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chapter 16

Alex p.o.v.
I pushed off Marcus and huddled near a wall

These flash backs are getting worse

“Let’s go get food” I said racing down the stairs, hoping he wouldn’t ask

I grabbed an apple and sat at the island chewing slowly

Marcus came down with a pained look “what was that?” He asked

I said nothing

He sighed “fine”

“How’s your apple at least” he asked sitting next to me

“Good” I said in a low tone

“You know this moon is worse than the first” he stated

I got up to throwing my apple away “I should be fine” I shrugged

He growled,eyes turning to a gold, he pinned me against the wall “and you will yearn for me, lusting for me. if it made you sick, this night will he worse second day is always the worst, hopefully you will look for me unchain me and” he stopped there kissing my neck causing me to flinch

“Fucking stop” I puffed pushing him off me

“Sorry my wolf came out” he said

“Control yourself ” I spat

“I’m so sorry Alex let me make it up to you” he said

“What” I said crossing my arms

“Let me take you to that thinking spot I was telling you about” he pleaded

“Maybe later” I suggested

“Please” he said holding his hand out

I found myself grabbing on

Like instinct

He pulled me through the forest and we walked for about 15 minutes till we got there

“Wow” I mumbled

“Beautiful isn’t it” he said

It was breathtaking

It was a pond with flowers all around it, all different kinds, a campfire just under a tree close with two sitting spots

“Marcus it’s amazing” I said taking my shoes off putting my feel in the water

“Come sit we need to have a talk just us” he said

I knew this was coming

I sat next to him on the wood logs that count as seats in front of the empty fire pit

He crossed his arms “your hiding something from me”

I didn’t respond

‘Tell him’ Cleo said

“I just want to know you, your made for me” he muttered

“My past isn’t pretty” I said trying to be very vague

His face lit up “I don’t care please”

I shook my head “not something I want to relive”

“I understand but you can’t keep it bottled up” he said

“You don’t know what I need” I said looking down

“But I can try” he whispered

He threw a rock in the pond, so I started skipping stones

Which I’m good at

“Let me try” he smiled

Leading too An hour past of us actually getting along and laughing which made if he found out harder

I caught myself multiple times looking at him like really looking at him

He was gorgeous

“What’s the time?” I asked

He checked his phone “8 so we should head back your heat should start in about two hours and I need to get locked up”

I nodded

He bend down, I held my breath but he kissed me on the check

I couldn’t help it I felt safe with him and it was scary

He pulled away but I wanted a few more seconds of him he was intoxicating so I pulled him back and put my forehead on his chest

He petted my head “that a girl” he whispered I could hear the smile in his voice

I pulled away “we should head back” I said the blush creeping to my face

He nodded smiling

That’s when I smelled a familiar smell

Oh shit

Marcus p.o.v.
I’m getting a little closer!

‘I’m so happy’ my wolf purred

‘Me too’ I responded

I walk by her till we were home “I need to talk to Kyle and I’ll be back so we can chain me up” I said kissing her forehead, she looked stunned before giving a hint of a smile

What I wouldn’t do for that woman

‘Kyle meet me in my office’ I mindlinked

‘Coming’ he said

I sat in my office thinking

A few moments later Kyle came in

“How did the little date go?” He asked

“Good she still wouldn’t tell me anything but really good we got close physically I just need us to be close mentally” I stayed sighing

“She will come around if it’s anything I’m pretty certain Beth is hiding something as well” he stated

“Could they be telling each other?” I ask

“No I don’t think so because with wolf hearing we would have heard it and both haven’t been out of sight” Kyle said sitting

“Your right but what do you think Beth is hiding” I asked

“I don’t know we usually don’t keep secrets and it’s not a baby because I would have smelled it” he huffed

“I don’t know what to do” I said finally

“Man no wolf does in the beginning” he said adding “you have a human with a past it’s going to take time”

I nodded “I need to go chain up”

“Good luck buddy I’ll check on you tomorrow” he said walking out probably to Beth


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