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chaptern 10

*hi guys tell me how you like it, also let me know if sex scenes should be a thing but i dont know. new chapter later too enjoy!*

Marcus p.o.v.

The full moon was bugging me because I didn’t want to scare her, alphas get a bit aggressive during the full moon, The full moon was a big deal to all wolves

My wolf Sam growled “I want her”

‘We have too keep calm we could frighten her’ I growled back

He whimpered? ‘I need her’

‘She doesn’t trust us’ I stated sadly

‘Well you did choke her’ he said

I sighed ’I didn’t-

‘I’m kidding’ he said

I growled

Kyle walked in “hey man”

I slammed my hand down on the to do list of the party “hi”

“You ok?” He asked

I sat down putting my head in my hands “I am so lost on what to do this full moon will be a challenge I’ll be attracted to her and she will be in heat plus I think she is hiding something from me”

He shook his head “I don’t think so I think she just hasn’t been in a loving place in her life, also you could do what all of the other males in the pack do and chain yourself in the cells”

“that might be my only option” I growled “also she better not be keeping things from me”

“she might have a bad past” he offered

“well i need to know, because im the person who should know everything about her but i know nothing i dont even know her last name or her favorite color!” i shouted

“after the full moon i think you guys need to spend time just you two” he said “but go slow” walking out probably to find Beth

Alex p.o.v.
I watch Beth frozen, sitting I walk around her

“Alex?” She asks

I locked her face

She grinned “your beautiful”

I nodded my head for Beth to come, she shifted and we walked farther into the woods

We drank from a lake and I let Cleo play with her wolf which she loved

we shifted back and she handed me a shirt and come shorts, which i threw on

“Wow, were your parents shifters?” She asks as we head on back

I shook my head yes “but I was rare”

She smiled and nodded

“Please don’t tell your alpha” I said pleading

“you mean your mate, and I don’t have to tell him shit I’m his sister” she laughed

I turned to her “really?”

She nodded “unfortunately”

“Hey um can I ask a favor”

“Yeah of course what is it?” Beth asked

“Help me please with the full moon cats are uhm way more.......intense on the full moon” apparently back then when there were more of us they used to tear their partners up in bed

“Ok but it’ll be hard trust me I go through it every year lucky me and Kyle just do it all both days” she said

“Gross” I wanna barf

“That will change when the full moon starts” she states


“What was time is it?” Beth asked

I looked “5” I said

“Well we have 1 hour to get back before your mate decides to rip his whole pack apart to find you” she jokes

But my nerves were on fire

‘That’s not the only thing going to be on fire’ Cleo purred

i wanna die
Marcus p.o.v.
The clock struck 6

‘Kyle get the Luna and bring her to my office’ I ordered

‘Yes sir’ he said

This was going to be a challenge I will need to help her through this first heat is excruciating I hear for women but i have heard that for wolves i wonder what will happen because she is human
Alex p.o.v.
Me and Beth arrived walking in at like 6:05

“Luna there you are! You are needed by alpha in his office” Kyle said

I sighed picking the leaves out of my hair, I followed him up hesitating to open the door

“Please” Kyle whispered so I did it I opened the door to see Marcus at his desk looking down

“Sit please” he said

“Where” I said looking to see no appropriate seat available

He looks me in the eyes “on my lap”

Before I could protest he grabbed me placing me on his right knee causing me to blush

It felt weird being touched and not manhandled

“Now I wanted to talk to you about his full moon and your first heat love” he said in a calming voice

“I don’t want-

“I know baby not yet” he said gushing me putting his finger on my lips

His eyes a bright green pierced into mine

He smelled of fresh pine and vanilla

“I want to kiss you” he said “I don’t want our first kiss to be in heat”

I was frozen

I clocked my head with a shy smile on my face, he chuckled and grabbed my jaw bringing my lips closer to his, he stopped when we were an inch a part

I groaned “are you frustrated little one” he chuckled

Before I could speak his lips crushed mine
Beth p.o.v.
I was with Kyle my mate in the living room of the pack house

Kyle was looking for food to eat in the fridge meanwhile I was sitting on the couch looking through magazines ‘Your lying to him by not telling him about the Alex situation’ olive my wolf said

‘It’s not lying it doesn’t affect him’ I said knowing that wasn’t true, your mate is Like a mirror you, meaning your lying to yourself if you lie to your mate

She growled

“Beth” Kyle said gently shaking my shoulders “babe what’s wrong”

I opened my mouth and said the first thing I thought of “sorry baby I was just talking to olive”


“Oh really what’s up with her” Kyle said popping some Reeses Pieces in his mouth



“Fine you caught me, we were checking you out” I said forcing a ‘iv been caught’ face

He chuckled crossing the room he sat right next to me causing my body to heat up, he kissed my neck and it was over

“Destroy me”

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