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chapter 24

Marcus p.o.v.

i sat on the bed next to her sleeping body, i felt bad and was pissed at sam for forcing it

‘to be fair when she ran, if she had gotten taken we would be screwed’ he said

he had a point

i growled in frustration, i just wish i could give her some happy memories to wash away the bad ones, her arms were exposed showing the amount of abuse she had endured , white scars from silver knives, up and down them,i would kill the bastard slowly.

“hey bud” my older cousin called

he was 10 years older than me he practically raised me and my sister when my parents died

i smiled “jace good to see you!” i said getting up

he punch my shoulder lightly “and when were you going to tell me you found your mate?!”

chuckling slightly putting a hand on the back of my neck “well she hasn’t been exactly easy”

“i know Beth keeps in touch unlike a certain grumpy alpha” he snickered

“she kept her panther from me, mates are supposed to tell the truth from day one,love each other-

he chuckled “thats a fairy tale, it takes a lot more work than meeting and living happily ever after, take me and my mate for example, she was mute for the longest time but now i cant get her to stop talking”

“i had no idea, how is Katie?” i asked

“strong as ever, and will be a wonderful mother too our pups” he smiled

“congrats man!” i said patting him on the back hoping one day that would be me and Alex “i have too go now, Katie is waiting after my many meetings i wanted to pop in and see how my bubba was, hang in there your mates for a reason” bubba was a nickname from my childhood, jace got up before leaving he patted me on the shoulder

sitting alone absorbing my cousins words ′ it takes a lot more work than meeting and living happily ever after’ he was right i had been foolish to think she would one day wake up and accept me

‘how it should have happened’ Sam said

i growled ‘fuck you dude’

i sat in my own thoughts for what seemed like hours when a knock on the door frame got me out of my thoughts “alpha im just here to check on her if thats alright” harry smiled

i nodded motioning him to proceed

he began running usual checks and things “when do you think she will wake up?” i asked in a hoarse voice

he shrugged “i dont know if she were one of us she would have woken up within a couple of hours at least but being a were-cat as you all have called it or in the books a panther who knows there is no reported werewolf and panther mixed mates”

“books?” I asked interested

he smiled “yes I have I have it here” he digs into his bag pulling out a book with black writing and a cat on the cover

fangs of the night

it read

“thank you” I said sighing

“this wasn’t your intent alpha, just wait and Alex will come to love you and accept Luna position, making us all stronger” he cheered putting a hand on my shoulder, any normal pack member would be punished or killed for this action. touching an alpha is considered disrespect but i had known harry for a long time and i know he mean no harm

“i hope”

after multiple tests he smiled “she is as she was last time, doing well all checks out, I will come back later to check again” he said walking out leaving me with the book

curiosity got the better of me and I opened it not skipping a part, if I could even understand a little I know it would help when she awoke

*an hour later*

I was almost done, it was fascinating


a chapter read

‘read it!’ sam said

I flipped to what was a single page the last page in the book, it read

:although panthers prefer being alone, when mates are found the higher the moon gets the more aroused they get, panthers unlike wolves get down right aggressive and can possibly do damage to their partners during intercourse:

I had to stop there, or a cold shower would be the next task at hand

‘oh I cant wait’ sam said hopping around in my mind like a pup


*a day later*

she had been out for a whole two days, i was worried sick. Beth and Kyle had come to give support, food and water but the only thing i needed was her

“alpha!” a pack warrior said

i growled “what?!”

“we found a rogue who says he works for ‘uncle’ which we believe to be the man who captured our Luna, he is in the cells” he spoke

looks like my day had gotten better, i looked over at Alex one last time before i beat that bastard into telling me everything, me and my warrior left the room heading down to the cells

“which one is he in?” i asked

“cell 32 B” he replied “would you like someone to come with you?” he asked

i growled “your alpha will be fine dismissed”

nodding he headed back upstairs, finding the cell i needed i looked in only what ‘uncle’ breifly looks like what i saw was a thin muscular man looked to be about in his 20s,dark skin, dark hair, and brown eyes

“state your name and purpose filth” i yelled

he smiled “im Ben, so you wanna know more about your luna do you? how she ruins lives!” he spat

“what are yo talking about!” i growled

he shivered at my alpha tone but kept going “we make it our mission to spread the truth alpha, shes a killer if you know whats good for you, you will hand her over to us so we can kill her and build our pack back up”

“what happened” i grit out

‘alpha shes awake!’ harry mink linked

“this isn’t over” i snarled running out of the cells to get to my mate

upstairs i heard a hiss and shattering of glass

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