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chapter 25

marcus p.o.v.

i ran in the room looking for any danger but what I saw was a pissed alex

but i could tell it wasn’t alex, because her eyes were green slits, her hair wild, fangs out,claws and her voice sharper

“whats going on” I snapped looking over at the smashed lamped against the floor on the wall

beth ran in after me concern covering her face, shortly after kyle chased behind her

harry was pressed up against a corner with scratch marks lining his arms “she woke up, and instantly attacked”

“you” she hissed taking a step forward from the side of her bed, she was wearing what she last had on plus a tank top beth had loaned her after her shirt and hoodie got ripped, you could see all her scars on display which made me want to rip that bastards head clean off


“everyone out” i ordered

harry bolted

“marcus maybe your not the one who should be speaking to her right now” beth said

“she is my mate!” i growled

“you marked her by force i dont think your the one she would like to talk too!” she yelled

“stand down beta female!” i ordered

she growled but before i could get to her kyle dragged her out

we were alone

“alex” i said putting my hands up trying to calm her down

“nope try again” she hissed

“her cat-

“panther” she snaped “and im cleo”

“look i lost control, and sam jumped in” i tried to explain

“sam?” she asked


“ah” she nodded, but before I could respond she grabbed the plate of food beside her bed and flung it at me

which I dodged easily

“what can I do to make you forgive me?” I asked

“oh yeah because its not like you marked us without consent!” she growled grabbing her cup holding it in the air

“im so sorry” I tried once more

“I don’t want to talk to you I want out of this place so I can kill that bastard!” she yelled throwing the cup, I duct as it shaddered against the wall

“I will kill him I swear” I growled

“your not the one he tortured, this isn’t your fight!” she hissed

“your my mate it is my fight as much as it is yours” I stated

she crept closer “you will become part of the problem if you become involved”

I sighed in defeat

I put my hands up again “would beth be easier to talk to?”

she tilted her head “beth? oh wolf girl yes go get her I like her much better than you anyway”

ouch that stung

sam growled ‘she should only like us’

I shook off his possesivness

‘beth come here please’ I linked

it didn’t even take a moment for beth and kyle to be in the room

“who is that dog” cleo snapped looking at kyle

beth growled “calm down that’s my mate kyle you can trust him”

“ah I didn’t know you were mated my bad, hello Kyle” she says smiling showing her fangs

“that’s ok” Beth chirped walking closer to her which Alex seemed to not mind but I could tell Kyle was on edge “Cleo I haven’t seen you through Alex yet, I only got to see you when you shifted, why are you out and not Alex?” she asked

“alex is terrified of everything that has transpired in the last few days” Cleo stated as if it were obvisous

“she shouldn’t be we wont hurt her” I say instantly

“she wont believe that, I have tried over and over to tell her the same”

I sighed

“look you have to let me talk to alex” i pleaded

“please i don’t have to do anything,alex is crouched in the back of our mind, she wont want to speak to you” cleo spat

“let him at least try I wouldn’t let my goof of a brother do anything to her I care way to much about alex to see anything happen to her, I have only known her for a short two months but its like shes my sister” beth saids

“please” i beg

she looks uncertain, i walk up to her putting a hand on her arm, she purred causing my wolf to howl in joy

“fine but i cant promise you anything and im still debating on ripping your head off” cleo growled

“fair enough if i could take it back i would, but if something would have happened to you back there i wouldnt have been able to get to you too and that cant happen” i explained

her gaze softened “fine but one more slip up and i will rip your manhood off”

i chuckled “bring me alex?” i questioned

she nodded closing her eyes, it seemed like forever until bright blue eyes opened, she fell back looking terrified

of me

“alex please im-

she closed her eyes the green slits appearing once again

“cleo?” i asked

“shes scared to even talk to you” she puffed

I was heart broken, my mate and luna doesn’t want anything to do with me “can you at least tell me why”

“I will but not here somewhere private”

I smiled “my thinking space?” I asked

“perfect” she said “also can someone tell that doctor he will be fine its just some scratches”

“ill go see how he is doing” beth confirmed dragging kyle out with her

“shall we?” I asked

she was way ahead of me opening the window

“yes” she said jumping out


she is a cat I reminded myself

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