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chapter 14

Alex p.o.v.
A day had gone by of me avoiding Marcus at all cost but he would hunt me down like prey

It was now January 23 and I just don’t know what to do I’m stuck here

‘Enjoy it’ she said

I sighed walking down the steps from the bathroom

“Morning babe” Marcus said putting a plate of waffles in from of me but too be honest I wasn’t hungry “you need to eat sugar”

I huffed before taking a bite, eh

“Good girl” he said


I got up “I’m not a dog unlike you” I almost hissed

“You will not disrespect me especially not infront of my own pack” he said gesturing to the uncomfortable warriors with their mates

“Yes alpha” I said with hate in my tone plopping down

He growled sitting beside me, I wouldn’t look at me instead I talked to beth

“How are you” I she asked smiling eating a strawberry

“Not great but I’ll live” I said starting to have a panic attack “I’m actually going to get some fresh air” I squeaked

I Only had panic attacks when I was freaking out a bit, I could feel the tears prick my eyes rolling down my cheeks and my throat closing
Marcus p.o.v.
I fucked up, I shouldn’t use alpha tone on my mate of all people

It had been 10 minutes since she was out side

She ran

I growled

A hand touch mine, “I’m going to go check on her” Beth whispered

I shook my head, stood up and just said “stay here I will go see her” in the alpha voice

She huffed leaning into Kyle

I race out the door expecting her to be nowhere to be found but there she was head in hands, I walked to her “Alex I am so sorry” I said taking her hand, she turned with a red face
Alex p.o.v.
My hand had electricity going threw it, I didn’t pull back I felt stunned him being this close doesn’t react well for me for some reason

’You got the hots for his-

‘Shush now’ I said

“Please stay with me” he said touching my face and for once I let myself lean into his hand and hold his arm,I felt Cleo purr

He smiled,“this is the feeling Iv wanted, a moment between the person I love” when he said love I flinched back
Flash back
A bat crack on my head “no one will ever love you, you shit. I’ll beat it into you”
“Please let me in and tell me what you thinking” he begged

‘I can’t take this’ Cleo said


I took his face in my hands

He grabbed my waist pulling me in, there was no wait for this one he kissed me hungry, I followed

Cleo purred and I had to agree and it killed me I couldn’t purr

I moaned instead, cutting off the kiss I cover my mouth considering there were 20 pack warriors inside, he chuckled kissing me again

“Later I want to show you a place that is my thinking place, please” he said

I nodded “fine but no more treating me like a dog”

“Than you have too stop treating me like one” he said holding his pinky up I laughed and crossed mine with his

“Deal” I said letting myself be happy

He smiled “breakfast is almost over”

“I’m full” I sighed

He rubbed his thumb on my lower back causing me to again almost purr but I inhaled sharply “you need a weight in, and before you ask it’s for you to gain weight.”

“Why can’t I just do what I want” I said walking out of his grasp

He growled lowly,
Low enough to where he thought my ‘human ears’ wouldn’t hear

“It’s 1 breakfast should have been over 3 hours ago plus few more hours” I said

He chuckled

Me and Marcus ended up watching a movie for three hours, him trying to get close to me, little shit

“Time” Marcus said

“4” I heard Beth say walking in the pack house living room

“So does your whole pack live here?” I asked

“No no just about 80 pack warriors, and me and you and Beth and Kyle” Marcus cleared up

I nodded “what time does the weather app say the moon is going down?” I asked

“We got an early one 7am” Kyle said following Beth hand on his phone checking

“Great” Marcus muttered

I instinctively without knowing it put my hand on his knee for comfort, he smiled at me, I took my hand back part in fear and part in confusion

“It’s starting” he whispered in my hear

I shivered

“Anyone hungry” Kyle ales

“Breakfast ish lunch just happened where were you guys?” I ask with a hand on my hip

They smiled at one another

“Gross” I gagged

She rolled her eyes

“Can Luna I mean Alex come with me for a walk” Beth asked

“No need to ask I’m an adult who has her say so I say we go” I said opening the door

Marcus slammed it “you do need to check in with me I’m not saying ask I just want to know where you will be”

“Brother please” Beth said

He sighed “ok”

At that We raced out the door

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