I am Alpha (Book 1 of I Am series)

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17 year old Sam was walking through the woods one night with her best friend when she was attacked by a werewolf. Sam then turned into something that she never thought she would be. Later on she wants to fight for her title as alpha. But there is someone in her way, the current Alpha, Cole. They both have tempers, they’re like ticking time bombs. So what happens when they explode. Some parts include violence. Sorry there is no editing, though it eventually gets better. Trailer: https://youtu.be/PSRvEAU9qmM

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

I woke up to scratching on the window. “Sam.” There was a very familiar voice whispering from my window. “What, Zaya?” I groaned, and rolled over looking through the window, watching the rain. My house has two stories so whenever my best friend and only friend, Zaya, dragged me out of my house for another adventure, in the middle of the night. She would have to climb a ladder to get to the roof of the patio. Why do we go on adventures through the middle of the night? Well, my dad is a policeman, and way to overprotective of me, since my mother had disappeared five years ago. So Zaya and I had no choice but to go through the middle of the night. We loved to walk through the woods at night it was so peaceful and no one would disturb us. Zaya climbed through my window, as I rubbed my eyes trying to wipe away the sleepiness. “Come on, lets go.”she whispered as she pulled the blankets off of me. I sighed, “fine,” I said just above a whisper. I dragged myself out of bed and through a hoodie over my pyjama shirt then chucked some socks and joggers on while Zaya grabbed my torch. We climbed out of the window and climbed the ladder making as little sound as possible. The woods were right next to my house, we didn’t have to walk very far to get to them. It was better to go when there was rain, because it would soften up the ground and old Knick knacks would uncover themselves. Zaya and I had lots of things we had uncovered from the ground. We jumped off from the third step on the ladder, because we knew the last two creaked loudly. Zaya and I entered the woods, we walked in comfortable silence for a few minutes. I was walking behind Zaya, while she walked in front holding the torch. I heard a stick snap, I turned my head around swiftly, finding nothing. But when I turned back I couldn’t see Zaya. “Zaya, is that you?” I asked standing my ground. I had never really been scared before not even from watching horror movies, dad and Zaya always thought I was odd, from never feeling scared. So if horror movies didn’t scare me then Zaya trying to scare me constantly, trying to get the slightest squeal isn’t going to work.

There was another snap of a stick but this time it was closer. “Seriously, Zaya.” I sighed in frustration. “Look it’s not going to work, okay, I know your just trying to scare me.” I groaned and stomped away trying to find my way back to the house. “Zaya, I’m going home, goodnight,” I said annoyed. The snaps of the sticks were getting closer and closer. Something wasn’t right. “Zaya are you com-“ I said as I was cut off by a massive, ugly grey wolf that was covered in scars and missing patches of fur, attacked me. I screamed, it was the first time I had ever screamed. The wolf was tearing at the flesh on my shoulder. And then suddenly it let go. When it stepped back I could finally see its flaming orange eyes, they were glowing. It then snarled at me as I lay on the ground gripping my shoulder. The blood started to pool around me. The grey wolf growled and took of into the darkness. The pain scorched through my whole body. I couldn’t hold back the screams as my skin felt like it was on fire. After what felt like hours were probably just minutes of me screaming my lungs out. I saw a flash light, “Sam,” Zaya screamed horrified from the sight in front of her.

The pain was getting more intense. Zaya threw her jacket of and tried to hold pressure on my wound. “It...was...a...wolf,” I managed to spit out in between screams. “Shhhhh, it’s alright your going to be alright,” Zaya said sobbing. The pain intensified again, my body was shaking uncontrollably. I heard cracking of my bones and cried out. I felt my teeth become sharper, my nails elongated and turned into claws. I gripped them into the dirt. “What’s happening to me?” I screamed. “I don’t know, but you’re going to be alright. You can’t leave me. Not now not ever.” Zaya said crying. ‘Hello’ what where did that voice come from. ‘It’s alright Sam, I will explain later but right now I need you to shift, it will be painful at first but if you deny the shift you could die. Now shift.’ A voice said inside my head. I didn’t know who she was but I had to do what she was saying, I didn’t want to die. ‘You need to shift, but first tell your friend Zaya to step back . We don’t want her to get hurt.’ The voice said. “Zaya, step away from me please.” I said through gritted teeth. “Why? What’s happening?” Zaya said panicking. “Just step back,” I said trying to hold back more tears that were filling my eyes. She only just noticed my nails and stepped back sobbing. I felt and heard more cracks of my bones, they were rearranging. Unexpectedly the pain was gone, I went to stand up. As I did I noticed that now I had fur pure white fur replacing my pale skin and I also had four legs now. And I had night vision. Zaya stood there with wide eyes and her mouth was nearly dropping to the ground.

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