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chapter 29

-the next day-

*cleo p.o.v.

i opened my eyes to see marcus sitiing at the edge of the bed looking at me

“can i help you creep?” i chuckled

“i just was thinking” he said

“about?” i asked sitting up

“everything” he put his hand on his neck “about how alex is terrified of her own mate, of this uncle bastard, of you going into the dark part of her mind-

“you have one week after today to trust you and let her tap back into me, just remember itll be as if she is human for that week, ill still be here almost like peering though a crack instead of being mixed with her soul, ill be seperated” i ensure

he sighed “i know i just, what if-

“no time for what ifs, everything will be fine-

“but what is the dark part of her mind” he blurted

i got up “its all the dark memorys she has the ones she keeps seprate from her consience”

he took a sharp inhale of breath “cleo your willing-

“more than willing actually, now i need to borrow some of beths clothes” i stated trying not to sound nervous

“ill link beth”

a few minutes of silence swept over the room before a light knock was heard outside the door, i opened it to see a shy smile from beth along with a full oufit in her hands. her mood gloomier then before

“thank you” i said taking the clothes into the bathroom, changing i looked at myself in the mirrior. me and alex dont usually look in mirrors a lot but what i saw was a thin girl, limp black hair, thin face, with the outfit beth had picked leggings, a hoodie, and some sneakers. im glad she picked something that alex would be comfortable wearing since today was the day, alex wanted to hide her scars but me i wanted to embrace and love them.

i walk out “ready?”

“lets have breakfast first” marcus said putting a hand on my back, the heat was insane

i nodded following beth and marcus down to the kitchen, where we sat in silence me eating cereal, marcus slowly eating a banana, and beth picking at some fruit which looked to be some grapes and strawberrys

i couldnt take it

“would everyone stop acting like im going to die” i said throwing my cereal bowl against the wall, not long after kyle runs in

“everything ok?” he asked looking beth up and down

“everything is fine, and im sorry cleo i just wish i could make this better on you” beth spoke up

“ill only be gone for a week, alex wouldnt risk us by going feral” i said “matter of fact im ready now, you guys need your alex back and so do i”

i opened the door about to walk out when marcus put a hand on my shoulder “we can wait-

“no more waiting either your coming or your not” i hissed

beth and marcus looked at each other before beth was up on her feet coming a long, marcus sighed and nodded his head and kyle held beths hand as we walk, mimicking them i grabbed marcuses hand causing a grin

“how long is it till the spot?” beth asked

“about 15 minutes” i confirmed

-15 minutes later-

we had arrived and the knot in my stomach was real

“what should we do now” marcus asked

“im going to sit, so when she comes too she wont fall” i said sitting in the middle of the clearing

this was the clearing me and alex would go to think and breath when we were with uncle

“should we sit” beth asked, i nodded

they all sat infront of me

“ok well before i go marcus remember you habe one week tomorrow to get her to trust you enough to come forward fully, beth i love you so much this isnt goodbye and kyle take care of beth or ill kill you” i said making beth chuckle

i closed my eyes walking into our mind, i was in the same feild but at night so i knew i was in our mind, the inside of your mind is your happy place but when your scared or up set its dark

‘alex!’ i called


‘ALEX!’ i screamed

‘what’ came a faint whisper

‘im leaving’ i stated

she came into veiw curled up against a tree “what do you mean’ she asked not even lifting her head up

‘you need to get back out there, im disconnecting till you can take control again’ i walked toward her

she looked up wide eyed ‘please dont make me go back out there’

‘this has gone on long enough, you need to face him he wont hurt you and if i dont force this, it will never happen’ i shout

she shivered

‘what happened to the girl who thought she could take on the world, what happened to the girl who starred death in the face, what happened to my alex?!’ i asked

‘she gave up’ she said simply

’well you better try again because this isnt how it ends” i hiss ‘im leaving for a while and you better get your shit together’

“no wait-

before she could finish her sentence i ripped my soul from hers






i was falling, falling into the dark part of her brain, falling into an aweful memory

it was like a developed picture, alex on the floor of his old kitchen broken glass in her face at the age of 10, cowering in feel from none other then uncle

“you little bitch!” he said smacking her through her tears “useless little bitch over cooking my eggs again!” he kicked her in the stomach

“i-im sorry” she sobbed

he growled “now clean this glass up before you make me more eggs brat!”

he stomped into the living room

i could feel the sadness radiating off of my alex

all i could think was

I don’t know how much of these memories I can take




please hurry marcus

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