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chapter 12

Alex p.o.v.
The time read 8:20 and looking up the moon was almost up causing Cleo to stir

I already felt the heat coming to my body the pull, josh and miles were like stone beside me

I pretended to flinch “I don’t feel good” I said feeling my face

“Luna do you want some water?” Josh asked

I shook my head hand over mouth “I think I’m going to puke I said pretending to dry heave “excuse me” I said running to the bathroom

Miles knocked “Luna are you alright should we get the alpha?” Fuck that

“No I’ll be fine leave him alone”


“I’ll be fine probably just a reaction to the moon” I said pretend dry heaving again

Now to seal the deal

I stuck my fingers in my throat and made myself puke (don’t do it) gross

“Stay out and don’t get the alpha” I tryed to order

“Yes Luna” they said in unison

I climbed the window and jumped out, running for 20 minutes till I got to a clearing

The moon was up, I felt it.

The bushes moved, fuck, but luckily it was only Beth with her hands up

I sighed

“Hey” she said throwing me a back pack “inside is a phone with my number I’m it, a water bottle, an extra pair of clothes and shoes.

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate it” I said hugging her

She hugged me back “anytime Luna”

“It’s Alex.” I corrected

“Sorry, first time we have had a Luna that I liked” making me chuckle

My body was on fire, I needed to shift “I’m going to shift I’ll be home around 1 am go into the bathroom in the pack house down the left hallway to the right that’s where I told them I am pretend for me please”

“Ok but you’ll have to tell him eventually” she sighed

“I don’t have to tell shit” I grinned “now your amazing I’m going to shift” I said throwing the backpack behind a tree

Beth nodded running the other way as I shifted and took off
Marcus p.o.v.
I am sweating yanking on the chains, one on my neck and one around my body allowing me to shift but no escape, we had a rule any wolf including alphas if I’m the chains cannot order to be out and for the tome being the beta is in charge which didn’t bother me Kyle was a great beta, luckily heat in better in the day so I will get out around 10am in the morning,but when the moon goes down for the second tome I am locked again

My wolf growled ‘I need her now’ he said putting adrenaline into my body causing me to tense up and shift

I growled ‘we will have her’

‘Alpha update on your mate, the moon made her sick and Beth is in the bathroom helping her out’ miles reported in mindlink

I growled I couldn’t be there to help her, but at least Beth was

‘Thank you’ I said

My whole body was on fire for her, I wanted to see her black hair in a full moon light, her bright blue eyes looking into mind and most of all I wanted her body pressed into mine
Alex p.o.v.
I had been running for three hours at least it had to be about 11pm

I stopped shifting back made me realize I was burning up, I wanted to see him but I also didn’t want too at the same time

‘You want him, and we need him’ Cleo purred


This heat was not to be fucked with, I sat on the ground grabbing the clothes and water from the back pack, drinking intensely

Next I pulled the cell phone out of my bag, and swiped on the message from Beth ‘they are wanting to see you come back’ she texted ten minutes ago




‘Ok I’m coming back’ I texted shoving the phone back into the backpack

There goes my plan

I shifted running toward the pack house, and shifted back when I get to the window, climbing up the house to the second floor I hopped into the window and caught Beth sighing, I motioned for her to go out and she did without hesitation, I sat by the toilet trying to look sick

Miles and josh walked in “any better”

I shook my head laying on the floor “leave me alone”

“We can’t do that” miles said “we gave you, 3 hours, you might want to lay in your bed”

Fucking men

“Fine” I said slowly getting up flinching away from josh trying to help

“Sorry Luna” he said

“It’s fine” I said on my feet

“Go to your room and we will stand at the door

Damn, Marcus has a window in his room but it’s locked from the outside since I ran

I closed the door knowing they wouldn’t let me lock it, laying in the bed was worse for my heat I learned

Body on fire and my mind was racing

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