Traitor's Mark

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This has been the longest summer. When Nadia returns home from her hunt, she does so with a heart heavier than it was when she set out. The threat of Colin’s return looms over her head, and she worries whether or not she’ll be strong enough to defeat him. Even though she's fully recovered, Riley is still plagued by nightmares from her time held captive by the rogue wolves. When Colin begins his exposure of the supernatural world, she must struggle with her problems while battling a psychotic mage. Aided by old friends and new, Riley and Nadia must fight harder than ever to protect their home.

Fantasy / Other
A.M. Clay
4.8 5 reviews
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The Beginning

“The truth is this,

Every monster you have met

Or will ever meet,

Was once a human being

With a soul

That was as soft

And light

As silk.

Someone stole

That silk from their soul

And turned them into this.

So when you see

A monster next,

Always remember this.

Do not fear

The thing before you.

Fear the thing

That created it


—Nikita Gill

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