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chapter 26

cleo p.o.v.

he was gorgeous, always a step ahead on our journey to his thinking space which, alex had seen it but I only got a glimpse, we walked in complete silence not knowing what to say but I could sense he had questions which I would only answer to an exent my mission was not to out alex my mission was to help him understand

‘he will kill you’ alex murmured residing in the back of my mind

‘he wouldn’t’ I snap back

blocking her out he must have noticed I was distant because he has a look on his face

“what?” I questioned

he put a hand on the back of his neck “you ok?” he asked

I nodded

sighing he pointed “we are here”

it was beautiful

“wow” I breathed

he led me over to a place near a fire put log seats sitting around it “sit” he said adding “please”

I walked over taking a seat one seat over from him

“why the distance?” he question

“my goal isn’t to get close to you ill let Alex have that opportunity” I confirmed

he nodded looking away he said “what exactly did this man-

“his name I always called him was uncle, he never told us his real name” I growled

“so what did uncle do to alex” he asked

“he abused her is all I can say, so I was weak from not being let out because she would rather take the punishments rather then let me. one day she saw an opportunity and took it to run away, when she was 12 she’s been running for 11 years and I guess now that she has settled on one place word got around to him no doubt.” i whispered “she would never let me come forward to receive any of the abuse” just reliving it made us both shiver

he looked as if he was about to break “ill kill him” he muttered

“its not your fight” I reiterated

he got up now pacing I could see his wolf trying to claw to the surface “I have no words for how mad I am” he confessed

“welcome to my world” I sighed “shes a tough cookie but shes at her limit, she thinks she can take all this on, on her own”

“she shouldn’t have too” he huffed

he stopped with the pacing, holding his hand up “so what do you think of me and sam then”

“I think sam is an asshole, but I think you are trying we know your parents were killed and that was one thing we connected with you on” I uttered not wanting to make the beast upset

he frowned stepping closer “who-

“beth and before you go seeking her out, she told me for a good reason alex was frustrated. beth made alex believe in you she made her understand, so before you go wanting to give her hell, she did you a favor. your sister is something else and I couldn’t be more excited that she is here to help alex on the way” I explained

he smiled “im glad she is here, she can be a handful but she had been there since day one”

“so wolf boy what do you think about alex and I” I asked knowing part of the answer

“im head over heels for alex, and sam is already head over heels for you. any other girl near me makes me want to vomit” he confessed

I jumped for joy at that

alex p.o.v.

I hear him in my state of panic, I looked through my eyes at the man standing before cleo, he was alomost child in that moment

but I still had my doubts

marcus p.o.v.

cleo seemed to be gazing at me with a grin on her face, sam was ecstatic, I couldn’t be more happy at the moment if only alex felt the same as cleo which I know one day she would

hopefully I was still trying to process my anger at this so called uncle for abusing the beautiful strong girl in front of me “so why did you hide from me?” the words fell from my mouth without me thinking

her smiled faltered “if it were up to me I would have shown you from the start but alex again was terrified, he had it etched in our head no one would ever love us because of what we were and that anyone would love to have my head on their wall”

I took a sharp inhale “that isn’t true, i wont ever let anyone touch you”

she smiled then frowned “i need to talk to sam”

“i dont think you should so soon” i stated trying not to start anything

‘let me talk to my mate’ he growled

‘MINE’ i growled back

“marcus i need to talk to him please” she begged

the worst part is that i couldnt say no to her, she has all the power in the world over me

“fine” i grumbled letting same come to the surface

cleo p.o.v.

i had a plan to rip him a new one, i couldnt distant myself from any part of my mate sure alex would but i would not have it

his eyes turned the gold i had gotten a glimpse of before and his canines came out “hello beutiful” he said taking a step toward me

i got up from my seat backing away “come closer and i wont hesitate to neuter you”

“but i cant stay away from whats mine” he growled

“look alex may be afraid but i sure as hell am not” i growled back

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