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chapter 15

Alex p.o.v.
We chose to take a walk down a trail in the woods not too far from the pack house

“So how was your first full moon?” She asked snapping a branch

I shrugged “bad but I’m guessing tonight will be worse”

She nodded “yeah the second day of the moon is really bad, you will probably almost go insane I know I did when I tryed to not mate with Kyle for a bit”

I groaned “damn it”

“It’ll be ok remember you have that cell phone in your bag if you need me and it won’t be so bad for me since I have mated” she remarked

“Oh so how was pretending to be me, puking” I asked smiling

“Let’s just day my amazing acting kicked in” she said taking a bow

I chuckled “I really appreciate it you know, let me know if I can do anything for you I think it’s safe too say I owe you one”

She shook her head “no it just feels nice having a friend a girl friend no less, more females are obsessed with their mate and have no time for friends”

“I’ll always be here beth” I said smiling

“I have a feeling” she winked

I hopped on a rock, I crouched like a cat

“Here kitty kitty kitty” Beth teased
-Flash back-
Uncle was chasing me through the woods, my first time I ran away from him when I was 8

I ran as fast as my paws could go, I shifted when I was 5 wolves shift at 2

“Here kitty kitty kitty” my uncle spat turning a corner in front of me

I hissed

Big mistake

“Now is that anyway to treat family?” He said

He grabbed my back legs before I could scurry away throwing me into a tree, than I felt his claws rip into my legs
-flash back over-
I felt a hand on my shoulder “Alex?” Beth said concern in her voice

Without thinking I growled and slashed my claws against her face in defense

Beth screamed falling back

I snapped out of it quick, I ran to her side “Oh my goodness Beth, I am so sorry, my uncle said that to me and I-

“Shhh it’s ok I understand” she said pulling her hand away from the wound she had huge nail marks against her skin “damn now we have to think of an excuse for this”

I huffed looking at the wound “your bleeding and you concerned about an excuse”

“It’ll heal in a day or two” she said

“Let’s head back so Harry(doctor) can take a look” I said “How long have we even been gone”

I took my jacket off handing her it to press up against her face to help the bleeding “about an hour”

“Well let’s get home” I said helping her up

She nodded
*a walk to the back house later*
We stopped by the door

“Let’s go” Beth said opening the door

Kyle was instantly down stairs, holding beths face “who did this!” He growled “ill kill them”

Marcus was beside him “Alex your ok” he breathed

I nodded

“We need Harry NOW” Kyle ordered

“I want Alex to come with me too” Beth said being picked up by Kyle

“Ok whatever you want baby” Kyle said
*up in the doctors room*
“What happened?” Harry asked as he stitched her face up

“I fell on some sharp rocks” she lied

“Your lying” Kyle growled

I felt horrible, I made a friend than sliced her face open

“Rocks” she assured smiling, Kyle looked unsure but seemed to let it go

“so rocks have claws?”

Or not

“rocks have sharp edges too” i blurted

everyone looked at me funny

i tugged marcuses are “lets go and give them space”

he nodded following me down too the living room

“so what were you two doing in the woods, for your so called walk” he asked

i shrugged

he was right in front of me

“well?” he asked grabbing me causing me to go into another memory

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