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chapter 17

Alex p.o.v.
I was freaking out I smelled uncle and I haven’t seen that bastard in 5 years, no that’s probably what the dream was, not a flashback but a warning

What am I going to do

After He went too his office, I was alone for once well for the exception of one of the pack warriors that stand out front

It’s one hour till the worse full moon and I don’t know what to expect

I decided for the time being I will going to go through their movies so I sat on the floor and started reading

I hear footsteps ten minutes later “Alex?”

“Yeah” I say

“Hey what you up too all alone” Marcus asked raising an eyebrow

“Looking at movies” I said

And thinking how uncle may kill me but you know

I looked up at him

He chuckled “ready to come with me for the chaining”

I nodded

He grabbed my hand “it’ll be ok”

For some reason I felt better

I pulled away slowly “thank you”

He smiled

I followed him to the dungeons

The guards locked him up and chain his hands, middle and legs

“Be safe” he said

“Josh and miles will watch you like always” he stated

I groan “fine”

“It’s almost time get her out of here” he growled

I ran up the stairs to the living room

15 minutes left and I don’t think yesterday’s plan will work again

“Josh and miles” I said

Where the fuck are the m-

I squealed

They had come up behind me “dude not cool”

They snickered

“Are you laughing at your Luna?!” I yelled

They went pale as ghosts

“I’m kidding dummy’s” I laugh

They let out an Audible breath

“I will be in the room this night do not come in or so help me goodness I will tell the alpha to come for you” I snapped closing the door

I think that will work but who knows all I know is maybe I can get away with just shifting in the alphas room it seems big enough

I sit on the bed 5 minutes left the moon is almost all the way

The phone!

I reach under the bed and pull my back pack out grabbing the iPhone Beth gave me

Alex- “what do I do?” I texted Beth

Not more than a minute later I get a reply

Beth- “stay calm let me be with Kyle for an hour than I’ll be up with the items to help you”


Alex - “ok also do you think I could shift in his bedroom” I ask


Beth- “I don’t see why not sometimes he sleeps in wolf form plus your not as big as him just don’t rip anything up”

Alex- “thanks!”


Beth- “another thing for temporary relief is doing things your self hint hint”


Beth- “but don’t do it in his bed or he might have a mental breakdown shower is best”


I locked the door

I look out the moon is up but I don’t feel anything


‘Surprise’ Cleo purrs


it felt like my back was breaking, I felt like I was in a lava cave but also I was incredibly incredibly hungry (for you know what)

I have a slamming head ache, there are knots in my stomach

Cleo is dieing to get out but I need to wait for Beth

I feel like I have been hit by a truck

I think I’ll do beths recommendation
Marcus p.o.v.
Everything hurts, I growl feeling my canines abruptly form in my mouth my nails sharpening

‘I need her’ my wolf growled

‘Now’ he said coming threw to yank on the chains with no luck

I huffed “time” I growled

“10:34” a gaurd called

“Fuck” I yelled

I could feel her (graphic) touching herself it was driving me crazy, I yanked on the chain almost breaking my wrist

I growled loud

This was driving me crazy

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