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Followed my her past Alex is a shapeshifter, a panther in a world of werewolf's. she has never met another of her kind. running all day everyday for years across pack lands gets tiring so what happens when she tries to settle down on her mates territory. Will her uncle let that happen?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

My life consisted of surviving on my own at the moment, out in the woods by myself. Using only what I had on me, or the stolen things I had acquired while lurking in different packs, lucky I was a panther in a world of werewolves and elves, but mostly werewolves. Elves were a myth, well so were panther shifters but here I am.

‘we need to rest’ my panther sighed, she called herself Cleo, which I couldn’t argue with

‘I know’ I agreed

‘what pack are we in?’ she asked

‘fuck if I know, does it matter?’ I asked

She stayed silent, she always was the worrier. She is almost like a mom to me since my family was dead, my uncle which I still to this day have no idea what the hell his name is he always had me call him uncle, when my family died I went into foster care for a bit then my uncle came for me and my nightmare started. By the time I ran away I was bruised, beaten, and scarred. Better a life alone then the hell hole he had me in, just thinking about it made my skin crawl.

‘do you think there’s a stay in near?’ Cleo spoke up

I shifted behind a tree, digging in my back pack i threw on the only thing I owned which was a black long sleeved shirt, jeans and converse, I left my hair as is, down cascading down my shoulders hiding the scars on my neck, silver was a bitch to most shifters including me

Once I was dressed, I looked closely where I was at. It was a clearing not far from the clearing where I thought at a lot when my parents first died, I must be the next pack over from my old pack which is now just rogue territory, I made my way across the clearing until I landed on a small town

Walking into it I got some stares, but I kept going driven with sleep exhaustion, soon coming across a run down in, perfect. I opened the door to see an older lady reading a book comfortable looking in her chair

Until she saw me

“what can I do for you” she asked

“I need a room” I stated

“your rogue, aren’t you?” she said squinting her eyes

“I won’t tell if you don’t” I said slipping the two hundred dollars I stole from some chick at the other pack I crossed in weeks ago

She smiled slapping a key onto the counter “enjoy” she said putting the money in her pocket

Grabbing the keys, I headed to the appropriate room number, pushing the door open it was simple, one bed, a lamp, a nightstand, and a bathroom

‘take a shower you smell’ Cleo laughed

I nodded ‘for once your right’

She huffed ‘I’m always right’

I rolled my eyes closing the door, it was good to finally have some where that’s not the woods to stay. Truth is i missed having a bed to sleep on. I missed normal. The shower was the only thing on my mind, I couldn’t wait to take a hot shower after months of running




After my shower I felt much better, my hair no longer caked in sweat and grease. I wiped off the mirror looking at it I gasped, I hadn’t looked at myself in years.

The once beautiful girl was nonexistent, my hair was limp, my face thinned just like the rest of my body, my scars still telling my ugly truth, and my eyes dull green rather then the bright green they had been, it was true I wasn’t loved or taken care of with my uncle but he always fed me when the people came over from the foster care system to check on me, he made sure I was a certain weight to hide the abuse, but no matter how many fake smiles I put on he would still beat me, cut me, whip me, etc.

All emotions numb at this point I walk away from the mirror craving the bed which matched the smell of the room, perfume and regret. But I didn’t care I fell onto it and was instantly put into a deep sleep

Marcus p.o.v.

I growled as I lined up more unmated girls from different packs and none of them were my mate, I had been searching for years. I needed my Luna and I wouldn’t stop for anything, I don’t care

“get. Out.” I snapped to the young women lined up, they scurried away in fear.

“Marcus don’t scare them, its not their fault they are not your mate” Beth said walking in, Beth was my beta female being my sister, she was mated to one of my dear friends Kyle my beta

“I’m just frustrated” I grumbled, Kyle walked in wrapping a hand around Beth

“Marcus, we have a rouge situation, one was spotted not too far from one of our towns” he stated

“patrol the woods by the town and the town itself, I don’t want any pack members harmed” I spat, not wanting to deal with the filth

“well about that, its me and Kyle’s anniversary and I was hoping-

I cut her off “of course Beth, you too have fun but please tell josh, miles, and Tyler to, and to report to me if they catch the thing”

He nodded “yes alpha” he said dragging a smiling Beth out the door

I was tired of looking for the mate that was supposed to be mine years ago, I searched pack after pack and came up short. My parents were dead so I had to make sure I had all requirements met for my pack, Beth did some of the Luna work which I was happy for, she would check the pups, talk to the females, and so on.

I just want to find my mate

‘we will’ Sam said, Sam was my wolf, a dick but still part of me

Alex p.o.v.

I woke from my nap, I felt better than before but still tired, I guess you can’t sleep off a weak body. My stomach rumbled pulling me back into reality, I had to go get some food

Or steal some




Walking into town I made sure to not cause any attention to myself. I strolled casually into a store called handy lots

Fun name

I take the bare minimum no matter what, the less you take the easier it is to not get caught, as I walk in the lights were almost painfully bright, the music peppy but I wouldn’t stick around long enough to hear more then a snip bit because I made my way to the beef jerky snatching one into my pocket, then over to the water bottles swiping one of those as well, then I felt eyes on me.

I look over slowly at a group of three men, not just any men but pack warriors, I could tell by the power radiating off of them

When I say I bolted out of the store I mean I BOLTED, the people inside the store left wide eyed mouths open, probably because of the rogue girl running from pack warriors on their land

Oh well

I ran immediately for the door, guards followed hot on my trail, surprisingly they didn’t shift just running after me in human form, I considered shifting but I know they would skin me alive, at least that’s what uncle had told me, and honestly I believed him. They were getting close, but I found the exit

Thank goodness

I shot out of the store heading straight for the woods behind it, not giving a damn about a few people which I had knocked over


We ran like this for a while, I knew if I could make it off their territory I could get away, the problem is that their territory was fucking huge, so I would be running for a bit

One warrior jumped on my back causing me to fall headfirst, I got a mouth full of grass, spiting it out I crawled to get up, one of them stepping on my hand causing me to yell in pain

“rogue” I looked up at the tall blond hovering over me

“please I’m human” I lied

They looked at each other for a moment “human or not you are still a rouge, you need to come see the alpha”

Fuck that

Alphas scared the living shit out of me “please just kill me” I begged

He laughed “its not that simple”, a van drove up beside us with the brown-haired man driving “josh, open the back” like that the back door opened

They held me pinning my arms to my back, I lashed out trying to wiggle out, “fine have it your way” blondie said as I felt a crack on my head



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