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This is a collection of Short Stories of which originated from different Writing prompts. Some are a chapter long and some are shorter than a chapter and most are a mixture of different genres..

Fantasy / Mystery
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The Old Railroad

Every night at the same time just five minutes before midnight I keep hearing a sound of a train, but the railway closed a year ago. I ignored it the first few days, thinking it was my mind playing tricks on me because of an exhausting day.

But it kept on happening for almost a week now and every time when I woke up and looked outside there was nothing there, just silence. So I decided tonight I will stay up and when the sound comes again, I will be ready and will finally understand what is going on outside. So fifteen minutes before midnight I waited near the front door. Earlier I had a few cups of coffee to keep me awake just in case I fell asleep. I had my phone with me as well to record anything that might happen. The remaining five minutes to midnight seemed like it would never arrive, so I got up and open the door and stood outside.

Everything seems quiet, there was nobody in the streets, a quietness has settled on the neighbourhood and I could hear only the sounds of crickets. It felt like time was dragging on until I heard the sound again. It came from a distance near the old railroad. It seems like a light was coming from that direction. I left the front gate, followed the sound towards the strange light and as I walked closer, I could perceive that most of the light was showing from an actual train but this train wasn't your ordinary train for one it was translucent.

Is it a phantom train? It couldn't be a ghost train, could it? Here, of all places. This can't be happening, this is a dream, and this is all happening in my head. But something vibrated in my pocket, it was my phone the alarm that I have set for midnight went off. If this was a dream, then my phone wouldn't be in it.

So I investigated further and went to the railroad. If this is an actual ghost train, then I need to capture this and let everyone see what is going on. But will it work? I can't take a picture, what if it doesn't come out right, maybe a video will work? So I pull out my phone and recorded this strange phenomenon. But I was too far away and couldn't get a good quality video, I needed to get nearer.

As I came nearer, I got to see everything the train was standing still and I could see that there was movement inside even though it was transparent. Something was moving to the front entrance, and for a second I could almost see people in there. How could this be? Where did this train come from? Since there weren't any reports of an accident that happened here recently, even if there was it must have been years ago. But why is this happening now?

If the train is haunting the railroad then shouldn't it appeared years ago? While I was contemplating on why the ghost train is here, something was at the entrance of the exit and this thing was coming out of it. The door opened and smoke and steam was appearing of it and someone steps out. Strangely enough it looked like a man but this man wasn't normal, he also looked transparent so he was a ghost!

He saw me and walked directly towards me. The surrounding smoke cleared, and I could see that he was wearing a suit. Seeing him rooted me to the spot, and I didn't move, but the man stop in front of me and smiled and said.

''Ah, I'm sorry to disturb you miss but I was wondering if you can help me with something?''

He pulled out a pocket watch and clicked it open and frown and mumbled something about being late. By now I didn't know what to think and tried to respond to his question.

''I .... um.. How can I help you, sir?'' I still can't believe I was talking to a ghost.

''We can't find someone we have been looking for him for every night now. I don't know where else we can look for him.''

'' What's the person's name?''

The man took out a paper and looked at it and then at me.

''His name is Samuel Adams did you perhaps see him around here?''

''But Mr. Adams died last year he's not here anymore. I'm sorry I can't help you. It happened after the railroad closed he was the old train conductor.''

'' Yes, I know and it seems he's lost his way but thank you for your time miss have a safe trip home.''

The man turned around and went back into the train, and the door closed behind him. The same familiar sound came again, and the train started moving and disappeared along the railroad.
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