidden rocks. Nonetheless it is my home, it's the only home I've ever known.

My brother David and I were born on this day Thirteen years ago. My mother would tell me that having twins was an unexpected surprise. My mother doesn't live with us in the castle as she is no longer married to my father. She remarried 2 years ago, to a nobleman named Elbi. She lives in a grand mansion situated on a large piece of land with lush green grass and endless paddocks of sheep, and a stable full of beautiful horses.

I love visiting my mother, it is a break from the castle, the endless etiquette classes and all round training me up to be a wife to a Prince. The problem is I don't want to live my life as a wife, popping out children, looking pretty and not having a say in anything I am expected to do as a Princess or future Queen.

My brother has it so much easier, he's learning everything that a Prince needs to know. Most of all he is learning how to use a sword, fight, ride horses and joust. While I am learning how to correctly hold a cup of tea, sit with my back straight and make "polite" conversation. It's torture. At least when I visit my mother, I'm allowed to help on the farm, not have to wear uncomfortable dresses, and get to be myself.

I know my Father means well, but what he wants me to be is not who I truly am.

"Misha, Misha! Are you ready?" Uncle Stefan yelled through my door.

I sighed as I stared at the strange girl in the mirror. The strange girl in a purple dress and purple flowers intertwined in her pitch black hair. That girl did not look like me.

"I'm ready Uncle Stefan." I replied forcing a happy tone to my voice.

The door opened and as soon as Uncle Stefan saw me he let out a delighted gasp.

"Ah! My beautiful Princess, you look stunning." He wrapped his arms around me, encircling me with his perfume, a sweet mix of wood and oranges, my Father's favourite.

With a tear in his eye he whispered,

" You're growing up way too fast. Please stop!"

I don't know how Uncle Stefan came to be such an important part of our lives. As far as I can remember he has always been there, by my Father's side. He helped to look after us, he was my Father's rock when times got tough.

I always thought they were brother's until a year ago when I was told they were not related. I knew they shared a strong bond, but that was it.

It was only three month's ago that I learnt why they had such a bond. I was sneaking around the castle, I couldn't sleep and decided to sneak into the library and read. I read many books, some books I shouldn't have even looked at, but I was curious.

The books I read that night had pictures and stories in them. It was on this night that I discovered a book that had pictures of two naked men kissing each other, the next chapter showed two women kissing. I couldn't read them as they were in a foreign language. But each chapter had a picture of people doing things that men and women do together but with two men and two women.

I wondered if my Father and Uncle Stefan were like these men in the pictures. It was like I was destined to discover that my Father and Stefan were a couple that night.

As I was sneaking out of the library a pair of guards were just coming around the corner. I hid in a darkened crevice, hoping they wouldn't find me.

"I see that Stefan was visiting the King's bed chamber's again tonight. Do you ever you know... hear them, when you're guarding their door?" One guard asked the second, the second guard chuckled and replied,

"Yes! I do hear them sometimes. It's like everybody knows about them, but is too afraid to say anything to anyone else. I often wonder what would happen if his kids found out, or even the wrong type of person. Do you?"

" Yes, I do worry about the children and I am scared that they will be discovered by the wrong type of person and suffer the consequence of being so careless with their relationship." The first guard said.

They disappeared down the hall before I could hear the rest of their conversation. I was in shock. I decided to not tell them I knew, I wanted to wait and see if they'd tell me and David first.

Uncle Stefan interrupted my flashback with another quick hug.

" Will you come with me, my lady? I wish to escort you to the ballroom."

Stefan said as a cheeky smile crossed his face.

I did love Uncle Stefan and he had been nothing but kind to me. So I replied with a genuine smile and offered him my hand, which he took enthusiastically.

The ballroom was full as my arrival was announced by the chorus of trumpets and the introduction of Stefan and I. I saw my Father sitting proudly in his chair with a smile brightening his face as he saw me. The next thing I know he was running through the crowd towards me, his smile growing wider as he got closer to me.

Once he finally reached me he grabbed me and lifted me up, twirled me around with ease.

"Ah! my beautiful Princess, you're almost a grown woman and so beautiful. I believe the boys will be lining up to dance with you tonight, my love. Come and sit with me, uncle Stefan and your brother then we can officially open the celebrations."

I followed them and took my place at the table with my family. My mother and Nobleman Elbi were down the furthest end, I waved to them. My mother waved back, she also had a smile on her face. Once the celebrations were opened I ran straight to her.

"Look at you, my beautiful daughter. You look so grown up, and what a beautiful dress you're wearing, and the flower's in your hair add just the right touch."

I felt my face warm up, and I replied

"Uncle Stefan chose the dress for me, and he put the flowers in my hair. He has good taste, doesn't he?"

My mother smiled, but I saw sadness in her eyes. I wonder if she knows.

"Yes, uncle Stefan does have good taste. You look like a Princess, my dear. Come and give me a hug." She replied.

The night flew past, and my Father was right, boys were lining up to dance with me. The girl's gave me jealous glances and looks of disapproval when I danced with the boy's they liked. I hated every moment. They had nothing to fear, I did not like any one of the boys who danced with me.

I finally got a break and needed to get some fresh air. I left the ballroom and climbed the tight, twisting stairs to the top of the castle. Guards were stationed everywhere. I pushed through the heavy, iron and wood door and let out a sigh of relief as I felt the cool night air touch my skin.
"Good evening, my lady." The soldiers guarding the door said in unison.
"Good Evening sirs." I replied before I walked over to the very front of the castle and looked over my Father's Kingdom.
The crash of the waves against the shore, the yellow lights of the city and the sparse fires of travelers dotted the landscape. There was only one word that I could find to describe the image in front of me; breathtaking. I breathed in the sea, and the smell of cooking and fires as the breeze teased my hair.
I stood there for a while, however my enjoyment was short lived and my serenity was interrupted by a voice.
"It's beautiful up here, isn't it My lady. You're lucky to live in such a place."
I followed the direction of the voice, saw nothing but shadows.
"Whose there? Show yourself!" As I said this my eyes caught movement and a figure emerged from the shadows.
"My name is Zachariah, my lady, but you can call me Zac."
Zac offered his gloved hand out in greeting and as I placed my hand in his, he kissed it. My face warmed.
As he came into full view, the first thing I noticed were his piercing blue eyes. They resembled the ocean on a hot cloudless day. His hair was gold like sand and almost sparkled in the light of the moon and the torches that lit the doorway. He was beautiful, and my heart fluttered. I was left speechless.
"We should really return to your birthday party, my lady. I'm sure your parent's are worried about you." He said, an impressed smile on his face. I suddenly felt embarrassed, he knew, he knew I found him beautiful.
"Uhh! Yes, we should." I turned to leave when Zac grabbed my hand.
"Will you let me escort you back, my lady? And will you save me a dance?"
I stuttered as my face started to burn,
"Yes, Zac. Id really like that."
He smiled again, grabbed my hand a led me downstairs. At least I would enjoy the dance with Zac, unlike the others.
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