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chapter 23

Alex p.o.v.

he pinned me down, this was it this was how i was going to die by the hands of my mate.

cleo whimpered as i felt a bite in the crook of my shoulder, what is happening?!

after he got up from me and licked the wound causing it too heal and not going to lie it made me purr, but i snapped back into reality feeling weak, i shifted falling over. i tried catching my breath but his bite was making me feel weird

‘Alex?’ i heard Marcuses voice say in my head, Cleo purred

i gaped holding my head

marcus p.o.v.

sam let her go and she side stepped back looking confused which happens with other female wolves, the bite changes you it links you too your mate for life, you can feel each other and mink link

‘Alex?’ i tried causing her to gasp, i could feel the fear flowing through her which made me wan too go to her which i know would e bad right now plus soon she would be out like a light the bite makes your body weak for a couple days

i shifted back getting closer making sure she didn’t injure herself

“dont touch me!” she screamed her eyes changing from green slits to the lovely sky blue they normally were, she wobbled and soon she was in the grass her claws came out tearing up the grown beneath her

“Alex” i said reaching her

she let out an aggressive earth shaking growl looking up she let a sigh out and slumped too the ground

i picked her up her body weight still nothing too me,i began to run knowing when she woke up she would be pissed and i know Beth is going to murder me but to be fair i have a bone to pick with her i can tell she knew she was the only one who wasn’t so surprised when Alex shifted

you dont keep secrets with your alpha

*back to the pack house*

′ i need the pack doctor now!′ i growled in the link

within 3 minutes harry arrived

“alpha” he said in respect

“harry i have marked my mate i need you to watch over her until she wakes and that she heals properly

he nodded “yes alpha may i take her”

i growled “no i will carry her to the hospital room she is mine!”

he backed up “yes alpha” he said leading me up too the private royal hospital room, setting her gently in the bed tucking her in

harry took some blood, put a heart monitor on her and injected her with fluids “alpha you might want to eat something shes going to be out for a couple days ill update you when something changes”

i sighed “ill only be gone for a couple hours i dont want her out of my sight long”

“yes alpha” harry said bowing his head

i stepped out into my office just to check on some paper work to track down the man who hurt Alex

“hey man” Kyle greeted leaning over the desk

i told him what happened “now shes asleep in the hospital room” i ended with

“i have too say im so excited shes our Luna, your pups with be strong as well” he smiled

pups were the last of my worried right now “i love her man”

“shes got you down bud i know because same thing happened with Beth it gets a lot easier” he said

“i know i remember the first week you both were impossible to be around” i snickered feeling a little better “by the way why are you in her by yourself?”

“iv been doing paper work and things so you could not be bothered while being with Alex” he explained

i smiled “thanks man”

“you did both alpha and beta work when i met Beth so i dont mind, now go eat and take a however you look a mess” he shot

i grumble the only thing on my mind was Alex

“fine” i said heading to my bath room i showered, shaved and put new clothes on and came down to the kitchen where there was a clearly angry Beth with her arms crossed

“i tried to calm her down but she was listening to out conversation in the office” he said holding Beth still on his lap “by the way i made you two sandwiches man” he shoved the sandwiches at me, i inhaled one

“im gonna kill him” Beth grumbled

“alright now that you have eaten something i cant-


i cut her off “i lost control Sam-

“SAM IS YOU TOO BUTT HOLE!” she screamed

“i have a bone too pick with you too beta female” i said formally making her gulp she was my sister but when i was official with her i was pissed

“you knew what she was and what was happening and you didn’t warn me” i growl standing over her

“i had order from her not too tell you plus she is my friend and i had no idea about her abuser” she defended, i could sense it was the truth

i sighed “fine”

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