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chapter 22

Marcus p.o.v.

she was in cat form


i starred being proud of my mate for how powerful she was, she was my future

i ran up too her hoping to calm her down causing her too jump back and growl

“I won’t hurt you” i whispered

She hissed and backed away “everyone get to safety!” i ordered

“baby please” i pleaded

i walked closer, but when i did she backed away giving me a warning growl

“I won’t hurt you” i said trying too sooth my mate, i reached up

‘we need her’ my wolf growled

I growled in frustration “Alright” i said hoping i could show her me and my wolf would never hurt her

i understood now what she was hiding but i dont care a bit if anything it makes me prouder to have her as my Luna

‘get behind her, stand by your Luna!’ i ordered through mind link

‘yes alpha’ four of my men confirmed shifting

than i shifted, which must have scared her because my wolf was 3x the size of her cat

she backed up causing me to whine

and with that she was off into the forest

‘men do not hurt or scare her but keep out of her sight and watch her let me deal with the Luna’

‘yes sir’

and with that i chased after her

Alex p.o.v.

i had to get out of here, dying at the hands of my mate would mean my life was worthless

‘he whined meaning his wolf wants us back’ Cleo said urging me to head back

‘he will kill us do you want that?’ i said

she growled

i kept running i was terrified

of my own mate

-30 minutes of running-

i seemed to be alone, finally i can rest. i stopped looking around

still on his territory

fuck did he expand? or did i just go in another direction

i was surrounded huge trees as always it in the distance there was a creek, finally water to drink, walking over i drank till i was full

movement crossed the corner of my eye


foolish too think i was ever alone

jumping up and turning around there he was watching me with careful eyes, probably trying to decide how to kill me, fuck

Marcus p.o.v.

i finally caught up too her, for how little she was she was so fast

she was drinking from a lake, she was so beautiful her cat was the color of her hair jet black with one slit green eye and one blue eye, though it was obvious she was still under weight even when shifted

‘shes used to running’ my wolf murmured

causing me to shake my head and step to the side of her getting closer, she saw me, making her turn toward me

shes terrified and i cant even mind link her because i haven’t marked her

i whined jumping lightly as if too play

Alex p.o.v.


‘he wants too play’ my wolf cheered

‘its a trap’

he lazily stuck out his tongue out the side of his mouth in a wolfy grin

i felt my self step one paw toward him


i shook my head

he walked toward me i couldn’t move i was stunned


as he got closer, i got ready in case he leaped at me, he put a paw up and dug at the ground lightly, then he did something an alpha does NOT do

he tilted his head showing his neck in submission

stunned was an understatement

then i saw it, one of his men in my sight watching, it was an ambush, i hissed




Cleo was hurt ‘run’ she whimpered

didn’t have to tell me again, i bolted


Marcus p.o.v.

i was desperate i had to how her so i would give my pride up for her and i submit to her, she looked like she had seen a ghost

she then look over

my men had been spotted

‘damn it back up man, ALL GUARDS TOO THE PACK HOUSE’ i ordered

i was pissed

she ran again, i moved quickly

the only way

i look a jump jumping right on her back causing her to hiss, we rolled around she was fighting but i was trying to pin her having no luck she was a fighter,like she was used too it which made me sad

‘thats it’ Sam growled pushing me in the back of my mind he had control

it happened to fast, he dragged her down jumping on her back and pierced her neck with his canines

he marked her


Beth p.o.v.


me and Kyle got back to our room without a word

he mad

“im taking a shower’ i said but a hand gripped my hand

“your not going anywhere till me talk” he growled pulling me down to sit with him on the bed “you almost died”

“i know” i sighed

“thats all you have to say?! life int worth living without you! and you lie to me and the alpha about the Luna” he said getting up too pace

“i didn’t lie i kept a secret i promised the Luna” i said

“was it worth it?” he aid punching a hole in the wall which he has never done scaring me to death, his face softened “im sorry i didn’t mean to scar you i just lose you and want you here with me”

“i want you with me too but alex needed me she needed a friend” i pointed out

he kissed my forehead “i know and i know it was for a good reason so agree no more secrets” he said holding up his pinky

i laughed interlocking my pinking “promise”

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