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chapter 3

Marcus p.o.v.

Shit the first time I meet my mate, I choke her, that’s whats bad about finding a mate you must touch them to know. I was crouched down beside her “are you ok I’m so sorry love!”

‘harry I need you asap’ I mind linked our pack doctor

‘on my way’ I got immediately

She skittered away from me still holding her throat

“we will get you healed baby girl I am so sorry” I pleaded

‘nice going man’ my wolf Sam said

‘I didn’t know!’ I growled back

Harry rushed in, “what can I do for you” he must have noticed my mate on the floor, terrified because he added “what happened?”

“she’s my mate, I didn’t know, and I choked her she’s a rogue” I stated

“she needs to have her throat checked as soon as possible” he said getting near her, but she slinked backward out of fear “hey we won’t hurt you” he coed

I didn’t like the fact he was touching or talking too my mater but at this point I just wanted her better, she nodded getting up holding Harry’s hand, I growled not liking their contact

She flinched back into the wall “I’m sorry I won’t hurt you” I said feeling instantly guilty that I was the one causing her fear




We had gotten her to the pack doctors, examination room and when I say we I mean harry coaxing her forward and me trailing behind

‘fantastic she’s already scared of us, idiot’ Sam said, unfortunately he was right

‘I know’ I stated

She was getting her throat look at and by the looks of it, it was bad. It must be because she’s so tiny and I’m a lot stronger than most because of my alpha blood

“I’m Marcus, what may I call you love?” I asked hoping to get a good reaction


She cringed, but harry stopped her from taking “alpha her vocal cords are very damaged right now, she won’t be able to speak for a while”

I took the note pad and pen from his desk “here you can write down what you want to say on this” I smiled, she lightly took it looking down at the paper

“what can we call you sweetheart?” harry asked

I held back a growl knowing it would just scare her more, she wrong down ‘Alex’, beautiful name “Alex what a beautiful name” I loved the way her name rolled right off of my tongue like it was made to be there

“it looks like her voice is messed up, she will have bruises for a while, but everything checks out alpha, if you need me just link me” he said

“thank you” I said turning to Alex “why don’t we go to the kitchen and get you something to eat”

Alex p.o.v.

I was beyond pissed but you don’t anger an alpha, I’m not ready to die yet

‘I’m not hungry’ I wrote

handing me a bowl of some noodles in yellow sauce. Its been so long that iv had something cooked I barely recognized simple foods “sit and eat” he said

I sat immediately, but I pointed back to the page that said I wasn’t hungry. He growled making me flinch back waiting for the inevitable punch, but it never came so I opened my eyes to a kind eyed alpha

“Alex I would never hurt you intentionally” he said softly, I just looked down knowing that isn’t true

‘he wont hurt us’ Cleo spat

I keep ignoring her because she just tells lies sometimes, she’s irritating, and blinded by the mate pull. I stuck the fork in the mac and cheese holding the bite to my mouth, chewed, and swallowed, I forgot how good cooked food is, in the wild while I ran, I would just catch and eat animals

Pulling me out of my train of thought I hear “MARCUS YOU FOUND YOUR MATE AND DIDN’T TELL ME!” a red haired girl stomped in, which for how she looked she oddly didn’t scare me what scared me was who came after her, the tall blonde man who brought me to the alpha, naturally I hide behind something like I always did, but this time it was their couch.

Marcus growled “Beth! You scared her!”

“no, I didn’t, your growling probably did!” she said

“guys I may have scared her” blonde admitted

“what are you talking about Kyle” Beth growled

“well I was the one who brought her up to Marcus about an hour ago” he said

Of course, I couldn’t see any of them because I was behind the couch curled up “what do you mean I thought Tyler was supposed to” Marcus said

“well she tried running after she got loose, I was at the door and that’s when we met. I was the one who brought her up” he muttered

Marcus let out another growl “I swear if you did anything to her ill-

Kyle interrupted “no no but she was terrified when she got here, she begged for me to kill her”

There was silence

Then came a crash

“your scaring her!” Beth yelled and pretty soon I was poked on the head “hey I’m sorry about my brother, will you please come out we wont harm you. I’m Beth and this is Kyle is my mate. He is beta and I am beta female, Kyle wouldn’t dare touch you or ill rip his junk off”

I giggled at that

I liked her

Marcus p.o.v.

