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chapter 19

I didn’t respond but I swiftly moved my back pack before he grabbed it

“Give it to me now.” He growled

I held back a hiss

“No” I responded catching him off gaurd

Stupid probably has had everything handed to him

“What?” He spat

“No” I spat back

“We were so good what the fuck” he growled

His eyes turned yellow

His wolf

“Dear he may play nice but I don’t now give. Me. The. Phone.” His wolf growled

That’s it

I threw the phone down and stomped on it breaking it into little peices

He growled loud jumping in front of me looking down with anger

I don’t care

“Go ahead hit me” I hissed

His eyes changed back “I would never” he said stomping upstairs

I crumbled, this was too much

I sobbed on the floor for what seemed like an eternity

“Luna?” Kyle walked In

“Leave me” I muttered

He walk out for a moment and walked back in with Beth

There I was balled up on the floor of the living room in his pack house

Beth ran over “what happened”

I told her about the fight and she growled “I’ll kill him”

I shook my head “no he tried to take the phone and I freaked out”

“What’s on the phone?” Kyle asked

“Nothing butt out” Beth growled

He growled ” I knew you were keeping something from me”

“Not now” she said not even looking at him

“Fine” he said turning to walk down the hall, he stopped “but remember when we promised to tell each other everything” and he left

A tear fell from her eye “this me staying here it isn’t working” I said


“Yes I need to, I don’t know get out of here” I said

She sighed “let’s just go for a walk”

I nodded
Marcus p.o.v.
I was pissed she was hiding things on that phone that who knows who ya e her which made me angers because no one told me about it

My own mate!

I cracked my desk in half

The door slammed open causing me to growl and stand in defense

“Just me” Kyle said putting his hands up

I huffed sitting down

He walked forward “Beth has been hiding something from me too she knows what was on that phone”

“It’s got to be her past she’s hiding” I said pouring scotch for the both of us

“I just can’t help but hope Beth isn’t cheating” he said looking down

“No I refuse to beleive my baby sister would do that, for how she looks at you” I said sitting up

“I guess”
Alex p.o.v.
Running I couldn’t help but thing about my uncles scent in the woods, was he tracking me?
Or are the memory’s just flooding back

I was in my cat form and Beth in her wolf form

I saw a figure

I know that figure anywhere


I jumped, growling to nothing because the shadow was gone

Like nothing it had disappeared

He’s trying to mess with me or I’m messing with myself
Beth has changed back without me noticing “here” she said giving me one of her dresses

I put it in my mouth and walked behind a tree

I shifted and threw it on “thanks let’s head back, I’m tired”

More like I’m afraid

We got back after we went for a run, I felt better

“Catch” Beth said throwing me some sweats and a hoodie

I didn’t like to show my arms or really anything below my neck for all the scaring


“I’m too am tired” she said yawning

“What time is it?” I asked grabbing a bottle of water

“9” she confirmed

“I’ll sleep on the couch” I said


“No butts you need to go to Kyle” I said

“You sure?” She asked looking like she didn’t want to leave me

I nodded

“Thank you” she said running off

I was alone

As always

I lay on the couch and try to sleep

With no luck
“Wake up” I heard

“Huh” I grunted

“Alex wake up” I heard Marcus gently say

I flinched

“We need to talk in our room” he said

“A-alone” I stammered

He sighed “I won’t hurt you”

He took my hand and lead me up to the room he called ‘ours’

I stood in the corner

He sat on the bed “sit please”

I did as he said

“Alex I can’t live like this” he said

I knew what was happening he was going to tell me to leave

“Alex can we please make a pact no more fighting, I won’t push you for your past but no more secrets please” he said

“I just want beautiful wonderful moments” he muttered putting a hand on my face

I couldn’t help it every time he did this I leaned into his hand, it’s like I melted “I agree”

“I’m sorry for yelling I’m sorry for all of it we got off to a rough start” he said

“Agreed” I said

“I love you and I know you don’t have those feeling yet but I hope someday you will” he said

I closed my eyes letting myself fall “im scared” I truthfully said

“Don’t be” he whispered

He leaned forward stopping right in front of my face “forever”

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