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chapter 11

Alex p.o.v.
His lips landed on mine, just barely. I pressed into him harder and my body was on fire




His lips were on mine, his hands on my waist rubbing circles, driving me mad. my hands in his hair, the kiss had gone from soft to needy

I pushed away landing on the floor, catching my breath i put my head down, Marcus bolted up but I put a hand up “I’m fine”

Standing took a minute, but once I was on my feet I got a good look at the clock

“7:15 pm” Marcus read

“I need to be away from you by 12 during the full moon what are we going to do?!” I said

He took my hands which sparks flew up my arms “I could chain myself up to stay away for the two days” he suggested

‘No’ Cleo shot

‘Yes’ I shot back

I nodded

“Ok” he said and I followed him to the cells under the main pack house

Me and two guards came down and locked him up, “and while I’m gone my two warriors will watch over you” Marcus muttered causing my jaw to hing


“But nothing this is my solution and that’s yours, this is josh and miles, we had a third but he fount his mate in another pack and was granted a pack swap” he said

I scowled “the idiots that kidnapped me are protecting me now?!”

“Luna we are so sorry about what happened” miles bowed

“Yes and are at your service” josh followed

I sighed “guys just call me Alex cause Luna is getting annoying”

Marcus chuckled “you’ll get used to it, also have a safe night don’t let the wolves bite”

I walked upstairs with the idiots

“Time” I asked

“10:35 Luna” josh confirmed

I nodded “ok only a little shy of an hour and a half”

“I’ll be with Beth so you both can take time off” I said

“No can do we still will need to at least guard the door” he said

“Fine but not close to the door” I said walking toward Beths room

I knocked “Beth come out can we talk”

The door freaked open “come in” she said pulling me in

I looked her up and down “sex hair?” I asked

She nodded sitting on her bed “in my defense I was covering for you, you cat butt”

I looked around

“No he isn’t here he is getting stuff for the full moon hint hind” she said

I laughed joining her on the bed “were you covering me? Or covering him”

She put her hands in the air

“Now what are we going to do about me and the moon cause Marcus is locked up and I’m stuck with guards” I whispered

She huffed “hmm”

“I GOT IT” she screamed jumping “could you spend time in the bathroom acting sick and sneak out the window”

“Won’t they hear it?” I asked

“No we put high music on and say your embarrassed about having people hear you vomit,”

“Ok but the full moon party in in literally 45 minutes, wolf boy is chained downstairs so I mean I think it’ll work” I confirmed nodding at her “thank you it’s nice to have a friend”

“Same here” Beth smiles

“Now to wait for the party and the moon to rise and get this heat over with” I shook knowing Cleo is ready to make a fool of me
Marcus p.o.v.
I tugged on the chains my wolf making me regret this decision ‘you are going to regret this once the moon rises’ my wolf said

I just rolled my eyes


“Time” I growled loudly

“7:45” Adam yelled, one of my men of the pack

I growled
Alex p.o.v.
“When you shift for the moon both nights I’ll be there” Beth said getting water from the fridge

“No” I shook my head looking down, grabbing an apple from the basket “I won’t put you in danger”

“I wanna help” she said taking a step forward

“Spend tome with your mate don’t worry about me”

“Please” she begged

“Fine but after you and boy make the nasty” I said

She smiled running for a hug, causing me to flinch away

She frowned

“Sorry past reaction, come here” I said hugging her

“I’m so sorry” she whispered

“It’s ok” I said giving at the clock “goodness it’s almost 8, the moon should go up at like 8:30"

“It’s 7:58” she said “the heat comes when the moon is fully risen”

I nodded
Kyle stand in front of the crowd “sorry this year , Marcus our alpha found his mate and we all know where he is” I came up behind him and everyone laughed

“At me or?” I asked

“No they laugh because every man gets chained at one point” Beth whispered

I nodded

“But meet our new Luna, the great Alex” he shouted causing applause and bowing

“Now we drink” he said and the party went on. I looked up and the moon had started to come out

One thing I am happy about was that Kyle didn’t make me make a speak or whatever

“Come on let’s get a drink” Beth said trying to make me feel better “once the moon is up don’t forget to act sick”

“I know”

“Careful the alcohol is really strong since our metabolism is supper fast” she giggled leading me downstairs to get a drink

“Mine too no worry’s”
Marcus p.o.v.
I was sweating, it was getting time I’ll shift any minute these chains are made for werewolves though let’s see what they do with alpha strength

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