Alex let out a giggle, which I swear was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard, as of right now Beth was trying to coax her out of behind the couch, Kyle leaning of the counter, and me still sitting trying to absorb his words, she begged for dead. This girl had to be broken




About 20 minutes later of Beth talking to Alex and she finally came out from behind the couch, looking Kyle up and down like he would attack at any point

“Alex I am so sorry for our first interaction, I had no idea you were going to be the Marcus’s mate. I hope you can forgive me Luna, I would never hurt you” he said bowing to her

Alex p.o.v.

This was the strangest thing that had happened to be in a long time, people feeding me, bowing to me........choking me

“MARCUS WHAT HAPPENED” Beth screamed, I flinch at the sudden raise of her voice “what happened to your neck?”

I looked over at Marcus then at her

“you. Did. Not.” She hissed

Oh goodness she was going to get beat, speaking to the alpha like that, I put a hand on her shoulder looking concerned so she would stop

“don’t worry he’s my brother, who WILL tell me what you did to her” she said

He sighed “listen I didn’t know she was my mate and I may have choked her.” He whispered the last part


Kyle was holding her back my eyes wide from shock, Beth was Marcus’s brother, Kyle was Beth’s mate, Beth the beta female, and Kyle the beta no wonder they all radiated power

“Kyle control your mate now” Marcus said in an alpha tone making her lean into Kyle growling low

I can’t wait to get my voice back, this writing sucks. I needed to get out of here as soon as possible but by the looks of it, it will be difficult. I looked at the time which was 8 pm dang time flies when your terrified

“so, what are you?” Beth asked and I immediately knew what she was talking about so I wrote ‘human’ on paper, sure acting human would suck but it was a lot better then showing my panther and getting skinned alive “cool well as you know we are wolves, but we wont hurt you, Marcus is just dumb” she said making Marcus huff

I laughed, choking on my laugh I held my throat. Marcus was by myside immediately “are you ok?” he asked reaching for me, but before he could I stepped back nodding “one more thing for now do you know what a Luna is?” he asked

I wrote ‘kind of’

“well it means you will soon be the alpha female of the pack” he smiled

I’m gonna be sick

Before I could panic Beth chimed in “that wont be for a while so don’t freak out”

“well I’m tired so me and Beth are going to bed” Kyle urged grabbing Beth’s arm

“but i-

Before she could finish the sentence, Kyle picked her up and walked down the hall past the kitchen, I guess where their room was

“id love to get to know you Alex, I’m really sorry about our first interaction. I lost my temper. But I am so glad I found you and I would be damned if I didn’t say how excited I am to meet you” Marcus said smiling


‘I love him already’ Cleo purred

‘ew’ I groaned

Deciding I have had enough of today I wrote ‘I’m tired’ he nodded

“follow me” he said leading me up the stairs to his room, but I couldn’t help taking a last look at the door to the cells where who knows how many people are down there

We got to the room, which was huge may I just say, with a king-sized bed, a flat screen tv, his own bathroom, etc

“close your mouth you’ll catch flies” he laughed snapping me into reality “you can wear one of my shirts as pjs if you like”

My scars

I shook my head ‘can I borrow some of Beth’s pjs by chance something long sleeved’ I wrote

He frowned “yeah ill have someone get them but if your cold you can cuddle up next to me”

I shook my head writing ‘ill sleep on the couch’

“you can sleep in my bed ill sleep on the couch love” said and before I could protest a knock on the door came

“here’s some pjs bro, Alex if you need me I’m downstairs last door on the right down the hall” I heard Beth’s voice say as she handed Marcus the pjs swiftly leaving and before I could write that ill sleep on the couch Marcus was gone

I looked over at the bed, deciding I was way too tired to protest, so I changed in the bathroom in the dotted pjs, laid on the bed


I was out like a light

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