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chapter 2

Tyler p.o.v.

“get her to the car! I said making miles and josh lift her into the van” lucky we were in the woods or it would look creepy loading an unconscious female into a van

“she’s in!” miles reported closing the back door

“good, we need to get her to the cells before she wakes up” I said knowing the pack cells were under the pack house, soundproof and easy access to the alpha

I hopped in the van and we were off




We arrived shortly to the pack house, as we did, I contacted the alpha ‘we found the rogue, weird though it’s a female, non-threatening it seems like just a little thief’

‘IT’S A FEMALE’ he roared through the link, for any human I imagine that would make a pretty good headache

Marcus p.o.v.

It was a female rogue, almost never happening with rogues, there used to be a lot of rogues who traveled between packs, but now it was few who dared to go alone, but rogues were a lot more dangerous now, I wonder why a female would travel alone and without her mate or family. She would probably be written off making her a maid, making her part of the pack or there was death

I sat in my office waiting for the rogue to wake, so they could bring her to me

Alex p.o.v.

My eyes cracked open, my body sore from being ATTACKED

‘morning sunshine’ Cleo greeted

‘fuck off’ I hissed

‘if I could fuck off, you would be doomed, you know you love me’ she beamed

‘your right’ I muttered

Looking around I was in a cell of some sort, walls rusted steel along with the bars. I was on a typical steel ‘bed’ across the steel toilet caked in…….imma say chocolate because I wanted to throw up looking at it

’wakey wakey” the tall blonde said opening the cell door “time to see the alpha, I pray your future if bright”

alpha was the one of the words I didn’t like hearing.

“you could just kill me and get it over with” I stated no emotion causing his eyes to soften


“I don’t need your pity” I hissed

“very well, you either come willingly or I carry you, your choice” he said crossing his arms

Fuck face

I didn’t reply, no way in hell. I would raise hell, being a rouge taught me to fight even in my human form

He sighed, “I didn’t want to do this but your being difficult” he said before coming before me

I screamed jumping to the side, but I was to weak at this point to fight properly considering I was still lightheaded from the blow. He got my hands behind my back before shoving my forward.

“shit” I spat

“watch your pretty mouth” he bit

The whole way I kicked and struggled making it take longer to get me there, each time his grip got tighter.

I finally got a good shot on the stairs elbowing his face making him let me go, I then ran up the flight of stairs to what seemed to be a living area but I didn’t look for long focusing only a way out, I found a door thank goodness. Opening it stood a man outside it with blonde hair, brown eyes, and roughly 5,9

Shit I’m screwed

“nice try I guess Tyler can’t handle a little rogue.” He said pushing me to the ground onto my stomach, latching my hands with silver handcuffs which burned like hell

“kinky” I hissed jokingly

“tough now but wait till you meet the alpha” he growled “though we shall see what he does with a human rogue”

Yes, human I though sarcastically

Stupid mutt

It didn’t matter if you were human, you were made to belong to a pack or you had your freedom taken, you were supposed to be belonged to a pack

I huffed a he got me onto my feet shoving my forward, damn they couldn’t just ask if I could walk, though fear was racing toward me I kept the outside calm but as we got closer to his office I started to panic

Wiggling trying to once again get away I shouted “PLEASE JUST KILL ME”

He stopped surprised, quickly shaking it off he took the cuffs off, opened the massive door, and pushed me in closing it behind me, I turned around a jiggled the handle with no luck because


“turn rogue and stand before me!” he growled

I turned looking at a huge man sitting at a desk, eyes ice blue, hair brown, tanned a touch and muscular, at this point it was A safe to say I was dead, and B I was shaking and not to shift. I would have put money on uncle being the one to kill me but his was much worse.

“what are you doing on my land” he stated no emotion in his voice, to which I didn’t answer shrinking back against the wall “I SAID WHAT IS YOUR NAME”, when I didn’t answer again he was up in my face “DO YOU LIKE DEFYING AN ALPHA” he said wrapping his hand around my neck lifting me into the air, cutting my oxygen off

Sparks where his hands were, next thing I know I’m being dropped hitting the ground with a thud

“mate” he choked, falling to his knees concern on his face

‘mate’ cleo gushed, like I didn’t just get choked by him

I gasped for air coughing, putting my hands to my throat, tender to the touch. Definitely Bruised

Goodness do I never get a break?!

‘he’s our break’ Cleo purred


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