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chapter 20

Alex p.o.v.
He kissed me, passionately almost hungry, Cleo kicked in because I was matching his speed

Fighting Cleo I pulled away not wanted to get too wrapped up

“Alex spend the day with-

“Alpha!” Kyle ran in

He growled “what”

“It’s Harry’s kid he has been injured by a rogue, but that’s not all after that 3 more children have come back to us injured in different ways!” Kyle said


Bastard would stoop so low as to hurt kids

“In my office now. Alex I have to go” he muttered

“Go your pack needs you” I said
He kissed my forhead running off

I need to have a plan. I can’t let kids get hurt or even die for uncle to send a message too me

I’m 90% certain this is his work

‘Tell Marcus’


I have too take care of this myself and maybe get out of here, I will not hurt Marcus or the pack
Marcus p.o.v.
We sat in my office

“What were the injuries?” I asked

“Harry’s kid had a cracked open skill,Maria’s had two broken arms, and kenleys had knive marks down her arms, thank the moon for wolf healing” Kyle spat

I growled “who would be so low to hurt kids” I asked

“I had double the gaurds around our land looking for this mutt” Kyle said

“If he touches Alex I’ll make sure his death is slow” I growled

“Same with Beth” he shuttered

“Dismissed if you find out anything let me know” I said “I have to go back to Alex she has to be a little shaken”

I ran downstairs to see ten minutes later she was right were I left her staring off “babe?”

She snapped out of it “hey everything ok?”
Alex p.o.v.
Marcus sighed “I need to let you know since your my Luna, there is a rouge injuring children”

“What were the injuries?” I asked

“Cracked open head, broken arms, and knive marks down a child’s arms” he uttered

It WAS uncle

I’m now 100% sure

He used to do the same shit too me

I couldn’t help it I growled, Marcus looked shocked

So I covered with a cough “bastard” I said

He looked me up and down “so until later notice you too be guarded and or in my sight at all times”

“Ok” I agreed knowing good and well that would be the least of my consern in the week to follow

He gave me a quick kiss “now let’s watch a movie”
*the next day*
I sat at the table eating my breakfast, I had decided what was needed

Marcuses phone rang, he immediately picked it up

“More injured?!” Marcus growled on the phone after a few minutes “got it I’m on my way”

He hung up “I’m so sorry I have to track this bastard down but I promise we will be ok and when I get back I want us too spend time together”

He left and I knew I may never see him or anyone in this pack again

I was going to go finally kill my uncle and I know exactly where to find him.

I got my back pack on and a light hoodie, I opened the door

“Sorry Luna we cant let you leave” a blond gaurd confirmed

“Not even for a fresh air walk?” I asked

“No alphas orders”


I nodded walking up too marcuses room the second way out is the window

Sorry Marcus

I jumped landing on my feet like always, running I was headed toward the graveyard uncle used to take me when I was little to show me how one day I would end up there then of course he would beat the shit out of me
Marcuses p.o.v.
I looked around at the forest but I couldn’t get anything but a faint scent

“Alpha!” A gaurd ran up to me

“What?!” I snapped

“The Luna is no where to be found” he said

I growled loudly punching a tree “what do you mean no where to be found I told you to WATCH HER”

“I’m sorry she was there one moment and gone the next” he stuttered

“Take him to the dungeons now!” I ordered and he was dragged away “EVERYONE BEGIN LOOKING NOW”
Alex p.o.v.
Almost there

I had anxiety, I havnt seen him in years and now I’m planning on killing him, this is my younger selfs dream

‘Go back tell Marcus before he finds you missing’ Cleo begged

‘No I have to do this’

I’m there

The graveyard

Bleak as always, gray

“Ah what a wonderful surprise” I hear his voice say

“Uncle” I spat

He walk around a tree, he looked the same touches of gray hair, square jaw, brown eyes, tan and muscular

“My Kitty” he chuckled

“I’m not your kitty, tell me why your tracking me!” I yelled

“Your cat would look wonderful on my wall, wouldn’t it on anyone’s oh like your mate. Marcus I beleive his name is lovely fellow”

I hissed “keep him out of it!”

“Why once he knows that your the werecat that everyone dreams of killing he will and he will stuff you like the animal you are” he grinned “your a fool if you think he will want you what with your scars and your cat”


I felt a crack on my head


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