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cleo p.o.v.

“there is no need to be afraid my love” he coed

i fought back a purr “you have shown alex different” pointing at the scar on my neck

he whimpered “you have to understand-

“i know i know if anything happened you couldnt find me” i shot back

“exactly” he said stepping forward

“i meant what i said dog!” i hissed

he smiled cockly before i could respond he close the distance between us, he ran a finger up my arm. which honestly i was stunned at

“bring marcus back” i uttered

“do you really want him back, spend time with me, the moon didnt put us together for no reason” he said shifting his other hand to cup my cheek, he leaned in

I ducted out of his grip

“why” he growled

“I will not kiss you guys until alex trusts you both” I stated “now bring. back. marcus.”

he growled but the same pair of light blue eyes came out, canines retracting

“hes a lot more intense then you” I breathed

“im sorry, I should have-

“no marcus I was the one who wanted to talk to him, but its getting late lets head back and find a way to see if we can get alex back” I suggested

“I agree, for what its worth im really glad you accept me I just wish alex would” he said smiling

I smiled back “and that means the world, now come on im hungery”

- back at the pack house-

marcus opened the door for me, we walked in not knowing who was home

“cleo!” beth jumped on me giving me a hug

“ha hi wolf girl how are you” I asked, she was one of my favorite dogs in this house

“you can call me beth but I like wolf girl too” she laughed

“ah yes beth my bad”

“its ok so did you too patch things up?” she cheered

“roughly” I said grabbing a banana

“good, I was just looking up how to get alex back-

kyle came around the corner “if you mean looking up you mean tearing up the packs library then sure”

she lightly punched his shoulder “hey!”

I laughed “your mate is spicy” I said to beth

“got that right!” she teased

“you have got ten seconds to run dear” I hear kyle whisper to her

“well I have got to go, I will read more later” she said “BYE” she bolted out the door with a smiling kyle chasing after her

“their cute” I stated “I hope someday you and alex will be that happy”

“me too but don’t rule yourself our you will be here with us too” he meantioned making me smile

the door flung open, causing the hairs on my neck to stand up

“get back here!” I hear a woman yell

a small child ran behind my legs “NEVER” he shouted

I laughed

the woman was small around 5,1, long dirty blonde hair, bright brown eyes

she noticed me and bowed showing her neck “alpha luna I am so sorry”

“no worries” I said picking the child up “whats your name?” I asked

he smiles big “im avian meaning bird! and im 5”

“your a cutie” I commented, I looked over at his mom smiling “here go to your mom” I said handing him back

“thank you luna” she said

marcus p.o.v.

I was in a trance at my mate interacting with a child, hopefully she will be the mother of my pups some day

I couldn’t be prouder to have both of them as my mate

cleo p.o.v.

the mother smiled and bowed leaving

“what a cute kid” I said tilting my head

marcus put a hand on my back “lets go to bed”

I nodded “absolutely”

-the next day-

I woke to an empty left side of the bed


I swung my feet over yawning, heading to the bathroom I brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, and washed my face

marcus p.o.v.

down in the cells I was hoping to get information, I steped to the filthy rouges cell to see him sleeping on the floor “wakey wakey” I growled

he sprung up “ah if it isn’t lover boy”

“don’t make me rip your head off” I threatened clenching my fists

he chuckled “I wouldn’t if you want information”

“how about this, you give me information and ill make your death quick” I offered

“and what would alex say if she knew you were a cold hearted killer” he shot

“this isn’t in cold blood this uncle tortured her!” I growned making him shake

“ill tell you one thing your little presious mate isn’t as innocent as you think she has killed, she killed my mate!” he cried

I was taken aback

“my mate tried to help her, help her escape from the world she was living in at again 11 but she betrayed my mates trust and killed her” he growled

“how did she kill her?” I questioned

“that’s the fucked up part, I don’t know!” he screamed

I swallowed “anything else before you are put to death”

I wanted information but this fucker had something against my mate if he got loose she would be possibly hurt or worse killed

I unlocked the cell steping in it was just me and him and no one would even hear him

he laughed “put me to death its better then living in a world of torment, but I will say there are hundreds of us you cant stop something that will happen, another thing your mate is path-

before he could finish the sentence I snapped his neck

I was furious

cleo p.o.v.

I walked down to an empty kitchen

where is everyone

‘palning to kill us’ alex murmured

I blocked her out, I didn’t need to hear lies


the door slammed causing me to hiss

“just me kitten” marcus said putting his hands up

I sighed “sorry”

“its ok I was just finishing up pack stuff”

I nodded


beth ran in looking stressed

I put my arms on her shoulders instantly “beth whats wrong, are you hurt”

she swatted me away “im fine but”

she paused

“I think I know a way to get alex back”

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