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chapter 21

Alex p.o.v.
What the fuck

I opened my eyes to a car?

“Morning” uncle chuckled

“Hey sleeping beauty long time no see” miles grinned

“Bastard your betraying your alpha?!” I sneered

“You see I hate him” he kept it at that

“You fuckers, where are we going?!” I yell asked

“I’ll let you in on a little secret, your pack” he said


“You see I beleive your pack is having a little meeting today, now you remember when I said I liked a chase, I meant it” he growled




An hour later we stopped, I could smell Marcus “what are you planning on doing, revealing yourself?”

“Not me but you my dear”

Marcus p.o.v.
I called a meeting to talk to my pack about Alex and to tell them to keep an eyes out, my heart is breaking and I feel like dieing without her

They assemble

“Hello it is my great sadness to say Alex is nowhere to be found”

I heard gasps, Beth put her head in her hands, Kyle tried to comfort her but for one of the first times I saw her flinch back


A truck pulled up and miles hopped out and I smelled her
Alex p.o.v.
“Time for the show my kitty” uncle spat

I yanked on the silver chains connecting both my hands

I hissed

Miles got out first, than he forced me out

I heard a loud growl from Marcus

“Hi there alpha” he chuckled

“Miles how dare you” Marcus jumped down his eyes turning yellow “give me my mate or I’ll kill you”

“Now now, I come here to offer what you have been seeking. her secret” uncle exclaimed walking around the truck

I spat toward uncle

Wrong move

“Oh so she wants to be brave” he said putting a gun to my head “this gun is loaded with silver bullets one shot and she is dead, now this time I mean no harm”

Miles kicked the back of my legs causing me to go to my knees

“Behold the ugly truth” uncle said ripping my hoody and shirt off, showing all of my scarring and burns

I heard gasps, but I wouldn’t look up I would look at marcuses probably discussed face

“Now the real kicker lady’s and gents” he said as if he were talking to an audience

He grabbed Beth, so quickly no one saw him

I looked up in anger

He wouldn’t

“Now what would you do to protect this lovely lady my kitty” he chuckled tapping my head with his gun

“Let her go.” Kyle growled stepping forward

“Uh uh uh” uncle said having miles out a gun to her head “now if you wanna save her, you better do it fast my kitty”

He wasn’t giving me a choice, he wanted to expose me fully make Marcus hate me so I could be his puppet

Never would I go back to that bastard

But I needed to save Beth, I let out a little sob but the only way was shifting to save her

My eyes turned green, my paws came out and I shifted

I was so angry my eyes must have been wild because Marcus was staring

Like I was a freak

I lunged at miles tearing his head off and nudged Beth toward Kyle, she ran to him and he shielded her with his body letting her sob into his chest

I turned toward uncle stalking him

“That a girl, be ready next time” he growled shifting

And like that he was gone

I was in cat form being stared at

Marcus ran up but I jumped back and growled I was in defense mode

“I won’t hurt you” he whispered

Still I hissed backing away “everyone get to safety!” Marcus ordered than looked at me “baby please”

He came closer, as he did I backed up giving him a warning grumble growl

“I won’t hurt you” he coed Reaching up

Bull shit

‘I’m on the fence too’ Cleo said Proving my point

I growled again

“Alright” Marcus said confusing me

Four wolves came behind me and Marcus shifted

Fuck he was going to kill me in wolf form

Fuck this


I ran into the forest as fast as my paws could take me

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