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chapter 13

Beth p.o.v.
I had gone out of the bathroom where my lovely acting came in handy of making myself sound like Alex and making it sound like I was sick

I bumped into Kyle “where have you been?” He said putting his hands on his hips

His eyes were purple meaning his wolf was pushed forward

‘You have been lying to him and the warriors’ my wolf said

I shook that off “how are you” I asked pressing into him

He growled “your two minutes away from getting fucked against that wall unless you say otherwise”

“What if someone sees us” I putted with innocent eyes

He threw me over his shoulder, I squealed in surprise

We were in out bed “may I” he asked putting his hands on my bare stomach, kissing my neck

“Goodness yes” I moaned
Alex p.o.v.
I texted Beth ‘in marcuses bed which is not where I wanna be, might sit on the cold floor I’m burning up’ I send with no reply

‘Probably banging beta boy, like you should be doing to our gorgeous mate’ Cleo said causing me to groan

It’s been an hour still no response from Beth and I descidwd to go ahead and lay on the floor

Much better

My claws came out begging to scratch something

But what




Marcus p.o.v.
“Time!” I growled, still hungry for her

“11:45” my med called


I wish I could feel her but I can’t since I haven’t marked her yet
Alex p.o.v.
Now full on sweating laying on the floor with only shorts and a tank top on, I couldn’t get Marcus out of my head

Lucky lucky I had about 7 more hours till the sun rises

-a restless night later-
I finally decided to get off the floor after sweating my life away

“Luna the alpha wants to see you” miles said through a crack in the door

I huffed “what time is it?”

It was 8 last time I checked

“10:21” he said back

“Fine let me shower and jump in some clothes” at that I heard a growl “I’m not naked I’m just in shorts and a tank top”

“Keep going babe and I’ll loose it” he growled from downstairs

I flinched walking into the bathroom, I took my pants and shirt off followed my bra and underwear, I ran the shower till it was pretty hot
-a shower later-
I hopped out, wiping off the mirror I saw my body for the first time in in about two years, dark long hair, pale, skinny. What the bummer really was, my scars

I had wolf scratch scars on my arms and stomach with dagger scars from when uncle decided to slice me open, my legs and back had scars from the whipping uncle used to punish me with.


“Alex everything ok” josh questioned

“Yes one moment” I said

I brushed my hair and teeth and opened the door to miles and josh standing gaurd

Like lap dogs

“Alpha wants to see you in the office” he said

I sighed walking out the bedroom door, turning down the hall and knocking on the office door I heard “come in”

I opened the door slowly not sure how he was after the moon

I walked in and he grinned “how are you baby also you don’t have to knock it’s your office too”

I nodded

He frowned “come here”

“Where” I asked

“Sit on my lap” he said

‘Go sit on his lap, yes’ Cleo purred

I can’t

‘Why’ Cleo said growling

‘Cause with his heat I’ll attract him!’

“Alex?” He asked patting his knee

“I.....I....I well....uhm can’t” I said it with a shy blush I could t help it

“Why not” he smiled

Fuck him he knows why

“You know” I said crossing my hands

“I don’t believe I do” he grinned

I grabbed a chair and sat “there now I have a place”

He sighed “your no fun anyway how was your first heat I heard you got sick”

Goodness it’s making me mad because all I want do is jump his bones

“It made me sick must have been too strong” I said

“Weird, how was the other part of it?” He said quietly

“None of your business” I said putting my hand on his desk tapping nervously

“Than why can’t you tell me why you can’t sit on my lap” he said with a wide grin

I got up and rolled my eyes, he jumped up pinning me to the wall “am I making you nervous dove?” He said

I could feel his breath on my neck and that was it “just wait till day two”he growled fuck I grabbed his face and kissed him hard it took less than a second for him to react but everything was on fire, not wasting anytime I tugged his hair causing a loud growl

His tongue was in my mouth before I knew it, I didn’t mean too but I scratched his neck

“We need to stop here or I’ll take you” he said pulling back, my breath was heavy

“Your r-right” I stammered


‘That was hot’ Cleo for once said something accurate

I backed out of his grasp, “Alex once these full moon days are over I really wanna get to know you please”

He can see me through a foggy mirror but it might help me escape “I’d like that” I said smiling

“Pinky promise?” He asked

I cocked my head at him “what are you 12?”

“Come on” he said holding his pinky up

I rolled my eyes “fine” I said hooking our fingers

He suddenly tugged me into his “we will get through this moon and every one of them together” he whispered into my hear

I tried to get out of his grip, he frowned letting me go

“Why do you flinch and struggle away from your own mate?! It’s infuriating” he growled loud stalking toward me

I hacked into a wall, I slide down the wall “I’m sorry”

He crouched in front of me “one day Youll trust me” he growl “now let’s go get breakfast

I hate it

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