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chapter 18

Alex p.o.v.
I finished as Beth said temporary relief, causing me to let out a sigh of relief

But for how long was the question

I jumped out of the shower and threw some clothes on


Beth- “I’m on my way up hope your decent”

I laughed

Alex- “yes come save me”

Beth- “oh fair madden I am cometh up”

A knock on the door

I opened it right away to see beths shining face in a blue dress which highlighted her curly red hair

“Hey” I said smiling

“How are you, you seem welll” she said snickering

“Haha funny now what do I need to beat this fucking heat” I said

She flung a purse at me “you can’t beat it but this has cold water, a cold pack, a pack of pain pills which don’t help too too much but still, a back massager, and a spray bottle”

“I’m not that much of a cat” I say taking the spray bottle out

“It’s for hot flashes smarty pants” she said putting a hand on her hip

I sprayed her causing a small giggle out of both our mouths “hey!” She laughed

“I take it back I like it” I laughed

The fire is back

“Fuck” I say deeply breathing

“It’s back” she said “lay down standing makes it worse”

I laid down but all I could smell was Marcus

“That makes it worse Fuck what time is it” I said jumping out of his bed and chugging cold water

“11:30” “and the moon starts to weaken at about 6am so you still got 6 and a half more hours” she responded “now do you want to shift”

I nodded crouching

‘Go get him’ Leo panted


I turned stretching I saw Beth staring “I’ll stay with you for about an hour and a half but I can’t be gone longer or Kyle with come looking for me”

I huffed nodding
*an hour later*
“Can you catch food in your panther form” Beth asked throwing one of her chips at my head

I huffed

But Currently I was panting rolling around on the floor in agony
*30 minutes later*
I shifted back still laying on the floor

Beth looked down at me “how are you?”

I whimpered

She sighed “I hate to leave you but I don’t think you wanna see Kyle in this state”

I nodded “go on with out me, what time is it at least?”

“1 am stay strong” she said leaving

*an hour later*
Still rolling around on the floor

‘I can’t stand this we ARE going to at least see him’ Cleo growled

‘Wait what????’

My legs moved without my permission




‘Cleo stop’

But she wouldn’t we walked down stairs to the basement door

‘Don’t do this’ I begged

‘Someone has too’

She opened the door, a growl flooded the stair way

“Little one” I heard a growl

I walked down stopping at the bottom, starring at him

He was sweating, shirtless and puffing

“Why did you come” he growled his wolf in control

I didn’t say anything I just kept looking

“You need to go upstairs before I break these chains and loose it” he growled

I gasped regaining my control and ran back up the stairs slamming the door
I was in his room still hot especially since I saw him like that

‘Go back to him’ Cleo said

The symptoms were finally lifting little by little
The symptoms almost gone
I wasn’t 100% back to normal but I felt a shit tone better

I walked down stairs

No one was there, weird

I grabbed a banana and started eating, halfway threw the basement door opened with a loud growl scaring the shit out of me

I hid behind the couch like that would do anything, like I said I’m a runner not a fighter

“Alex” Marcus growled

I held my breath


The couch moved, I looked up to see kind Marcus eyes starring at me

I flinched away “I won’t hurt you ever.” Marcus coed grabbing me to his lap

He put his face in my neck “I missed you” he murmured ” especially after you visited me which was very dangerous” he said looking into my eyes, he put his hand on my jaw “what were you thinking?”

“I-I don’t k-know” I said

He leaned in for a kiss but I turned making him kiss my check

I was getting too deep

Don’t make things harder on yourself Alex

“The blush on your face says otherwise” he grinned

I got up, he caught my hand, causing me to yank away “stop” I pleaded

He got up and pulled me to him chest, I sighed

“You don’t need to run from me, at least let me in little one” he said pulling me back beside him on the couch

“Favorite color?” He asked

I raised an eyebrow

“Come on humor me” he said smiling

I chuckled “green what about you”

“Blue, favorite food?” He asked

“I don’t have one” I murmured

He cocked his head “what do you mean?”

“I just don’t food has never been my thing so what about you?” I ask

“Ribs, favorite season” he asked

“Fall you?” I asked

“Summer, dreams?” he asked

“I don’t have one I honestly never thought I’d make it this far” I admitted looking down

He frowned lifting my chin”well I can tell you what my dream is, it’s about you. you fall in love with me and we build a family and a strong pack”

I flinched at family

I never had one of those

“What was your family like Alex” he asked

“What was yours like?” I spat

He growled “fine” he got up and slammed what I assumed was his office

Touchy subject

I pulled out my phone

Beth- “what was that noise?”

Alex- “I pissed big tough guy off”

“What the hell” I heard making me jump

I threw the phone on my back back, Marcus had caught me

“Where did you get that phone” he growled

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