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chapter 28

cleo p.o.v.

I blinked not knowing what to say

“what do you mean?” marcus asked our full attention to beth

“uhm I know how but cleo may not like it” she confessed

“I will do whatever I need too” I stated “anything for alex”

she huffed holding a book out to marcus, he instantly opens it skimming, I could tell. a few minutes went by before his eyebrows raised

“what?” I asked

he slowly slid the book over to me

opening it, it read

:when a shifter regresses into her mind leaving the animal spirit in control, weither by choice or not, this is dangerous for both the spirit and the human this can cause switched perspectives meaning the spirit will become in control, and the only way for the human to be brought forward is if it surrenders all control to their human, or stepping back from the two, splitting their souls in half. a shifter shouldn’t have this going on for more than a week or the shifter will become feral or all beast. it is important to note that the original host will be human as long as the spirit has split:

I paled “oh” I whispered

marcus put a hand on my shoulder “I need alex im sorry”

I sighed “no I need her too I didn’t think this was going to be easy but I didn’t think it would be this intense”

beth smiled “so what do you need to do to back off of alex”

“I uh I need to split our souls and go to the darkest corner of her mind” I hissed knowing all I would be doing is reliving uncles memories


“no I need to do this, but we should do this in the woods its where alex is more comfortable” I say

marcus nods “beth should be there too”

“I agree beth is a familiar face that alex trusts” I nod “but sam CANNOT come out, marcus you have to promise me!”

“I promise I will not let sam out” he chirps

“good the last thing we need is for alex to be more terrified” I huff

“when should we do this?” beth asks

“well if im going into the darkest part of her mind for a while, can I have till tomorrow?” I plead

marcus smiles “absolutely”

“what time is it?” I asked

“its 2” beth answers “what would you like to do”

“id like to go running with marcus” I admited

he smiled like a kid in a candy shop

“well lets go!” I laughed shifting into my panther, I ran out the door i could hear Marcus laugh than paws coming after me

we ran for a solid hour before coming across a lake, I walked in feeling the cold water soak my fur, with a slash marcus jumped in

‘you like water?’ he mind linked

‘a lot’ I agreed

he nuzzled my face with his sending sparks across our body, I licked him catching him off guard, which I took to my advantage and raced off, he followed me again to the clearing I remember alex saying was her favorite to lye in

‘welcome to our thinking spot wolf’ I linked

‘its beautiful’ he muttered

‘its were we went when our parents died, its were originally we planted flowers, well until uncle cut them up’ I hissed

he let out a deep growl

the sun had started to go down, I yawned ‘come on lets head back’

he nodded

-at the pack house-

after we shifted back I opened the door, house empty probably because everyone is in bed,

I headed upstairs marcus trailing behind me, sitting on the bed I put our hair up and walked in the bathroom

“hand me one of your shirts to wear to bed” I asked holding my hand out of the crack of the door, he did so

“ill have beth remind me I need to have alex taken out shopping when she is comfortable” he states

I came into the bedroom to be faced with a shirtless marcus

“take a picture itll last longer” he snickered

“I can look at whats mine” I innocently replied

he gowled loud “don’t say that, ill loose my mind” he plopped on the bed next to me, which I snuggled closer knowing I have to cherish this moment for I wouldn’t get this for about a week after tomorrow

lights out

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